Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Shat My Pants , I Did !

Wanna Bet This Guy Was Try'n To Impress A Chick On A First Date ?

Da Cult Of Celebrity .

I love music , movies & TV, love , love , love them ! Satellite radio is great , I can't wait til the next Sorprano's and Spiderman don't get me on that topic . What bothers me though isn't the productions it's the celebrities . Take Larry David star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and producer of "Seinfeld" . This guy promotes Toyota Prius cars like no tomorrow ." What an environmentalists huh "? "Not so fast". He receives money for placement on his show . What this self-professed "mentsh" really is , is a shill of big business . This guy plays golf every day . Playing golf and promoting that piece of shit is like eating ten Big Mac's , five orders of fries & washing it down with a "Diet" Coke . He only cares about the environment if it doesn't inconvenience him . Now that doesn't mean I don't think he's a funny guy, far from it , he's fuck'n hilarious . He has one of the great comedic minds of our time . Unfortunately Larry's just another actor on the take ! "How much money do these nimrods need anyhoo "? Now why am I picking on Mr. David ? I picked on him first because he's one the richest men in Hollywood and he states he's a great protector of the clean air act . When all he does is promotes "Jap Scrap" as good for the environment . It's anything but ! It's just a cash cow for him and many other celebrities . If you want an air friendly vehicle use methanol . Methanol burns clean and it's a renewable resource . That answer doesn't put a shelling in anyone's pockets , so it will be forgoten "fast" . It goes to prove you can be successful & wealthy and still be stupid ! I was watching an awards show [ I don't know which one they're all self-promoting crap anyways !] and Jack Black steps up to the podium & berates the audience that if you didn't drive a hybrid car your a piece of shit ! " I Drove Here In A Prius "! WA DA FUCK WAS THAT ? Did he get paid for that or what ? I'll give him the benefit of doubt cause I loved him in High Fidelity , "but that was just bullshit buddy"! Now that being said it puts me to the biggest promotion ."Self Promotion". Jack Black is really a funny guy but lately he's been installed in movies as a "ladies man"? Most people know Jack Black is a "Don Juan" in the same sense Paul Lynn was one ! Let's face it Jack is a gay man or at the very least highly effeminate . Sometimes he could play a nerd but that's it . It's not like he's Rock Hudson or Tom Cruise , he doesn't pass . Actors start to believe they're more than what they are , which are empty vessels . Vessels that writers thoughts can come to life . The greatest actors of our time are the emptiest . This could be dangerous as someone smarter and more sinister could fill their empty shell & use their popularity for illgotten gains. At least that is what I think otherwise how could you explain Scientology & the hold it has on some of the actors in Hollywood such as John Travolta or Tom Cruise . Tommy is one mixed up dude man ! I know he's gay , you know he's gay , he knows he's gay . Who's he fool'n ? When caught deny , deny , deny...then sue . "The Church" protects his matinee idol franchise , but it's over man . Who under 40 thinks Tom's sexy ? Nobody ! That times past man . Your old pal ! If the movie isn't a character part [Collateral] or a 200 million dollar budgeted Spielberg film , Tom just doesn't carry it anymore . Hey not even , the last four out of six bombed . Still 'The Church" shopped Tommy around last year to every young starlet in LaLa Land until they got a "taker". Man that just makes me ill ! Earth to Tom ... Tom ... TOM ... Tom Cruise ... your gay & WHO CARES ! "Go on with your career dude you could be one of the greatest actors of our time" . "Stop listening to your sister... and the voices ". "There is medication for that" . John "Revolting" is another story . I love Tarantino but I'd like to punch him in the face for resurrecting his career . I guess if you need money for a picture you'll take it from anybody , including "clay table loonies" . Scientology is one thing Kabbalah is another, this is just insane ! "Jewish Witchcraft"??? Ya gotta be kidd'n me ! Only the truly empty could fall for this shit... & Madonna is a "big-empty-hole" ! Madonna [The Hog] takes the cake . She is all that's wrong in entertainment totally void of talent & originality . She's an old time slut who got caught up in her celebrity . What happened here was Madonna grew a conscious , [a big mistake if your a bloated egomaniac] and let her guard down around con-men . Even now when these confidence men are being rounded up "The Hog" still defends them . Why ? Well because her ego can't take she'd been snowed by the oldest trick in the book "religion"! This cult has conned some of the riches stars in Hollywood Britney Spears ,Guy Richie , Demi Moore , Ashton Kushner & Roseanne Barr . How bad is it when Paris Hilton was too smart for the come on ! These others must be truly dim ! God I love being entertained , we all do , but what's more entertaining the craft or these shovelheads afterhours ? And A Ba Ba Boey Ta Ya All Wallycrawler .

