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ImaginationLand South Park-Pretender

I get it. Lite'n up a bit.
Here's a clip of the best South Park episode ever,
With the Foo Fighters do'n the back up.

Beijing Olympics : Darfur Genocide

The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Call to Boycott Beijin Olympics

Stop Them Now!!!

European Parliament VP Calls for Olympic Boycott

Boycott The Beijing Olympics!

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France Maybe The First Country To Pull Out'a Da Opening Of Olympic Games!

Tibet violence could spur Olympic opening boycott: Sarkozy
Last Updated: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 6:46 PM ET

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Tuesday for China to open a dialogue with the Dalai Lama over protests in Tibet, and has suggested that he might boycott the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing this August.
Speaking during a tour of southwestern France, Sarkozy said skipping the opening event of the games was one of several possible French diplomatic responses to the rising violence in Tibet and Tibetan areas of surrounding Chinese provinces.
Police officers drag a monk away Tuesday outside the Chinese embassy's visa office in Kathmandu, Nepal, where Tibetans were protesting Chinese rule in Tibet. (Saurabh Das/Associated Press)
"Our Chinese friends must understand the worldwide concern that there is about the question of Tibet, "he said, "and I will adapt my response to the evolutions in the situation that will come, I hope, as rapidly as possible."
Asked directly by journalists whether he supported a boycott of the Olympic opening ceremony, Sarkozy said he would "not close the door to any possibility."
Paris-based media freedom group Reporters Without Borders last week appealed for an opening ceremony boycott by heads of state and government, as well as royalty — an idea that has gained the support of many in France, where there has been rising criticism of Sarkozy for what was perceived as relative silence on the Tibet violence.
A spokesman for Reporters without Borders said Sarkozy was the first world leader to show that level of sympathy for the boycott appeal. Prince Charles has said he will skip the Olympics while the White House said last week that U.S. President George W. Bush still planned to attend the event.
Fresh violence against protestors
Meanwhile, at least two people were killed Tuesday during a demonstration by Tibetan protestors in Garze, a prefecture in China's Sichuan province.
The protest started on Monday as a peaceful march by monks and nuns but turned violent when armed police tried to suppress the crowd.
China's official Xinhua News Agency said protesters attacked police with knives and stones, killing one policeman. A Tibetan-rights group said an 18-year-old monk died and another was critically wounded after security agents fired live rounds.
Garze borders Tibet, where several days of anti-government protests led by monks spiralled into violence on March 14 in the capital, Lhasa.
Also on Tuesday, China's top police official called for stepped-up "patriotic education" in Tibet's monasteries to boost support for Beijing, state media reported.
The government says at least 22 people have died in Lhasa while Tibetan-rights groups say nearly 140 Tibetans were killed, including 19 in the western province of Gansu.
The latest unrest indicates that Tibetan defiance is still running strong a week after thousands of Chinese troops fanned out in areas outside of Lhasa to clamp down on burgeoning sympathy protests.
The uprising is the broadest and most sustained against Chinese rule in almost two decades and the Communist leadership has accused Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and his supporters of masterminding the dissent.
Meng Jianzhu, the minister of public security, ordered Tibet's security forces to remain on alert for further unrest and said "patriotic education" campaigns would be strengthened in monasteries, according to the Tibet Daily newspaper.
"The Dalai clique refuses to give up their evil designs, and even in their death throes are planning new acts of sabotage," Meng was quoted as saying Monday during a visit to Lhasa, referring to the Dalai Lama and his supporters.With files from the Associated Press

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Fuck China & Fuck The XXIX Olympiad"!

