Friday, February 10, 2006

Evil Prevails When Good Men Fail To Act !

He is the number one arms dealer in the world !
He has an hidden agenda against science and medical advances !
He lives a lie of sobriety and abstinence !
He hides his real sexuality !
He has lied to further his families wealth !
He has killed his own countrymen to further his families wealth !
He has fixed the democratic process !
He lied to his constituency to legislate an act of war against a foreign country !
He has destroyed the middle class in America !
He has sold lands , he did not own , to corporations to rape !
He faked an attack on his own land !
He has made America an enemy of the world !
He has fabricated facts to create fear !
He has driven a wedge in middle America with lies !
He does business with the family of Americas greatest enemy !
He lies about his education and military past !
He has sold out your future to corporations !
He condones slave ownership !
He turns a blind eye to killing innocent women in the middle east ...!

Act Now !!!

16 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

wallycrawler said...

I got tired , sorry ! I could go on & on of what this "thing" has done to the world .

This "piece'o'shit's" atrocities may go down in history has the greatest mass murderer of all times !

He is a coward and a traitor to his own people !

crallspace said...

Fuck this asshole!

jungle jane said...

who is he?

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I like yours too!

That's yawls president cause I don't claim that asshole.

Have a great weekend!

Dave said...

Roger that wally... just seeing that guy makes me want to punch myself in the neck.

wallycrawler said...

JJ he's da guy who wants to listen to personal calls to find out secrets about you and every other American . He is da scum of da Earth ! He is "Dumba Da Cross Eyed Clown" ! "I fuck'n hate clowns"!!!

Hey "Ecstasy" thanx for come'n . I have to work this week-end but the good thing is I never work to hard !

Crall & DJ I know where you guy's heads are at ! Doesn't that scum make your skin crawl ? That smug grin grin of his , I'd like to slap him silly ! If he'd had lived in my neighbourhood as a kid I would have beat his ass daily , da fuck'n weasel !

Die Muräne said...

Just tried to find out which point on your list is the worst... hard to say. What do you guys think?

wallycrawler said...

The worst thing that happened to America under Bush was not 911 . It was the fixing of the 2000 election . It showed there is no democracy left in the world . That the Presidency was for sale and so was America . Since then America lost it's way . Most Americans that I've met seem defeated and dead . They're not the same people they were say 10 years ago when . Americans were the loudest partners the most fun and the most pompous [I mean that in a good way] . Now when I'm on vacation in America they seem down ...I dunno not the same . There is such a separation between Americans and the separation between rich & poor is greater now . I guess what I'm saying is Bush has killed the "American Spirit" !

Die Muräne said...

you might be right, wallycrawler. Sad.

workin' for da man too said...

I agree with your last comment about Americans being 'down'. So much has happened to them since 9/11. Two disputed elections, infringement of civil rights in the name of national security, two wars and their associated deaths, and most recently the fiasco after Katrina. They also feel the world hates them. All of that in the last five years. That's a lot of stress for a people to go through. I'm off to Philadelphia this weekend, so we'll see what the pulse of the people is.

workin for da man too said...

I just came across this quote. I think it defines well Western life today, as well as many civilizations in the past and I'm sure into the future. We need to marry our physical/material worlds with our souls. As a species, we have a long way to go.

"The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles."
... Mahatma Gandhi

wallycrawler said...

Man : That quote was the perfect quote . I will use it in the future! I was struggling with the words to express what I think is going on in the middle class in Canada & America , here it is .

none - ya said...

There ain't shit we can do. We just have to be glad that he's in his last term.

I'm a pretty conservative leaning person, but being a woman it's pretty hard to lean too far to the right. I vote on issues. He's given his party a really bad name (well him and the psycho Christians that have aligned themselves w/the Republicans). Bush is just an asshole. Plain and simple.

jungle jane said...

Wally! surely its time to put a pic up of a different evil person?!

wallycrawler said...

Mack I agree with a lot of conservative ideas and ideals but , like you , I think the christian coalition is run'n wild. These assholes think we are in the "End Of Times" ! And These "Delusional Retards" Are In Charge !!!

JJ I have a "NEW" evil guy , Stephen Harper . Our new Prime Minister . This guy is crazed ! His eyes are really fucked up . One look into those wild fuckers and you see Charles Manson !

Anonymous said...

Let God handle his judgement...