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Funny Thing The Motorcyclist Was The One Who Lived!
How Can We Feel Safe In Cars Built Like This . 30 Gage Metal & Plastic Will Not Protect Us . It May Give Us Better Gas Mileage ...But @ What Price ?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Stay Asleep" !

I care about my family , friends , neighbor's & I care about our future here in North America . Since I started my blog I've only had a few negative comments & e-mails , that's great , I don't mind . I love the attention ! The funny thing though these comments all came from one post "Kill Da Damm Gophers". Hmm.. That post really wasn't about fat golfers it was a rant on the environment . Ok a little dig at an arrogant "game"but it just goes to show you what some people really care about ..."Nothing important" ! I've worked in the "corporate mines" for 5 years and I'm a pretty good salesperson , no I'm a great salesperson ! In those years I've seen a big change in the range of quality in products being sold. Also the way this shit is being sold . Remember "American Made ". It was a sign of "great pride" & "quality goods ". Now the media & stores like Wallymart & Da Depot run down our craftsmanship . The media takes aim at our products like they are diseased . Ever read a consumers report & thought "wow we make crap , what's wrong with US & Canadian made products"? Don't tell me you haven't , cause you have & I have too ! Well the truth to be told is there's nothing wrong with our products in fact most are better than anything on the market . "Bullshit I read in Good Products Magazine Blahh blahhhh & I'll never buy that stuff again "! Man I hate yuppies & I despise their propaganda mags ! What a bunch of shit heads ! I had a yuppie family come in to shop at my place of business and just for fun I bet a associate I could sell them anything with just a few trigger words . I also bet I'd get them to put everything in their cart back on the shelves and buy what I said to buy . "Mean huh". "Tough"! "I think yuppies are dolts and fast asleep" ! I wont bore you with all the triggers I use but 3 of them are "Consumer Reports Magazine " This rag is a salesperson's nightmare or his best friend .
In reality "Consumer Reports" is just a marketing magazine paid for and by larger company's to move their wares . "Consumer Reports has marked this product as a Best buy"! "What the fuck is a best buy"? "Does the thing work or not and will it last"? These are the questions you should be asking and followed closely by "are parts readily available"? " What's the warranty & how do I get service on my warranty "? Needless to say this foolish couple didn't ask any of these questions . Lucky for them I'm a honest person 1st. and a greedy salesman way down the list . The products I sold them were longer lasting , with a better warranty at roughly the same price . By the way all were made in the North America ! When I sell a customer something I want to wake them up a little bit , by showing them how & where these products are made . I'll also inform them who really makes them . If you buy DeWalt your buying Black & Decker that's a product made in south east Asia , same plant... same goods.... no better ! If you buy a Price Pfister faucet your buying a Black & Decker product made by a company called Lota , a company who has ties in child labor . This company is a cover company of Home Depot . Sick! Da Depot is one of the worst company's to work for & to buy from . In the past this company was the leader in US goods with company's like "Ridgid" a company they pulled out of the fire when Sears closed Craftsman . Great story if you know it ! Now it's just the same old story of closed factory's & lost jobs to slave labor in the far east . Company's like Home Depot & Wal-mart want you to stay asleep to buy without conscience . "WAKE UP"!!! Don't buy from box stores ! Hey I work for one. Put me out of work ! If you do buy from one watch what you buy look at labels & ask questions . I for one will love to answer you . Honestly ! If the product is made in China put it back on the shelve . "DO YOU REALLY NEED IT" ? "I didn't think so" ! Kill that urge of buying things on compulsion . Doing these little things will inform these pirates that you want quality goods & made by American's . Doing these small deeds will keep your family & friends working & living better ! Thanx Wallycrawler .

Da Puppet Will Cry !