Mon Mar 24, 12:20 PM
By Nicholas Paphitis, The Associated Press

ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece - Protesters disrupted the Beijing Olympics flame-lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia on Monday and a Tibetan woman covered in fake blood briefly blocked the path of the torchbearer.
Protesters ran onto the stadium field during the ceremony, evading massive security aimed at preventing such disruptions in the wake of China's crackdown on Tibet.
One man ran behind Liu Qi, president of the Beijing organizing committee and Beijing Communist Party Secretary, as Liu was giving a speech. The protester unfurled a black banner showing the Olympic rings as handcuffs.
Three protesters from the Paris-based press freedom group Reporters Without Borders were detained.
"If the Olympic flame is sacred, human rights are even more so," the Paris-based group said in a statement. "We cannot let the Chinese government seize the Olympic flame, a symbol of peace, without denouncing the dramatic situation of human rights in the country."
China's Communist leadership has faced a public relations disaster since demonstrations against Chinese rule turned violent March 14 in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, leading to waves of unrest in surrounding provinces. People who sympathize with the Tibetan cause have also staged rallies in other countries.
The death toll from the violence in Tibet has varied and been impossible to confirm independently. China's reported death toll is 22, but Tibet's exiled government says 80 Tibetans were killed. Another 19 died in subsequent violence in Gansu province, it said.
Greek officials said politics have no place at the ceremony at the 2,800-year-old birthplace of the ancient Games in southern Greece. More than 1,000 police were deployed ahead of expected protests by pro-Tibetan groups.
"The Greek government condemns every attempt to interfere with the ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic flame, through actions that have no relation at all with the Olympic Spirit," government spokesman Evangelos Antonaros said.
China state TV cut away from the protest at the ceremony and showed a prerecorded scene, preventing Chinese viewers from seeing the incident. Chinese television commentators did not mention the demonstration.
The flame for the Aug. 8-24 Games was lit using the sun's rays. From Olympia, the flame will embark on a 136,000-kilometre journey. The torch is to arrive March 31 in Beijing. It then will travel through 20 countries before returning to mainland China.
After the torch left the stadium, a Tibetan woman covered in red paint or dye lay in the road approaching the nearby village of ancient Olympia while other protesters chanted "Free Tibet" and "Shame on China."
The torchbearer came within a few metres of the protester, then stopped and ran in place while plainclothes police officers removed the woman. Police also dragged off a man accompanying her who was waving a Tibetan flag.
Police said the woman and the three members of Reporters Without Borders were being detained. One of the men arrested was Robert Menard, the group's general secretary.
"This is a disgrace," said Lampis Nikolaou, a Greek member of the IOC. "I am furious with these people ... who did not respect this site. Whatever their differences with China, they should express them in their own countries."
Chinese media reported that officials - who have blamed the unrest on the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama - were prepared to prevent disruptions of the torch relay when it crosses China's borders.
China's plans to take the torch through Tibet and to the top of Mount Everest have upset Tibetan activist groups, which accuse Beijing of using the event to convey a false message of harmony in the troubled Himalayan region. Chinese Communist troops occupied Tibet in 1951 and Beijing continues to rule the region with a heavy hand.
"The more determined the Dalai clique is to ruin the torch relay and the Olympic Games, the more hard and good work we need to do on the preparation and the implementation of all aspects," Yin Xunping, a Communist Party official, was quoted as saying by the Tibet Daily newspaper.
The official Xinhua News Agency, did not give any details of what measures would be taken for the relay. A receptionist at the Tibet sports bureau said no officials were available for comment Monday.
Mount Everest straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet. China has already begun denying mountaineers permission to climb the Tibetan side of the mountain - a move that reflects government concerns that activists may try to disrupt its torch plans.
International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge told The Associated Press on Monday that he was engaged in "silent diplomacy" with China on Tibet and other human rights issues.
"We are discussing on a daily basis with Chinese authorities, including discussing these issues, while strictly respecting the sovereignty of China in its affairs," he said.
But he also said there was no credible momentum for a boycott and that while he was concerned by the violence in Tibet, the IOC could do no more than call for a peaceful resolution because it is a sports organization.
Germany rejected calls for an Olympic boycott on Monday. Some German athletes had reacted to the Chinese crackdown by supporting the calls for a boycott.
The German Olympic Sports Union said it was following the events in Tibet with "great attention and concern" but pledged to send a team to the Games.
In Nepal, police in the capital Katmandu broke up at least two separate protests by Tibetan refugees and monks on Monday and arrested as many as 475 protesters, officials said.
Chanting "China, stop killings in Tibet. U.N., we want justice," protesters were marching to U.N. headquarters in Katmandu when police stopped them about 100 metres away and snatched their banners.
Meanwhile, French President Nicolas Sarkozy offered France as a go-between in any new talks between China and the representatives of the Dalai Lama. Sarkozy called for "restraint" in Tibet and to end the violence with dialogue.
A Liberation newspaper poll published Monday suggests most French people want Sarkozy to boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics this summer to protest China's human rights situation, but think French athletes should compete.
Associated Press writers Audra Ang in Beijing, Stephen Wilson in Ancient Olympia, Greece, Binaj Gurubacharya in Katmandu, Nepal, and Nesha Sarcevic in Frankfurt, Germany, contributed to this report.

