Sunday, April 29, 2007

...At Least Someone Does !

Monday, April 23, 2007

Kings Of Rock...cough.ripoff..cough..ripoff... cough

In the late 60's and the early 70's their was 3 huge bands "The Beatles" , "The Rolling Stones" , and a new kid on the block "Led Zeppelin" . I was a fan of all three , and so were all my buds . These three bands controlled the teen world . Who knew where the sounds and music they made really came from ? We kind'a knew the "Stones" borrowed heavily from the early blues legends Howlin' Wolf , Muddy Waters...etc... We never knew how much they "borrowed" ?

I was listening to the "Howard Stern Show" in March and some book written by some guy , Timothy English , was mentioned , "Sounds Like Teen Spirit" . Stern and the gang were talk'n about how surprised they were at who stole what from who . Gary ("Ba Ba Boey") said "Led Zeppelin's" whole catalogue was in question , in fact the new liner notes were being changed on the "Best Of Led Zeppelin" . They were change'n the song writing credits from "Page & Plant" to whoever they ripped-off . The Biggest news was the classic Rock song of all time , the one everyone knows as "the song" of this era , was a compete rip-off ! Ya know what song I'm talk'n about don'tcha ? Do I have'ta write it ? OK . "Stairway To Heaven" . I know what your think'n . "NO WAY DUDE" ! "Ya Way Dude" !

Back in the early 1970's my friends listened to all kinds of Rock music . We really enjoyed a little known band in the U.S. . This Rock band had a record that reached platinum in Canada . It was was recorded in 1970 and produced by legendary producer David Briggs (Neil Young's producer). This classic album wasn't really that well received in the U.S. To be fair it kind'a didn't get air play , until a underground station in Toronto started play'n it heavily around 1971 . The bands name is "Spirit" and the albums title was "The Twelve Dreams Of Doctor Sardonicus" . I know what your think'n what does "Spirit" have'ta do with "Zeppelin" ? Well in the late 60's they toured together . It seems "Page & Plant" kind'a took alike'n to a certain song "Spirit" performed nightly . "Taurus" was the song they coveted . "Stairway To Heaven" is a replica of "Taurus" . In the last 4 weeks , or so , I've been try'n to find a way to put these songs side by side for you to hear . I'm so stupid I can't figure a way to do it . Sorry . So you'll have to look up these two songs yourself . I would love to say this is all a coincidence , but these coincidences happen way to often with those two (Page & Plant) . As a matter of fact I think Jimmy Page had stolen Randy California's (he wrote Taurus) way of playing guitar . I'll say something else I think all royalties from "Stairway To Heaven" should be paid to the family of Randy California . He died along with his son in a swimming accident in Hawaii . Here are the songs "Zeppelin"ripped-off completely or "borrowed from" .

"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" ; Stolen from folk singer Anne Bredon . Through legal action the liner note has been changed to "Bredon/Page/Plant" .
"How Many More Times" ; The 1st. half the song is rip'd from Howlin' Wolf .The 2nd. half rip'd from a Albert King song "The Hunter" .
"The Lemon Song" ; Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" . They should just call the band "Howlin' Wolf" they rip'd' off this dude so much !
"Moby Dick" ; Sleepy John Estes's "The Girl I Love" .
"Whole Lotta Love" Willie Dixon's "You Need Love" .
On & On & On...

To say "Zeppelin" is a bunch'o'bullshit would be a understatement . I think the band should be pulled from the "Rock'nRoll Hall Of Fame" and replaced with the real people who they ripped-off . One namely "Spirit's" Randy California .

SaLater Da Wallycrawler .

Give it a listen . You'll Love It !
P.S. To That Guy.. I know that "Taurus" isn't on the album "12 Dreams Of Doctor Sardonicus" ! Why do you think I never heard it before ? It's on the album "Spirit" recorded in 1968 .
Man Idiots !!!
This is for you "The Phosgene Kid"
I wanted to write something about another apparent rip-off . It's also the funniest . Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" . In all fairness I don't think he did it on purpose or he did it as a "d'honneur" . But Bob did take a portion of the song from a kiddie TV show . As a matter of fact I just played the shows theme . "The Banana Splits" theme . Don't believe me ? Listen . Listen to the part Marley sings, "Y ya ya yaya ya ya , y ya ya yayayaya" . Then listen to the "Splits" sing ,"Tra la la lala la la , tra la la lala la la" . That part of the song really comes out'a nowhere and it's way to close .
Funny shit eh ! Bob Marley did grow up in the Philadelphia area when the "Banana Splits" were on Saturday morn'n . So I think he probably picked it up then . When asked about the similarities Mark Barkan (he wrote the theme with partner Rich Adams) said "hey we all ripped off material..." Whether Bob Marley did it on purpose or with malice isn't certain .
Just repeat'n I don't think he did .

H.R. Pufnstuf intro video

Here Ya Go Jillie .

Friday, April 20, 2007

Have You Worked For Him ?

Wil Ferrell's A Funny Guy !
Have a laugh .

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Told Ya So !!!

"Manifesto'O'Retard'O" .

Give'n This Retard A Stage Is Truly Unethical .
Why Did The American Media Show This Peice'O'Shit's Diatribe ?
I'll Tell Ya .
The Fuck'n Rate'ns , That's Why !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Artie Lang debuts on Howard Stern Show

I think we all need a good laugh so...Here's Artie Lang's 1st Appearance On Howard Stern , W/Norm MacDonald . Great Story !

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Sad , Sad Day !

"Stay Tuned For More Death...
Right Here On CNN" .

"Welcome Our World News Division" .
"We're Still Watching Some Students Being Massacred" .
"So Stay Tuned For More , On FOX ".

"We Don't Know Much , But We Do Know Some Kids Aren't Coming Home Tonight" . "So Watch It Here On MSNBC" .