I use to love my freedom . My freedom to grab a paper , watch TV , work , go to bed & sleep . Sounds boring eh ? Other stuff did happen during my normal day , some good and some bad but mostly mundane & I wouldn't have changed it for the world . Give me a average day and I'll show you a happy man . Lately most days haven't been so average most days have been filled with anger , rage , disbelief & contempt . Things haven't been the same in over 5 years [hmm.. What happened 5 years ago?... Guess ?] In that time my family watched my brother die of cancer , my daughter & nephew diagnosed with diabetes and my wife's father die suddenly . Bad horrible things , but things I or anyone else couldn't have changed . They were inevitable . What makes me mad are the things we , all of us , could have stopped . Iraq , the twin towers ,["yes we could have stopped that by voting in a human instead of a puppet"] and our freedom of speech . We have looked the other way during all of these events . We looked elsewhere when we should have looked within . I know the government was pointing another way! But we should have asked the right questions & searched for our own answers . During the towers I was listening to Howard Stern . He was very calming and throughout his radio cast his message was . "We will overcome this tragedy ". "We'll round up the people involved & justice will be done ". "Believe in our President"! . "He'll hunt down these guys"! "Ohhh OK "!!! "When" ??? During the WMD fiasco President Dumba pointed to Saddam as the man with an axe to grind & access to nukes . "Yaaa right" ! When Janet flashed her "ugly" tittie Dumba's stooge Michael Powell sic'd the FCC on anyone who didn't preach the "Right" agenda . And what did we do... Nothing ! We sat there watching our TV's , reading corporate newspapers , tisk tisking . "Oh what , oh what can I do ". "Well how about getting involved IDIOT"! I was really stuck at what I could do . I had no power or voice . I'm just a schmoe like you . Then I thought I do have a voice & I'm not all that retarded ! Ill protest ! Ok where ? And do I have the time ? Plus I hate the ugly bastards who show up at those event's ! Ahh fuck it ! There must be a way to show I'm alive & not amused at this bullshit . Thus this blog ! It's small but at least I have a voice . In my opinion the media is an "old town gossip" and should be treated as such . Tell it something & seconds later it's a"fact" ! The "right wing" knows this & it's about time we used it the same way . I'm a liberal democrat , [big surprise!] I'm also a socialist , I'm a conservative & I'm a "humanist" . I think we're all like that in some whey or another . A liberal at heart , "live & let live" . A socialist in education & medicine ," we all should have quality health care "! A conservative , when in a fight "win at all costs ", but pick the fights wisely . But most of all a humanist . Let me tell you what a humanist is . A humanist believes in the truth . The truth comes in all kinds of flavors but none of them taste good . The truth always smells bad and is horrific to look at . A humanists job is to expose the truth . We will be sick doing so, but it has to be done . The "news" in the last 2 weeks or so is just the tip of the iceberg with this "scumbag" & his sycophants . We'll all see how we were duped by a moron & his cronies just to steal oil , sell it at inflated prices & set in place a corporate world that's so corrupt that we'll all barf just to think about it . God bless those women & men in the military . Also bless the men, women & children that are being killed . These people are being used as pawns so Dumba can live the life of "Riley". The" fortunate son" will soon be exposed as the "Devil's son" . When truth comes to light look for "chaos" in a form of a plague . This vector is already in place & guaranty you it will be cast when he is exposed . Vice Pres. "Large" Dick , [did you see that picture of that guy what the fuck does this blob got in there a baked ham ? Too bad he can't use it !] has imposed his corrupt evil on the world. But the people will rise up and demand his resignation soon . If you thought Watergate was bad... , wait! This is our burning Rome . We have front row seats to the end of the corporate world . Don't be surprised or afraid of it's swift extinction . Just pray for it ! Sa Again Da Wallycrawler

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ever Wonder Why This Generation Hasn't Beat'n Racism ?
Me Too !

Da Thoughts Of An Asshole [Part deux]

So I was talk'n to one of the girls at work , a young thing , great ass , big titties ! The more she talked the more I was losing it . I couldn't figure out what she was "yammering" about ! Then I started daydreaming . Not about lay'n her [ok a little bit] but about I.Q. I always thought she was smart . Could I be wrong ? She did go to college, I think . When this sexy little kitten speaks are her thoughts gold or do I put more meaning into it ? I always thought she was bright now I'm not too sure & I know this person is absolutely not interesting ! Plus I'm get'n this feeling I really don't like her ! What da fuck is going on ? My wife is going to read this & smack me in the head but I have never had a bad feeling about a young chick ! I loved them all . I think I've had an epiphany "not all smoke'n hot women are good & some are boring"! Has this ever happened to you or does your interest still go up per cup size ? Just a think'n . Sa Next Time Wallycrawler

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

2000 Brave Men And Women Died To Keep This Soulless Lackey In The Oil Business !

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Love... Lost... Life & Vacation .