Stop It Now!

Sa Wally.

ITV report: Dalai Lama/dramatic footage from Tibet

Get Involved NOW!!!

ITN footage of Tibetan students protesting in Beijing

Get Involved Now!!!

China Selling Prisoners' Organs - Shocking BBC Video

Still Wanna Watch The Games???

CHINA EXECUTION BUSES, Coming to a City near you. WAKE UP

Boycott The Beijing Olympics!!!
Contact Your Federal Government Now!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Death In A Uprising.

Warn'n Very: Graphic photos of dead bodies from Kirti monatery in Ngawa, Sichuan, Tibet

Released 18th March 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Young Tibetan Anti-Communist Protester...

She Looks Sweet...She Seems Scared...

She Could Be Your Sister, Or Daughter ...

She Stands For What Is Good And Right In The World... Freedom...

She Gives Her Life For Freedom...

What Are You Willing To Give?

>Join Me And Many Others In Boycotting The Beijing Summer Olympics...Don't Let Her And Millions More Die In Vain.

More Than 90 Protesters Died Like This Today In Tibet...

Since 1950 Over One Million, Three Hundred Thousand Tibetans Have Been Murdered At The Hands Of The Chinese!

This Has To Stop!!!

Call Or Write Your Federal Government To Stop Our Athletes From Attending The 2008 Summer Games In Beijing. Send A Message To China That We See Your Atrocities And We'll Not Stand For Them Any Longer!

In A Future Blog I'll Send You On The Bus Trip. A Ride That This Protester Took. A Bus That Is The Last Excursion For Millions .

Sa Wally


Boycott The Beijing Olympics!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet Joe Francis Part Deux

Update: "Joe Francis am free"!
Joe made his court appearance in Panama City. He then agreed to a plea deal. They then in return released him. The charges of filming underage girls was commuted to "Time Served". Joe's plea was "No Contest". There must have been a meet'n of da minds In Florida to commute him to a lighter sentence. The quick release came as a surprise to me fer sure!
The "Girls Gone Wild" creator, will be on a six month probation and his company wont be able to film in Panama City for three years. The Florida city also released all of Joe's belonging they confiscated last year...The Ferrari and $60,000.00. All in all Joe Francis spent over eleven months in jail on bullshit trumped up charges. I'm sure that the reason the District Attorney gave Mr. Francis a light sentence was the City couldn't afford another lawsuit and the bad press the City was getting the past year. It probably wasn't a great idea to have this in da books with "Spring Break" come'n up!? It couldn't be good for the vacation spot. I'm almost sure Joe Francis just wants to go home and live his life again! I don't think he'll entertain another lawsuit!!!

Lock Up Your Daughters Joe Francis Is Free!
Shit, what was I all happy about? Throw 'em back in jail!!!

Two Days Ago: Joe's Out! But not fer long. He's on his way back to Florida. We'll see if Joe Francis will be treated equally? I have my doubts. Joe posted a few words to supporters yesterday. Good Luck Joe!

Today I posted my bond in Reno so that I can immediately return to Florida to face the charges against me. I will be released from jail in Reno in the next few hours.
I want to thank you all for your help and support over the past 11months of hell. I also want you all to know that in the same way you were there for me in my time of need, I will be there for you.
Thank you again,
Joe Francis"

Joe Francis is your average America man.

He's a young man of middle class origins that happened to strike it rich in his early twenties.

He lived the life of every mans fantasy. Parting with the rich and famous. Private jets...Yup Joe Francis was a lucky man..."WAS" is the proper word.

He still happens to be the ruler of a huge empire. The "empire" is also the reason he has been a political prisoner for the last nine months of his life.

Joe's release sure isn't in his near future!

Is Joe in a foreign prison, being held hostage for money? MMMM...No. Joe is in a county jail in Nevada. Can't he afford a bail? Yes he can, he's a multi-millionaire, maybe a billionaire! So why is Joe in jail?... Joe Francis is in jail for a misdemeanor charge of missing a civil court date...He's been in jail for nine months . He can't post a bail. A county judge and prosecutor has seen to it that he'll never post a bail, and these men of the court aren't even in the state of Nevada, they're in Florida! Why have these men of great deeds done that to a multi-millionaire? Maybe I should tell ya a little more about Joe?