"So Jane You Just Got Outta Class , What Do You Know About The Slaughter Of Innocent Students" ? "We'll Get That Answer And More Right After These Messages" "You Are Watching CNN".

CNN & FOX makes me sick !

Jane Lloyd by Happy

I Love This Video !
Britney , Paris , Lindsay....

Kill The White Man - Liberal Media Coverup

Reverend Al Sharptron's Friend .
He sure didn't try to have him fired .
He's sure is selective , isn't he , that Reverend Al !!!

Jackie Mason Video Blog 11 on

Jackie has a good take on Imus and Sharpton .
Pair Of Retards !

Friday, April 13, 2007

Don Imus - The Remarks, Apology, And Al Sharpton's Show

Should Don Imus Have Been Fired ?

Well not for the "Nappy Headed Hoe" statement no .

Don Imus shouldn't have been fired for that !
Imus has always been a non-funny rip-off artist .
He's never had his finger on the pulse of the nation , but he has had his lips pressed firmly on the cock of the nation , namely "The Bush's" , "Eliot Spitzer" , "George Pataki" , "Tom DeLay" , "Newt Gingrich"...etc...etc . The names go on and on .

Hands up all the people who work with ass kissers on your job . Ya know , no noth'n , do noth'n , kiss asses who make their way up the corporate ladder just because they can massage the egos of their and your bosses . I can really relate to the statement and I know all you can too . Anyway Imus was and is an ass kisser . That's why he stayed on the air 25 years longer than he should have . Don't get me wrong he's also a racist fuck , but so is half of the U.S.A. As a mater of fact that's the only beef I've ever had with America . Most Americans have race problems . That aside we'll never change that . Imus should have been fired because he had no audience , not because he was an idiot . Don Imus had poor ratings he was off the scale in New York with sometimes with a 0.5 rating . He was unlistenable , unfunny , with a very poor sense of humour . He was/is very good at doing what Larry King does . That's suck'n his guests and bosses asses . Don Imus should be fired , not for his statement last week , but for his lack off talent . And ya know what that's why I think he was really was fired , he was expendable .

25 years ago Don Imus called a black cleaning lady at W.N.B.C. a nigger . He called Robin Quivers a nigger and another producer at the station a nigger . Ya know what happened ? Noth'n ! He did this off the air , not as a joke . Howard Stern , Chris Rock , Richard Pryor... All used and use race/racism in their act . All with great success , candor and humour . When a comedian uses race as a "bit" he/she better be sure he has no malice in his or her heart . If you do you'll be skewered !

Imus is a member of the "Ol'Boz Club" , a cowboy racist . That is the reason I always hated that fuck . But he shouldn't have been fired for the "joke" last week , he should have been fired for not be'n funny ever , for be'n untalented , for be'n bore'n , for be'n a rip-off , for be'n an ass kiss and for most of all...For NOT Have'n Any Listeners !

As for Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson jumping on the bandwagon . They're both jackals . They should fuck'n talk . Sharpton ruined three men's lives and was successfully sued over the Tawana Brawley case , he never said sorry . Jesse Jackson rubbed the blood of Martin Luther King all over himself for the press .How can you ever take that guy seriously ? Don't forget about the "Hymie Town" comment he made and he never said sorry for . Fuck'n Jackals the pair of em !

Thursday, April 12, 2007

He Does It Again !

Vote For The Worst ! sa da Wallycrawler .

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sam Kinison - HBO special

Enjoy Sam !

15 Years Ago Today Sam Died .

The video of Sam was the first time I ever seen him . It was on "Rodney Dangerfield's Up-Incoming Comics Special" , On HBO .

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Do You Believe ?

'Enjoy Your Day With Da Family . Da Wallycrawler .

Friday, April 06, 2007

Remember !!!

It Wasn't Like This...

Or Like This ...

It Was More Like This...

And This...

And This !

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America [ExtraScene]

This is a crazy way of love !
Cults come in all forms .
This is one of the worst I've seen , except the al-qaeda !

Monday, April 02, 2007


1 month from this week Spidey 3 will be released . Enjoy the preview !

Sunday, April 01, 2007

**Breaking News Bulletin**

**This just in **...

George Bush just had a press conference .

He has admitted his mistakes in the past and is now ready to right his wrongs . As of today all troops in Iraq will be moved to Afghanistan . There , the troops will set their sights on bringing Al-Qaeda to their knees by finding and killing the heads of this organization . I quote , "We will not be distracted from our goals of bring terror to its knees" !

He went on to say he and the new Senate will help stop our need on foreign oil by installing new measures for making ethanol the fuel of choice in America and by making biodiesel available at every service station in America by the year 2008 . He has stated that all bio fuels will be tax free . He has ordered all American airlines to convert to biodiesel by years end . He also said the 1st air carrier to do so will also be tax exempt for two years . All farmers who make and use ethanol will be getting a tax surplus . He ordered all Foreign and American oil producers to start making ethanol immediately ! We will also start to burn our garbage in large incinerators , the waste will help fuel our new energy system . The byproduct from this electricity making energy system will be carbon to help clean our waters . The incinerators will also heat straw and cellulose to create ethanol . After we do all this we will start to help Africa make their own energy and install "American style farming to the richest lands in the world" !

I take it all back George Bush is a great visionary and a man of the people ! "God Bless George Bush" !!!

Whoa ...*This Just In...*

President Bush has now had a meeting with the heads of State in his oval office and has released a statement ...

"As of Monday morning I am calling all stem cell lavatories within the United States , Canada and our trading nations , we the USA , will be committing 10 billion dollars for the next ten years to combat A.I.D.S. , Cancer , Type 1 Diabetes , and finding a cure for most debilitating diseases" .

WOW What A Man !