Waz up ? Guess what's up with me ? I'm go'n on vacation ! YA BABY !!! Guess what else ? I'm go'n to Mexico , to Cancun , the Mayan Riviera . NICE HUH ! Guess wa else ? It's getting hit by hurricane Wilma . FUCK!!!!!!!!! "Hey Fred rein in that bitch will ya" ! I love the Caribbean ! I know everybody does . "Shut up will ya" ! As I was saying I love this spot . In the old dayz I'd go down to the Florida Keys & stay for 3 to 4 weeks in January . Every year I'd go to Marathon Key with my lady of choice sit on a beach & drink til dawn . It's so relaxing in the south . The people are great & so easy going . Unlike what goes on up here . People here are all fucked up . To busy ! To uncaring ! To blind ! They don't know what life's about . Did you ever look around you and go "WOW" ! Life is a blessing & a miracle not a thing to take for granted . Now when did I figure that one out you may ask, cause a lot people don't know that ! They say they do but they don't . At a tender age of 18 I lost my best friend in a car accident . I loved him very much ! I'm crying just thinking about it . But I didn't realize it yet . Later I lost my Grandfather & good friend . But I didn't realize yet , somewhat , but not yet . Later still I lost my brother & great friend . Now it was dawning on me . Am I Thick ??? Then my daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes . Then I knew ! Things like that happen and your eyes open wide . You see life differently . People who complain that their vacation isn't what it's suppose to be just don't GET IT ! I do get it ! Life is short celebrate it & don't sweat the small stuff . Not to say a hurricane is small , God Bless these people , but it's a vacation . Hopefully everything will work out , if not I'll deal with it ! But most of all I'll pray that nobody loses their homes , their livelihood , or most importantly the lives of their loved ones . Sa Later Wallycrawler .

Monday, October 17, 2005


Friday, October 14, 2005

The Art Of The Scam.

