Friday, February 24, 2006

Let Me Tell Ya A Story ...

...About a guy named Xenu a poor Galaxian Overlord barely could keep his hundreds on billions fed !

Then one day he came up with an idea ..."Kill Them All"!

75 million years ago Xenu was an Overlord in charge of 76 planets . He and a group of "Loyal Officers" were the government on these worlds . One of these planets was the one we live on , but back then Earth was called Teegeeack . The problem was all the planets were over populated . Over 178 billion on each planet . The evil Xenu had a plan . Get rid of the overpopulation . He and a group of renegades came up with a plan to kill billions of people . He brought everyone together with an income tax inspections rouse . Then with the help of psychiatrists , injected his flock with a serum of alcohol and glycol , thus paralysing his people . He then rounded up all the paralyzed people and put them into rocket planes . They looked like DC8's without props . He had the "DC8 rocket space planes" fly to Teegeeack , [ Earth remember ! ] . He had all the hundreds of zillions of paralyzed people placed around the volcanoes of Teegeeack . Xenu "da Evil One" then had his followers drop nukes into the volcanoes , then the despicable Overlord exploded the bombs all at once . "KABOOM"!!!

That's not the end of the story . Now we all know when you die there is a soul [ back then a soul was called a thetan] . Xenu was way to smart to have all these souls flying about ! So he made a machine to grab all these thetans . An electronic beam machine , a "flypaper type device" . He trapped all the thetans in some gizmo and forced the souls to watch 3D movies in large cinamas . The movies were about God , Jesus Christ , and of coarse Da Devil [ Boo] . These 3D movies lasted days and brainwashed the poor thetans . Now all these thetans were very confused [ I dunno about you I am too ] and the souls started getting clustered together in same thinking type lots . The thetans became so clustered that the groups of souls became one thinking soul ... Thetan... Type thingy . The thetan clusters started to inhabit the bodies of the remaining few people who survived the nuclear explosions . Guess who the survivors were ? Cavemen that's who ! TADA ...Get'n it yet ? Come'n along now right !? So everybody living today has one of these clustered thetans [ it's called a "Body Thetan" ] living inside us .

Well years latter Xenu was overthrown by the good "Loyal Officers" and he was locked away in a mountain on a secret planet , were he still resides today . Don't be scared he can't get out cause he is guarded by a force-field powered by an eternal battery . DEE END.

Like the story ? What da fuck ya mean it's a stupid story ?

Well I borrowed the story from L. Ron Hubbard and his religion . It's called Scientology ! I also borrowed the story from a web site called Operation Clambake .

People who believe in Scientology don't know this story , at least most don't . They aren't told of this crap until they become OT-III [ that's L . Ron Hubbard speak for highly enlightened]. In the con game it's called the big switcheroo . When you can't get anymore money from "the game" ya have to tell the " mark" , " The Real Truth" ! In the weeks that follow I will expose the "Truths" , the myths and the celebrities that make up one of the largest "Cults" in America . Hope Ya Stay Tuned Da Wallycrawler .


Spider-man's foe in "new" movie is ...Venom !

The Black suit is a dead give-away .

Venom is Spider-man's Greatest Enemy !!!

"I Can't Wait " !!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


OK America listen up ! "Dumba" has a great announcement !

" Myz's fellows Amrican" .
"Wez has invented some of a great inventions " . "Wez has's a great thing it's a new way to use's gas" ! "It what wez calls Hybreed Technologies" ." We can now pay more for less gas's products andz haves inferior atoumobiles" . "Youz can pay more for your veicals and more for yourz maintenance" . "Plus youz have preety much twin bombs under yourz seats" .
"Godz Blessz America" !

You fuck'n dolt that is not the answer and you and your people know it ! Buy a Chevy 85 and shove your "new" technology !

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Post It Protest" !

I've been thinking about a silent protest that could sway box stores like Home Depot and Walmart to buy North American goods . I call it the "Post It Protest" !
People would carry post-it's when shopping . If the consumer finds a product that he or she wishes to buy they read the label , if the product is made in Asia [or a foreign country that uses slaves as a labour force] they post a note on the product . This protest would not hurt the products [other than sitting on the shelf forever] . This could be used in car dealerships also . "FUCK HONDA & TOYOTA" !!!
This protest could be very effective if "Associates" would not take the post-it's down until management tells them to directly . Could you imagine Walmart ? It would be a "Sea Of Yellow" !
I know this would work . The media would eat this up !

Spread the word , hopefully this time next year we could make a difference . THE JOB YOU SAVE WILL BE YOURS !

Friday, February 10, 2006

Evil Prevails When Good Men Fail To Act !

He is the number one arms dealer in the world !
He has an hidden agenda against science and medical advances !
He lives a lie of sobriety and abstinence !
He hides his real sexuality !
He has lied to further his families wealth !
He has killed his own countrymen to further his families wealth !
He has fixed the democratic process !
He lied to his constituency to legislate an act of war against a foreign country !
He has destroyed the middle class in America !
He has sold lands , he did not own , to corporations to rape !
He faked an attack on his own land !
He has made America an enemy of the world !
He has fabricated facts to create fear !
He has driven a wedge in middle America with lies !
He does business with the family of Americas greatest enemy !
He lies about his education and military past !
He has sold out your future to corporations !
He condones slave ownership !
He turns a blind eye to killing innocent women in the middle east ...!

Act Now !!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's The Best Cure For A Hang-Over ?

Two Days After The Super Bowl & I still Have A Hang-over .
Does Anybody Have A Sure Fire Hang-Over Remedy ?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Have A Great Day Guys & Gals !


Pittsburgh By 11...HeHe

For Double J . Sa Later ! Oh your back never mind !


You asked for it Jane. So here it is ! My picture .

That's me in Nausea in the Bahamas . May2004.

"I love da surf" !


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Truth !!!

I Typed The Word ASSHOLE In A Google
Search Guess Who's Picture Came Up 50-1 ?

I'll Tell Ya What Happens When I write PIECE OF SHIT !

OK Not As Much But He's There ! Mostly Honda Cars Though !