Joe is the creator and producer of "Girls Gone Wild".

A few years ago Joe Francis went to a spring break in the Panhandle of Florida. He, his crew and his cameras were there to get young women to expose them selves on his seamy video series. (I should also tell you, I'm not a big Joe Francis fan. I think he's a bit of a scum bag.) But, in America your free to make your living anyway you want. as long as you pay your taxes and don't break the law.

The Florida city that is the curse to Joe Francis is Panama City Florida. He was warned never to bring his cameras to the city 5 years ago. He defied the city founding fathers and went to Panama City anyway. He was put in jail the same day as he hit the beach. He became a victim of a civil rights abuse. He was put in jail and not charged. He also was physically and mentally abused in that jail. Joe filed a civil rights violation suit and won. His real downfall came when two women came forward to file a civil charge that he videoed and sold DVDs of them showing their breasts, with consent and ID. The problem was they lied, they were under the age of consent. Joe refused to settle a suit with them, so a Panama City judge threw him in jail. Joe had some medicine on him when he complied with the arrest order. That mistake in Florida could get you life in prison. In that Florida jail Joe Francis was again denied his civil rights and not given a bail hearing. He stayed in jail for over ninety days until the federal government came in and took Joe Francis to Nevada, on a minor tax charge. So there he stays in a Nevada jail for over seven months. No bail again, but now at his request , because if he does become released in Nevada he will instantly be rearrested and sent back to Florida. Joe Francis knows what will happen to him in that Florida jail. Joe will never make it out'a that place alive. Joe's biggest mistake was call'n the Panama City court "Mickey Mouse" , the lead Judge and it's lead prosecutor "corrupt". Well they are, he's already proved that in his civil case. Now they're striking back.

The freedom of expression is gone in North America. The right wing bible thumpers of the world are pissn' me off to no end! They're stepping on every civil right that was given to us. Joe Francis isn't the nicest guy in the world or even a very sympathetic person, by any means. He's a pornographer. A kind'a creepy pornographer who leads young women to believe they could be noticed in the entertainment business if they just expose themselves. He pries on the meek, innocent, drunk, young women, in a party mood. Hey I've done that, so has every young man, but not for profit, and greed. I don't like Joe Francis, but I believe he has a right to a fair and unbiased trial. Not to be sent to a jail, to rot and not charged. Isn't that is why we went to war in the past? To fight dictatorships with unfair laws and zero civil rights.

Sa Later Wally.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

If I Ever Meet Al Gore... I'll Punch His Fuck'n Lights Out!

I Hate That Fat Fuck!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You Can Have A Piece Of Da Crawler!

For Sale: Everything.

I'm get'n rid of everything. Both the Marvel/Spider-man Collection and the Hockey/Flyers collection. Well over 500 pcs. Valued @ thousands of dollars.
The staring price $1000.00 + shipping and packaging fees.
I think the Team Canada Gold Medal coins are valued @ over $200.00 alone!
I will separate the hockey and Spider-man collection on eBay. + WWF/WWE collectibles.
Here's the kicker.
Ya get a receipt.
Yup ya can write it off.
All proceeds go to J.D.R.F. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
So I do two things in all this.
1) I start to let go.
2) I make some money for a good cause.
If your interested email me. It goes up on eBay in April.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

"Toronto Da Good"

The Toronto Sun: Sunday Sun.

The House of Lancaster is veiled yesterday as it undergoes a remodel that will receive $12,500 from the city's commercial facade improvement program. (Veronica Henri, Sun Media)
Toronto taxpayers are poised to shell out $12,500 to dress up the exterior of a west-end strip joint.
Municipal officials have confirmed that the House of Lancaster, on Bloor St. W. just east of Lansdowne Ave., received approval for the grant under the city's commercial facade improvement program.
Councillor Doug Holyday complained it's inappropriate for the city to be putting up cash to improve the look of a building that houses an exotic dance club.
He said it "boggles the mind" that a city, which just last summer announced service cuts to make ends meet, has money to help fix up the establishment.
"I think the average taxpayer might agree to the city trying to improve the quality of buildings in certain neighbourhoods," he said. "But, I don't think that would extend to financing the improvement of strip clubs."