Ever played three card Monty or watch it being played ?... Remember when you were a kid and a Hot Wheels commercial came on and you had to have that looping track . Remember way back and a McDonald's spot came on and it showed the Big Mac . I remember ! Remember the fun you had putting that Hot Wheels track together ? No ? Didn't work right eh . Hmm . Well how about that first taste of that Mac .MMM right ? No ? hmmm. "Damm it"! "What goes" ? That loop was shit and the cars went to fast and flew off the track ! "Maybe they slowed down the film in the commercial" . "Hmm ya maybe" . That Big Mac wasn't that BIG and it looked different too and it tasted like shit ! Nothing is what it seems and we're getting used to it . We're programmed to buy anything ! We have been this way since childhood . I work for a large multi-national company . This company started out with good intentions , I suppose . Now it's a different story... You know the commercial . Dad comes in he's never swung a hammer in his life and now he wants to build a tree house in that old maple tree out back . His son's brag'n him up "my Dad's the best Dad in the world Blahh blaah ..." You get the picture . Now Dad's a useless prick and the 'associate' at this store is gonna help . He gets everything for him and shows him "HOW TO DO IT" . "hint"! In the end Da-Da has built this castle in the sky ... The end happily ever after right ? No ? That doesn't happen ? What does happen then ? In real life your jammed into a box [store] and nobody has time or patience to hold your hand ! Ohh !... In real life building is a art . A learned art but still an art you can't be taught in a day . If your smart maybe years . That's the truth did I burst your bubble ? No ? Good read on ... I was told by a H. R. it doesn't matter what you sell as long as you sell it . "We sell widgets it doesn't matter ". She also said "I know nothing about the product and don't care to know ". "My job is to make sure you sell it "! Great piece of motivation huh ? Now the real topic , YOU ! What if I told you that Toyota & Honda aren't what they seem to be . Now don't get defensive yet . Guys and their cars . These car company's where in big trouble in the 80's . Toyota was next to bankrupt . Then along comes G.M. "Hey need some money "?" "Ok for the rights to build your cars in North America & South East Asia we'll give you some"[money] . Ford did the same for Mazda & Nissan [ they went tits up twice ] . Chrysler already had there hands into Misitubushi . "Now where to build these hunks of junk" G.M. was thinking . Idea ! "Cambridge we have a line of cars that aren't working out ". "Them Geo cars". "Lets make them there ". "Hmm"... "YES"... "If we change the plants to Toyotas we don't have to deal with the U.A.W. and better still the C.AW". I can hear it now a H.R. going to the plant manager . "It doesn't matter what we make as long as we sell it "! "Now make sure that the new 'associates' get a lower starting salary, start them @ $17.00 per hour , less is more you know" ! "Put the fear of God in them". "Say if they vote in a union we'll close the plant down"! "Now get out of my office you figure head piece of shit "! Well it probably didn't go that way but the net outcome is the same . Lower salaries for the working man larger profits for the Fat Cats . Now it has come to this . G.M.'s shrinking market share . Toyotas coming to the top . Hmm... What's wrong with this picture ? 3000 union jobs lost ! People believing they're driving a better car ! Also the fact G.M.'s building the largest plant in the world in ... China !!! What are they really doing ? Could it be that these car companies are union busting ! Hey that's illegal !!! If you drive a Corolla or a Mazda 3 what are you really driving ? Corolla has the old Saturn motor , transmission & a Opel sub frame. The Mazda is just a Ford Focus made in Mexico . Are you surprised ? No ? Then why would you buy a car that shrinks the average income ? You dunno do you ! Is it because Matt & Louise next door has one ? Or is it because the media tells you that" it's the car to buy" . "Snap out of it" !!! If we keep up this way of spending , buying things without thought we're done . " Chad & Missy just bought a Bemer but I am going with the Lexus "! Fuck Chad & Missy and FUCK YOU !!! I'm buying a car that's made in the U.S.A. or Canada and that supports a union ! That supports our way of life . That helps us retire younger and helps keep our children healthy . If we don't our future is bleak . We'll spend our way into a third world nation. A nation of have and have-nots . Like a game of three card Monty you can't win if you play. But you can stop it . Tell the guy or gal playing they're getting scamed . They might not believe you but you tried ! Sa Again Wallycrawler.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The King Of All Motivational Speakers.

About 20 years ago I was living the high life . I owned a bar & had hot & cold running broads . Every night it was a different woman & a different high . Coke , dope , & alcohol . Ya life was grand until "It" crashed . When I mean "It" crashed it doesn't mean I had a drug problem it meant I ran out of money & the tax man was down my throat . I lost my baby , my business . I loved that bar ! Man I still dream about "It" today ! That place was great I built it myself from the ground up . Besides in the early 90's the GST tax came in & killed the bar business . I could have hung on but the money just wasn't there anymore . At the time I was dating a young model / stripper / cheerleader . But with the money drying up she took a later . "SA LATER DUDE" ! "Fuck" ! Shit was I in a funk ! Ok , anyway I just couldn't get out of bed I was just too depressed . One night while watching late night TV I saw an ad for the Howard Stern Show . It was coming on in the area [western New York] . I'd seen Stern on the Letterman Show & he always killed ! So I made a point to wake up the next day to listen. But 6 AM ?!? I set the alarm .The next day I dragged my ass out of bed & wasn't disappointed . Howard's show was great ! Right from the start I was a fan of the show . I 'd look forward every day just to get up to listen & laugh . But what was I going to do with the rest of my day ? I'd hadn't seen 10 AM in almost 8 years ! "Hey maybe you could get a job you lazy fuck" ! "Hey I could get a job"!!! What a thought eh ! Me work'n for someone else . I'm the last person you want work'n for ya . Don't get me wrong I'm a great worker but I'm a know it all dick ! My cousin came to the rescue . The guy was great ! He was in the water treatment business & taught me a new trade & I will always be in his debt , but the guy I will never be able to thank is Howard Stern . His show got me up & go'n . It also made me laugh again .
AND DAT DAMM BITCH WHO LEFT ME ? She married an asshole & has 4 kids ! You know what she's OK ! I was an asshole & if I were her I would have left too ! She's still a friend ... Unless she reads this . SA Later Wallycrawler .

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Monday, October 10, 2005

Kill Da Damm Gophers !

