Thursday, March 30, 2006

OK Let's Play A Game !

WhO'S dA sTuPIdeST CeLEbRitY ?

Tom "The Knob" Cruise


Tara "Piss Tank" Reid

Who's Da Coolest Blogger ?

Jungle Jane


"Psychic Dumb Dumb"

Who's The Smartest Blogger ?




Who's Da Hottest celebrity ?

"Linsay Lohan"


"Scarlett Johansson"

Who's Da Funniest , Hottest , Sexiest Blogger ?


"No Contest Da Wallycrawler Is Da Asshole Of Assholes" !!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Joesph McCarthy & The FCC

OK , OK ...I know what your thinking . What can Howard Stern and Edward R. Murrow have in common ? Well how about a fight of legendary proportions . A fight with the "RIGHT" thinkers of America . A fight for your rights of freedom of expression . The fight for your "I Amendment" . This American "right" is being struck down , again . Freedom of speech isn't the "1st." amendment out of luck , it's first because it's the most important law in the free world . It's the one right everyone in the world envies . The French Constitution with all it's amendments none are concerned with free speech . Also many other countries in the world , including my own country Canada , have little or no mention of free speech in their constitutions . America is truly envied and they're throwing their rights away ! I find this criminal and stupid .

Edward R. Murrow was a newsman , impartial , studied , worldly . Howard Stern is a comedian , satirist , outrageous . Two completely different people . They do share one thing in common their fight with personal freedom . Most of America was behind Joesph McCarthy when he was attacking Hollywood and it's "left" leaning philosophies, until "Fat Joe" was exposed as a bully and lair by Edward R. Murrow and his producer Fred Friendly . McCarthy had "black-balled" hundreds of writers , producers and visual talent all over the entertainment industry and everyone who opposed him , including Murrow himself . Does this sound suspiciously similar to Sterns problems with the FCC ? When Stern changed his thinking on what had happened on 9/11 , his thoughts on the Iraq war and the way the Bush Administration's handled themselves and profit they were making on this "war" . His fate was sealed . That being said he did have some small fines in the 90's over bullshit claims , but Viacom at that time would never buckle and pay the FCC ransom . Not until the FCC , under Bush's flunky Michael K Powell (name sound familiar , it should it's the son of the then Attorney General Colin Powell . Wonder how he got his job ?) made it imposable to renew Viacom's licenses . Viacom had to pay or close it's doors of their radio divisions . George Bush has changed laws in the last six years if a radio or TV station is fined it must clear up their fines (PAY) or the station or stations will lose it's frequency license . No hearing , no trial , nothing ! Pay the fine ! That's it !!! CBS is owned by Viacom and was a "Liberal News division" (also Edward Murrow's former employer) . CBS bent over backwards to appease their new masters , the Bush Administration by paying fines made by the FCC for the Janet Jackson , "Super Bowl fiasco" . Then the government turned their sights to any other left leaning radio and TV personalities . Ms. Jackson opened up a can of worms when she exposed that ugly tit of hers . She gave fodder to Georgie and his "thought police" to bring down the Liberal media and they did a great job , including the firing of Dan Rather , but the one they had the most trouble with , was Stern . He had a huge following and they were greatly concerned he could help bring down Bush in the 2004 election . With the help of Michael Powell and the FCC "fascists" the Bush "Klan" began fining Viacom and a "Bush supporting Clear Channel" 10's of millions of dollars for radio shows all over the USA . Most of if not all of these fines were for the "Howard Stern Show" ! Clear Channel fired Stern immediately on all of their stations . Funny that happens during a election year ! And it's extremely funny it happened when Stern started promoting "Fahrenheit 9/11" and his recommendation to vote for John Kerry in the Presidential Election . Stern never let up on the "Bush Bullies" and his fight was a great rating boom for his show , but in the end the Republicans stole another election from America and all free-thinking people by using the Diebold voting tabulators . Stern had the last laugh though , with his rating at a all time high he signed the largest radio contract in history and made satellite radio a marketing bonanza . Like Murrow , Stern was lambasted by his former CBS employers . Murrow was shown the door , Stern is now being sued (frivolously) by CBS formally Viacom for 500 million dollars. The exact amount of money he received from the Sirius Satellite Radio signing .

Probably 70% of you will say "I hate Howard Stern" , "he's vulgar and unfunny" , that's your opinion and your welcome to it . Me , I think he's vulgar and very funny , that's my opinion and I'm welcome to it . That's the beauty of free speech and real American values and that is why I'm envious of Americans , their 1st. Amendment and the American way of life . DA Wallycrawler .

Recommended Movies : "Private Parts" , "Good Night And Good Luck".
Recommended Books : "Private Parts" , "Miss America" , "Murrow His Life And Times" .

