Sunday, April 29, 2007

...At Least Someone Does !

9 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Keshi said...

oooo is Jen ur ex-GF? :)


Chicky Pea said...

I love you too, Wally. And I'm far more accessible than Jen.....f

wallycrawler said...

Naw , she wishes Keshi .
I just love the way she dresses . She looks so good in , jeans a a short sleeve shirt . Love da boots too . So understated , so classy .
She looks great in a bikini too !


Chicky ya love da Crawler eh ?
Well thank you , it's much appreciated .

So your accessible 'r' ya ? Hmmm...

...OK .

Doo Dah said...

I'd doo her.

and I aint gay er nuttin.

Chicky Pea said...

Well, I haven't seen Jen leaving any comments on your blog so yes, I am more accessible.

wallycrawler said...

Doo Dah eh ? OK .
I checked out your blog . I like your pics . I just wrote this blog fer some attention . And because I like that shot of J.A.


Chicky ya know why I did this post , right ?

I love the attention .

I knew it would be you too !

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, no wonder we get along so well, I've been known to like attention myself. Imagine that!

hannah said...

is this a sympathy plea? because i can think of a lot of people that love you, wally. me, for starters.
cheer up, dammit!

wallycrawler said...

I was just fish'n this time girls , really !

If I felt unloved , I'd do a long winded rant . Ya know me ?!

& Chicky , there are other reasons we get along so well too ! We have a lot in common , we do !!!

Hannah you know how I feel about you too . I always loved the way you wrote & the vulnerability you expressed .

Shit I was look'n for some attention and I'm expressing my feel'ns now . I'm a pussy !