I am a regular guy . I love sports male & female alike , but I don't get golf . Man is there a more pompous or arrogant game than golf . I said game because golf is a game not a sport . A sport takes physical ability , mental ability , strength , hand eye coordination , & sense . "Sense" being key . Golf has none but one of these criteria hand eye coordination . So it's classed as a game . I just love listening to these yuppie bastards talking about Tiger Woods "He's such a great athlete"! Give me a break "athlete" Woods ?!? Only in this day & age do we class golfers as athletes . No wonder the kids of today are fat & lazy our athletes are goomers . Have you ever been to a golf course , big fat cats with stogies in their mouths , big guts hanging over their belts , to tight shirts stretched to the limit , fat asses , short legged creeps sauntering down a fairway moaning & groaning at the slightest effort . "Please Jesus let there be a plague & this plague to effect all people who breath gases from Killex & cut grass"! "Please let them drop dead mid-swing" ! I think the world would be better off . I know you think I'm full of shit but I'm not ! I worked in water treatment for years . Golf courses are major polluters . I have seen whole town's water tables drop when a golf course has been built . Some have changed so badly that town folk have to put in all kinds of filter treatments . Softeners , iron filters , reverse osmosis , carbon blocks , high E resin filters ...etc . Hey good for my business , not good for "OUR" future . There was one course that cut off a moraine . That wasn't good , but who cares ? Not dem fat cats ! Nor the politicians ! You know what, no one cared except a couple of scientists on the west coast . They warned us that if that water source is cut off it will effect cities not only a rural community . They built it anyway & guess what else a large subdivision . NICE ! " Now Mr. & Mrs. Pieceoshit when you look out your fabulous terrace you'll see the 18th. green". " "Isn't that Dr. Assman having a heart attack " ! " Dam he only had a 3' putt to make parr "!!! SA Again Wallycrawler .

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Learning The Hard Way .

I live in the north east & I like professional sports . The N.F.L. , The N.B.A. , M.L.B. and of course Women's Beach Volleyball . But what I love is the N.H.L. I love hockey ! In my youth hockey was my life . When I was a kid I was a pretty good player . I had some good opportunities to make it a career . But I blew it ! I had a real attitude problem with a big chip on my shoulders . Why ??? A junior scout told me , in confidence , that I had all the talent in the world and that a lot of scouts said I was at the top of their lists in that department . But nobody was going to take a chance on me because I was a hothead & there was no way to control me . That guy was right ! I wasn't a big kid 5'11" 160 lbs , but I couldn't control my temper . Anyway I watched guys with 1/2 my talent go up and succeed in JR. and onto the N.H.L. Anyhoo... I once read that if you didn't give it your all, you didn't want it badly enough . For awhile there I couldn't watch the game I really hated it ! Looking back I see why I was like that . I was afraid . I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough . I was also afraid if I worked that hard & didn't succeed I'd look foolish . So I self-destructed . I learnt by my mistakes & will never let fear control my life again ! So if your a young guy or gal with a gift don't let the opportunity slip by . Don't let fear of success [ or lack of success ] take control of your soul . Take the bull by the horns and ride ! "Hey if you fall get up & try again"! SA again Wallycrawler .

Thursday, October 06, 2005

What's a H.R.?

Ok I know what a H.R. stands for[ human resources see I told ya ! ] but where the fuck did they come from ? What the fa? 6 years ago I was hired by a manager. A person or persons who were in charge of directing a huge staff . Now the manager is nothing but a figure head . A person who takes shit from a no nothing arse . Since a H.R. came in place our starting salaries have come down , our bonuses are all but gone & our rights have been signed away . I wont tell you where I work , it doesn't matter , this is happening everywhere . If you are working for a large multi you know this for a fact ! My company pulled 2 year , 5 year & 10 year loyalty bonuses . I Know! " Cry me a river"." Your lucky to have a job ", blah,blah,blah... But that's not the point . The point is this is our money and they know we wont fight for it . It's not a big enough amount to risk our jobs . Guess what it's not, but fuck it. I've seen a lawyer . I hate these phoney shits ! These scum! "Please tell me all your problems. Lets see if we can help"! These moles . "Leave that with me and I"ll see what I can do." "BULLSHITERS"!!! They are company parasites that are put in place to keep the strong willed at bay . To keep unions out & to maximize conflict between co-workers ... HEY I GUESS I KNEW WHAT A H.R. WAS ALL ALONG ! SA LATER WALLYCRAWLER .