Saturday, March 18, 2006

"This Is Dedicated To The One I Love"...

Summer 2004 : A cell phone conversation .
"ring ring" "Hello"
"HI Paris" ?
"Hi Paris , it's Mark Gutenberg your west coast publicist" .
"Hi Marty , Waz Up" ?
"Well Paris...We're having a tough time selling you to any mainstream movie companies over here" .
"Oh I see" . "What can I do to help" ? "Should I marry someone like my sister did" ? "How'bout Scott Stapp" ?
"Who" ? " not him , are you umm...close to someone more famous" ?
"I fucked Bruce Willis last night , how'bout him" ? "Hot" !
"Bruce who" ? "Oh ya him , no ah , someone under 50" ? "How about Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger" ?
"No , but I blew Jake at "Noboo" last year and Heath at the"Viper Room" a couple of months ago" . "Do you think one of them will marry me" ?
"Excuse me for asking dear , but who haven't you blown" ?
"Clive Owen , I've never blown him" ! "But I did see him receive a hummer from Ewan McGregor at the "Spider Bar" ! "HOT" !
"Ahh Ya" . "OK then , do you have anymore videos around" ? " You know what I mean right" ?
" No what" ?
"Videos of you...having , sex" !
"Oh those , ya of coarse" .
"But not the ones with animals"!!!?
"No , then no" .
"How about pictures of you , nude or having sex" ?
"Just the ones on my cell phone" . "I'm using the phone now" .
"Great , cell phone , great...Paris where are you" ?
"I dunno , where" ?
"No dear where are you located" ?
"Oh hehehe I'm in my car silly" .
"...Are you close to the "House of Blues" ?
"Hon ! I don't even know where my house is" !
"Go to the closest "Starbucks" and drop the cell phone in the men's room garbage can" .
"I love this phone and why the men's room" ?
"You'll look less conspectus going to the men's room and I want those pictures" !
"OK then call me at the "Zanzibar" (562)555-1212 and I'll tell you what "Starbucks" I did the drop" .
"You know the "Zanzibar's" phone number and you can't find your own house" ? "OK...Nevermind" ! "See ya sweetheart" .
"Good-bye Marvin" .

"Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Hacked" !
"Paris has also been signed to do the movie "House of Wax".

Monday, March 13, 2006

Possibly The Last Word On Scientology Goes To South Park

Click On This Site To See The Infamous Episode !


Friday, March 10, 2006

Tagged by PDD "A List Of Music I'm Listening To" ?

I listen to mostly to Sirius Satillite Radio now ! I love ch21 Alt Nation . So I compiled the Albums "DA WALLYCRAWER" played at his last party . They been laying beside the stereo for a couple of weeks . I was so drunk I forget if I played the whole albums ? Not Very Likely! But this is a good synopsis of what I like .

Pixies : "Wave Of Mutilation"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : "Stop"
Clash : "London Calling"
Weezer : "Make Believe"
Flaming Lips : "Waiting For Superman"-"The Soft Bulletin"
Liz Phair : "Liz Phair : Am I the only person that get's wood listening to her ?
Nine Inch Nails : "Downward Spiral"
Metric : "Live It Out"
Oasis : " Definitely Maybe"-"What's The Story Morning Glory" This is what rock 'n roll was meant to be . Attitude , angst & ire !
Concrete Blonde : "Mexican Moon" I love this band !
Dave Mathews : "Everyday"
Joy Division : "Unknown Pleasures"
White Stripes: "Elephant"
Sex Pistols : "Never Mind The Bollocks"
Kid Rock : "Devil Without A Cause"
White Zombie : "Astro Creep:2000"
Aimee Mann : "Magnolia"
Beatles : "Revolver"
Green Day : "American Idiot"-"Dookie" My daugter's first rock concert .
The Cranberries : "No Need To Argue"
The Who : "Quadrophenia" My Favorite Band !
Foo Fighters : "Foo Fighters"
Nirvana : " Never Mind"
John Lennon : "Imagine"
Metallica ; "S&M"
Pearl Jam : "Ten"
Hole : "Celebrity Skin" She's under rated !
Garbage : "Version 2.0"
Headstones : "Smile & Wave"-"Teeth & Tissue"-"Picture Of Health" Canada's best punk band !
Sugar : "Cooper Blue"
Red Hot Chili Peepers : "Californication"
Thanx For Help'n Me Clean Up !

Mrs. Crawler has been bug'n me for a week to do it ! Da Bitch !
Sa Later Wallycrawler .

