Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Owe It To You To See What I Have Been Doing...

In the last year I have been very quiet about, politics, money, religion...

The reason being I have been studying and learning about a movement...

This is the "Zeitgeist Movement". A movement that will, I feel, change society.

Far be it from me to explain to you about this social reformation.

All I can say is this is the real thing. The truth being told to us and the answers to what is happening in the world today.

I have had many people curse me after seeing the first movie . They have tears in their eyes when myth after myth of their religion, and social system being destroyed by a simple two hour film. In the end they know what was being spoken was in fact, the truth.

I have been studying and from what I can surmise. It-Is-The-Whole-And-Utter-Truth!

So after seeing the film and studying the history behind the film, what was the answer? What could this movie do except destroy one's childhood fantasies and the government, banks and companies that controls our society. That can't be good? Can it?

Well yes it can. It's a freeing thing to know what's/who's actually in control of our lives.

Thus the "Zeitgeist Movement".

I'm not say'n destroy our society as it is, at lest not yet!

I am saying this movement should be listened to and taken in great consideration for the future of humans and nature.

If you haven't watched the first film, that's OK.

Personally I would. It's available on the right of the screen.

Now I have studied and watched the "Zeitgeist Addendum".

I Want You To Know This Is Not Some Cult?

This is a social movement of Scientists and Technicians.That does not discriminate.

You Have Come To Expect That I Wouldn't Knowingly Take You Down A Rabbit Hole. Right?

This is the day you become aware!

I Love Ya


Die Murane has done another great job at exposing what really happened in India in the past week. This was another "False Flag" operation.

"Wake Up"! The truth is out there.

South Park, Ginger Kids episode, Canadian Controversy

Only In Canada!
And Only In Calgary Alberta Precisely, Would This Happen!!!
As You All Know Calgaryons Are Social Retards?!

"Join The Revolution"!
"Boot'a Calgaryon Today!"
Preferably In Da Nads.
F'n Tards!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remember When I Wrote About Deer And Moose On The Highways?


A Transport Truck Hit A Large Buck Right In Front Of Me.It Was 4:30 am. Low Vision & The Truck Didn't Use Any Warning Lights. Shit I Still Don't Think He Hit His Brakes!
I Had Nowhere To Go, Except Right Over Him!
He Shot My Car Straight Up.
I Sheared His Head Clean OFF!!!
Poor Thing...
I'm Guess'n There's About $2000.00 Damage.

Be Careful Guys.

Fuck I knew This Was Gonna Happen!!!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Since I Haven't Had Time To Post Anything In Quite Some Time...

And My Computer Is Go'n Batty...So...?

I give "Wallycrawler" over to a guest blogger. My best Gal Pal...


Howdy Ladies!

don't u just hate women's magazines? i know i do!

that brings me 2 my hawt topic...what woman's rag mags should be about.

MEN, & how 2 satisfy them!
if more women, were more behooved to men the world would be a better place! don't u think?

this is the perfect cover 2 a gals mag.

a good gal can't talk with a dick in her mouth!

oh this is a topic in all good women's mags, anorexia!

meanwhile 75% of american women r severely over weight!

if ur a an young gal, look in the mirror. now what r u see'n? the gal in the mirror or the exact opposite?

my advise 2 u... ur 2 fat, be anorexic!

yes that would be a great advert!

i luv Krispy Kreame!

But that's the aftermath of a successful nite. gals u know what i mean.

u sleep in the wet spot!b

i have, i don't like her as much as u!

that's another thing...women hate women, especially hot babes like myself and Sarah Palin!

u gals take note.
big tits = large notes!
now that would b a great article. little girls would finally get it rite.
mothers stop bull shiting ur daughters. thinking u can be an equal 2 a man is all wrong.
being pretty and overly developed will get u 2 the "White House"!
don't believe me...again Sarah Palin.

oh another good topic.
why do we make such a fuss about some guy showing his dick?
why so much drama?
men should be able to show his penis and we should find it a complement!

ok a controversial subject!
she was looking for it!
we all do, who r we fooling?
i wear panties like these just 2 get a guy 2 give it a spank!
i call them, "tanning floss"!

i luv geeks.
give ur neighbourhood "emo" a blow job!
2 weeks later he'll move out'a his mother's basement and into a good desk job.
now that would be a truthful article!
pussy = success. & success = pussy!

Luv Ya Long Time.

So have ya guessed yet?
Have Ya Put Two & Two Together?
I know at lest 2 Bloogers have and confronted me.
I had ta confess...
Da Wallycrawer is Tasty!
We're one and da same!
Don't get mad, I did it for many reasons.
1) When I tried to do the humour Tasty does on this Blog I got quite bit'o'heat. Mostly from people I worked with and even from some female bloggers.
2) I really wanted to see how far I could go with another character. Believe me I could'a gone a lot further. Nobody even said anything, even when I posted pictures of huge gape'n vagina's with the crudest jokes!
3) I also wanted to see if a female character could get away with "Blue Material" more than a male. The answer is a resounding...Oh Ya! Yes they do!!! I know if I tried half the c
"cracks" here on Wallycrawler I would'a heard about how rude or sexist, or worse, unfunny I am!
If ya want I'll answer any question you have on Tasty.
Eg: How did I come up with her be'n a stripper? Or even where she lived?
I'll answer anything...Almost.
And yes Tasty will live on, just as Wally lives on.

Sa Later Wally