Dad said I'd never amount ta anything . Dad waz rite !

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Day Another Coffee .

I love coffee . I love the affects , the taste , the aroma . I dunno about you but 2 coffees & I'm a run'n 2 the bathroom . Cleans me right out . NICE! I love that feeling , makes me feel ..."NEW" . Watch'n da news [ BULLSHIT] & Rush Limbugger cums on, CNN, he doesn't like Dumba's choice for the sub-par court . Now could that be because it's a woman or that she leans to left of centre or that she's not qualified ? Really she's not qualified . I know that ! You know that ! And we're idiots ! What goes on ? Rush Limpdick is right ? Not so fast . The drug addict isn't right he's WRONG . He's wrong because he really wants her to be a head judge . She's a shill . She will do Dumba's will . And that will is to be mediocre . Make sure that the drug company's keep making crap . Make sure oil company's have no competition . Now u may be saying how does a Supreme Court judge do that ? A judge does that by making laws that either slow down or kill policies ala , Stem Cell research , and methanol programs [a renewable resource] . Now don't be fooled da right wants her . She's right up there alley ...stupid ...under qualified ... white...boot kids...Christian...skeletons??? Ya there's talk ! "She's perfect she will do our will "! Hey guys if , & when she gets in. "Duck" ! Anyone with any free will ,will be cut down at the knees . Want an abortion cause your wife was raped "Tough , raise the bastard" ! Want to listen to Howard Stern . "FUCK YOU he' s to liberal like" ! "My Daughter has Diabetes & could be cured Mr. President" . "Go get some insulin dat il fix her rite up ! Now get lost "! Get use to the mediocre guys 3 more years of nothingness . Dis is da dark ages of da 21st. century ! Please God let the years go by fast . Hey I have to go poo . Did I say I love coffee ? SA LATER WALLYCRAWLER .

Preident Dumba "Hero Of Da Stupid"!

"Romper stomper, romper boom, tell me, tell me , tell me, DOOM" !

Monday, October 03, 2005

My Life.

I'm a pretty young guy[@ heart] with an open mind about anything. Sex , Drugs & Rock& Roll ! With that line you can imagine my age range and the way I write probably my I.Q. I've always have had problems spelling & writing any real thoughts. When I was in grade 3 my teacher
told my parents that I had a learning disability & could never be taught .The old bitch was a man hater & I was a good looking kid with a lot of athletic ability. She had polio at a young age and her body was ravaged . So a young guy with a lot of physical prowess and a slight reading defect could be good fodder. Anyway my parents took me right out of that school. But the only school around happened to be Catholic . Hmmm what to do, a Protestant boy with a Grandfather in a prominent pro Proestant group , they took me right in . Right away my marks improved my reading ability increased & I met my first mentor. He was a man from South Africa . A man who spent 2 years on a ship in the Atlantic waiting for a country to take him and many others in. To give them a home . Proudly and gratefully my country did . Wow what the fuck am I doing ! This is way to much crap about my childhood . Anyway that's not why I wanted to do this blog . The reason I'm writing this is ..." I'm pissed"... Isn't that why everybody does this stuff . I'm pissed at the war . I'm pissed at the way people don't care about where they shop and what they buy . I'm pissed at President Dumba " The Cross Eyed Clown" and his policies . I'm pissed at the FCC ... You name it I'm pissed at it. I guess I started my my blog at my childhood because during it I learned to buck and since then I've been bucking everything and everybody . Friend or foe . I'm a true asshole ! A guy who at a time would fuck anything . My friends wife or my mother's best friend . In my defense she was hot ! I have warts , we all have , and I've learned by my mistakes . I love satire and I have a pretty good sense of humor , hopeful that comes through in this blog. So far aaaaa no ! But give me a little bit more time I'm "one fucked up dude". Maybe we can have some laughs together? Maybe you could have some at my expense ? IN GOD I TRUST ! Everyone else fuck-off . Well I do trust some people just not the ones in charge !

Another day,another fuck-up!

Boz does I 'z feel stupid.Wa'z was I'z think'n hire'n a woman to's does a man'z work.


Ta Da !