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Father "The False Messiah"

The Church of Scientology has made an elaborate story of L. Ron Hubbard's Nobel blood . In truth LRH's family was lower middle-class , way lower , like poor . His father was a simple white-collar clerk , with debts . LRH grew up in this surrounding , not as a former family member of royalty as his followers are taught . At a young age Ron was married and had two children . Soon later LRH turned to the navy . LRH became a navel Captain . Just before the war ended Ron became hospitalized . Not with war injuries as followers preach , but for mental fatigue . He was dismissed two weeks after the end of WWII . Ron started writing mostly Sci-fi novels and short stories . All were seen as poor , weak , stories with little or no changing story line . His writings were mostly featured in "Astounding Science Fiction Magazine" . "Not really a great feat" . Funny thing though his biggest "flunky" came from this mag , the editor of "Astounding Si-Fi magazine" .

During my research of the "Church" , the same theme keeps coming up L. Ron Hubert's involvement with Aleister Crowley "The Beast 666" , "To Mega Therion" . For those who don't know , Aleister Crowley was the the most famous Satanist of the 20th century . Crowley was the founder of the group , "Ordo Templi Orientis" Or "OTO" and before that "Argenteum Astrum" . Crowley a "Warlock of black magick" was a student of mind control and a practiced hedonism . Crowley wrote a great deal of Occult books including , "Moonchild [the foretelling of the Anti-Christ ] , The Equinox [The Review of Scientific Illuminism ] . "Sound familiar" ? "It should it's what L. Ron Hubbard's based Dianetics on" ! Crowley also wrote commentaries on Tarot , Astrology and Kabbalah [ Jewish witchcraft] . John Whiteside Parsons was a student of Crowley's . He was also a scientist . "A scientist , occultist , nice combo" ! John or "Jack" to his friends , was introduced to LRH at a meeting at his house in South Orange Grove in Pasadena . It was also the meeting house of "OTO" . Jack was just separated from his wife and had taken up with her blond 18yr old sister Betty [ Sara ] . He took great pleasure in passing her around the "club" . Jack and Ron became great friends and soon afterwards business partners . Also soon afterwards Ron started an affair with Sara . Suffice it to say his involvement with this organization Ron Sr. came up with his techniques of mind control . He was also involved with Jack Parson's attempt to father the Anti-Christ , or what Crowley called the "Moonchild" . After a night out in the Mojave desert Jack and Ron meet the woman who consented to have the "Moonchild" , she was the blood red haired woman Crowley prophisized . Her name was Marjorie Cameron a lune to the 1st. degree ! She soon went by the name , "Whore of Babylon" as in Crowley's writings . Some people believe that child lives today as the now head of the "Church" , David Miscavige . I don't the dates don't match up .

"I know this is sounding preposterous ! The stories around this cult are all crazy ! And I'm leaving out millions of back stories" !

After Ron became partners with his "friend" Jack , Ronny absconded away [with Sara in tow] with thousands of dollars . Jack did finally get some of his money back but not until Ron spent most of it . In Florida , where he and Sara hid , he sued the Veterans Administration for fake medical damages during the war . He settled for tens of dollars per mouth . He and Sara were also married , trouble was he wasn't divorced from his first wife . "This guy was just a piece of work" ! Around 1948 Ron started writing his "masterpiece" Dianetics . In April 1950"Astounding Science Fiction Magazine" announced L. Ron Hubbart has made astounding discoveries with his next book "Dianetics" . "He has a technique of psychotherapy to cure insanity ...That insanity is contagious not hereditary ... A technique to cure ulcers , asthma , arthritis ...and other diseases . A technique that gives a man a perfect , indelible , total memory and perfect , errorlessability to compute his problems" ! On May 1950 AS SiFi Magazine printed the first copy of "Dianetics - A New Science Of The Mind" . Isaac Asimov called it "Freudian Crap" . I call it theft . A thief of a "Satanist's Ideas" .

I think L. Ron Hubbard is a charlatan , a fraud , a terrific con artist , and a genius thief . He learned his skills from the master occultist of the twentieth century Alister Crowley . He stole almost ever idea Crowley had , including his controlling techniques , but he couldn't steal Crowley's largest asset his wit and charm [ from what I understand ]. He was a con man with no moral servitude and a coward who died alone in a room a total recluse . A mad corrupt villain , hated . A total scum-bag who raped women and some say his own flesh and blood [ his son L . Ron Hubbard Jr. ] .

L. Ron Hubbard has many quotes , my favorite is . "If a man wanted to make a million dollars , the best way to do it would be to start his own religion" ! Enuff said Da Wallycrawler .

The 3 posts I wrote I merely scratched the surface . I tried to summarize what I had read in the last 2-3 months . If anyone is interested in reading the truth about this dangerous "cult" . I highly recommend these web site... : Operation Clambake . : FACT Net

Also the most eerie of all the , OT-8 Documents . Where the "Church" revels it's true origin . A Satanist Cult . : FACT Net

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Celibraties & Da "Church" .