He insisted the city should review its policy for issuing such grants with an eye "to putting this money in areas of business that would be supported by the taxpayers, in general."
The facade improvement program provides businesses with grants of up to $12,500 if -- like the House of Lancaster -- they're located on a corner. The minimum grant is $2,500.
Those with commercial properties in other locations are eligible for grants of up to $10,000 to fix up the public faces of their buildings.
"We're trying to improve the look of our retail strips," said Mike Major, head of business improvement areas for the city. "This grant is available to all commercial businesses in business improvement areas."
He said that the city won't cut a cheque to the House of Lancaster until the facade work is done and officials receive the appropriate receipts.
Major said plans received by the city call for the exterior to be dressed up with such things as ceramic tile, stucco, and columns.
"From our point of view, it's an eyesore now. It's an eyesore in this business improvement district," said Major, who added the strip bar met city council-approved guidelines in order to qualify.
"It's a legal use. We have no grounds to refuse it because we're giving it for buildings -- not use."
Spiro Koumoudouros, House of Lancaster owner, argued that the grant is designed to help the entire neighbourhood -- not his business.
He added he'll end up pumping as much as $70,000 of his own money into the improvement project.
"We are taxpayers; we are a legitimate business," said Koumoudouros, who is head of the area's Bloordale Business Improvement Area.
He said that his business has the same rights as any other and added the bar is a big employer, providing 75 jobs.
Mayor David Miller has publicly supported directing public funding to private property owners to help beautify the city by redesigning and restoring commercial and industrial buildings.
"The Facade Improvement Program has been extremely successful in making our city cleaner and more beautiful," he said in an article posted on the International Interior Design Association web page,
"We have helped hundreds of business owners with improvements over the past 10 years," Miller said.
"Half of the cost of eligible improvements to commercial or industrial building facades is covered by the city and will be based on the lowest contractor estimate submitted with the application."
Review committees comprised of local architects, business owners, historical experts and other community representatives review all applications and make funding recommendations to the city. Sunda Sun March 2/08

OK I gotta admit that on the surface this sounds like a Bullshit story. But it's not. Anyone who has been to Toronto in the last 15 years has to admit that the City has changed. It's infrastructure has deteriorated so bad, that it's a shadow of it's former self, say 30 years ago. I think people who live there "can't see the forest for the trees". They live in a shell. The City Of Toronto is fast becoming Hamilton, or better yet Buffalo! The highways are clogged, there is no way in a no way out, fast. Resident pay the highest taxes in North America, except for New York, but it' fast approaching New York's taxes. Restaurants are empty. Clubs, are dwindling, and the ones that are busy are barely hanging on. Shops and stores are closing at an alarming rate all over the downtown corridor. Theatres that had the best "Broadway" shows close as fast as they open. Great innovative theatre is dying. Movie theatres that once lined Yonge Street are all, but gone. Downtown bars are dead or changed to "theme restaurants". The "Hard Rock Cafe" a staple of the downtown night life. Was ripped down, without protest, and replaced with a glass structure that looks like every other "Hard Rock" in the world. To walk downtown is another feat. It's a fuck'n shooting gallery after 11pm. The City's answer to all these problems and more...? "Oh we had the SARS scare" or "the sagging American buck", or worse yet "What problem"!

Toronto is a future Ghost Town! When the automobile industry collapses in Ontario, and it will because of us, the City's corporate companies will move west to follow the oil. What will be left in the city of Toronto will be liberal leftest thinkers, and rightest puritanical hobgoblins feeding on the once full trough, fighting to stay alive. To keep a community alive is to push forward and not leave our past in the dust. To destroy history and not preserve it is to destroy our future. I'm all for new building, not at our historic past. To not put our best foot forward to clean up the infrastructure in this city is to give up on our future. I know this is just a strip club. But don't residents still see it daily and so do the tourists and visitors. I see the decay of Toronto from the outside now. It's become a pathetic pig pen of greed, violence, and mediocrity.
"The House Of Lancaster Gentlemen's Club" more than pays for itself. I'd say it pays for the city block around it in Municipal, Provincial, and Federal taxes. To deny it a grant for a simple facelift just because it's a strip club is crazy. What do they want it to look dilapidated, or grimy? It makes no sense. Please don't give up on this city just because of ideology and spite.

In the future I plan on writing again about "marketing our death". How we have as North Americans have given up on ourselves. How insecurity, and narcissism have led us to a path of ruin. Our future is bleak if we keep spending to keep corporations and cheap labour (slavery) alive.