Let me say most people who get involved with the church of Scientology come in with good intentions , but some come in to get ahead in the entertainment field . The path of evil is paved with good intentions ! Believe it or not "The Church" can make ya or break ya in Hollywood ! Everyone in the "church" has heard of the "body thetan" story and they don't believe it's true because they haven't attained that level of "enlightenment" . They come and go as "payers" the light goers and are looked at by higher levels as irrational and not enlightened beings . Celebrities that have attained OT-III and over are , Tom Cruise , John Travolta , Kirsty Alley , Priscilla Presley ... etc . Some are Directors , Producers , Studio Chiefs some with very familiar names , some are acting coaches , teachers , writers ... Why did so many Actors and movie moguls become Scientologist's ? L. Ron Hubbard started the "church" in the LA and San Francisco area by design . He and his followers from San Fransisco , came down to Los Angeles to introduce his techniques of "advanced levels of spiritual truth" to entertainers in the 1950's because he knew them to be highly susceptible and highly visible ! He knows celebrities have secrets and he could control and use them if he had "evidence" of their "after work activities" . Also who better to preach to the masses than a famous person ! It was all designed to bring middle class folk into the sect . People who have liquid assets , lots of time , who are looking for meaning in their lives , yuppies who are simple enough to follow "Stars" into a cult . "Lemmings" ! Let's face it most celebrities aren't very smart and most have an ego of gargantuan size . So when they are sold something they tend to stay sold . Their ego's tend to make them think they are intelligent and besides who wants to look like a sucker in front of the world ! Did ya ever hear some of these ego-manics ? Did you see Tom Cruise chastise Matt Lauer on the Today Show ? "Matt you don't understand I know the real truth about psychiatry" This coming from a "dyslexic high school drop-out" ! Where would Tom Cruise learn about psychiatry ? At the "church" maybe ? LRH has no friends in the field of psychiatry that's for sure . Doctors have been part of deprogramming Scientologist's since it's conception . That book LRH wrote in the 50's "Dianetics" is the bases of his mind warping techniques . Using this book he could break into your mind and control your thoughts . Reading and practicing "Dianetics" is for a lack of a better word "dangerous" . Closing your "rational" mind and opening up your "irrational" mind is crazy . I dunno about you my brain ain't to be tampered with .

When a person is finished his or her "auditing" , [that being having their mind go from rational to irrational the first form of brainwashing ] and their studies , they are taken to a large board room . There they are introduced to a "committee" . In the board room you must confess all . This is called a "committee of evidence" . Everything you have done in your life and what secrets you may have . The "committee" promises to keep these secrets . If you refuse to confess at this "committee of evidence" you are deemed a "suppressive person" and could be shunned . This can have devastating effects if you have family in the "church" ! When a member tries to solve his problems with the "church" they have a place to sort out "your thoughts" . One of these places is a ship [out in the middle of the ocean your gonna sort things out ?] "The Freewinds" . If the member still has misgivings you are marked antisocial and shunned. There is a great many people who have been shunned by the "Church of Scientology . Some have lost all their family and friends . So you could see why many people just summit to the training and confess .
A funny thing happens to people who leave a cult like Scientology they become institutionalized they keep ties in the "church" and keep hold of beliefs long shown to be lies .

If and when you leave they will use these secrets to keep your mouth shut or to keep you in the "church" . More than one top Hollywood star has tried to leave the "church" after attaining OT-III . There are many a story when Travolta tried leaving after he was told the story of Xenu . John seems to have secrets to hide ! We all know what he has to hide and who really cares ? If you ask me coming out would be freeing and something to celebrate . It could revive his very dead career, but I think he has gone to far "in" now . He looks and acts "Crazed" ! Travolta and Cruise have completed OT-VII . Madness has set in and both are totally lost in this crap .

The human mind is a mystery to me ! It's not to people like L. Ron Hubbard . He was taught techniques from a person in his past . A person of great power and will . In my next post I will reveal who that person in his past is . Stay Tuned ...Sa WALLYCRAWLER .

Bellow I will post a site that has a good size list of who belongs to the Church of Scientology :

The Secret Scientologist's ?

Sonny Bono ? He was in and his widow is in still!

Charles Manson ! No question mark here Charlie was a Scientologist ! Don't believe me read "Helter Skelter" .

Organisations to Stay Away From :
" Narconon " : If you have a problem seek help elsewhere ! Try AA cause if you go here one addiction will lead to another !
" Applied Scholastics " : Don't even think about getting help for grades here unless ya want to teach the " E-Meter " !