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The Real Reason The Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Came To Light.

Could It be because his involvement with Dr. Anthony Galea? Galea is a doctor who has treated several high profile athletes and he's also is being investigated by Canadian and US authorities for allegedly providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs. Other athletes with ties to Dr. Anthony Galea include gold medalist sprinter Donovan Bailey, figure skater Patrick Chan, U.S. swimmer Dana Torres and NFL players Chris Simms and Javon Walker.

Dr. Anthony Galea has worked with athletes to help them recover from injuries. Woods was referred to Dr. Anthony Galea after his 2008 knee surgery. Galea was arrested by Canadian authorities on October 15. Anthony Galea was found with human growth hormone and Actovegin while crossing the US-Canada border back in September.

So what is Actovegin? Here is info on Actovegin and its use.

Human growth hormone is legal in Canada and Dr. Galea insists that he has never given HGH to athletes. He does admit, however, to using human growth hormones on himself. The Canadian doctor who performed a controversial medical procedure on Tiger Woods is under criminal investigation for drug violations on both sides of the border, bringing scrutiny to his colleagues, including one who worked closely with BALCO athletes and Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez.

Galea and Mark Lindsay, a Canadian chiropractor who treated Woods and managed Rodriguez's rehabilitation this summer from hip surgery, are principals at a Toronto clinic called Affinity Health. Lindsay also treated ex-Yankee pitcher Chien-Ming Wang, who was recovering from a hip injury, this year. Lindsay's clients have included former NFL star Bill Romanowski, and sprinters Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones, who all testified in front of the grand jury that investigated the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative's dealings with steroids.

Multiple Sources

So? How would Tiger and his handlers keep an explosive thing like steroid use under wraps? Well the only thing that could keep a story like this away from the American people. A Good Sex Scandal! This over the top Sex Scandal is noth'n more than a smoke screen for the actual truth about Tiger. Tiger Woods is a user of illegal performance enhancing drugs! Such as "HGH" and "The Clear".

Remember you read it here first.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crazy Celebritards That Take On Sceince.

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers

The perky blonde from Three's Company is now a bestselling author. Her 2007 book Ageless promotes "bioidentical" hormone replacement therapy as a fountain of youth for menopausal women. She told Oprah that she shoots a form of estrogen into her vagina every day. In fact, a big federal study has shown that hormone replacement therapy can boost the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. (Proponents argue that the problem was the specific form of hormones that the feds used.) Her 2009 book, called Knockout, recounts her own battle with cancer using alternative remedies instead of chemotherapy and radiation, earning her more repudiation by mainstream doctors. Critics like the American Cancer Society say her views amount to quackery.

Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey

Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey

McCarthy, the former game show host and nude model, has an autistic son and is convinced that autism is caused by vaccines. She and romantic partner Carrey urge parents to skip child vaccinations, even though numerous scientific studies show no linkage between autism and shots. In 2008 the Centers for Disease Control reported that measles outbreaks are spiking, fueled by parents' decisions to leave their children unvaccinated.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has long been interested in health--helping to launch the television careers of psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw and surgeon Mehmet Oz. But too often her show is a forum for wacky science. Suzanne Somers and Jenny McCarthy have been on as guests to promote their outrageous claims. Winfrey called Somers a pioneer. In May Newsweek ran a cover story titled "Why Health Advice on Oprah Could Make You Sick." Besides dubious cures for menopause, cancer and autism, Winfrey has promoted the idea that thyroid disease is the result of stress and

hocked suspect weight-loss treatments and painless plastic surgery, according to Newsweek

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd

The comedian and Blues Brothers star believes earth is regularly visited by UFOs. He also believes in ghosts (which may have improved his performance in Ghostbusters). It's unclear if these two beliefs are connected, but he makes his case for aliens in a documentary film called Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs. In it, he says, ominously: "We are dealing with beings who have anywhere from a thousand to a million to 10 million to a billion years advancement in technology on us." He doesn't appear to be kidding.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

The Huffington Post allows all sorts of counter-scientific theories to find a large audience. A damning article on by pediatrician Rahul Parikh listed the various quackeries. Jim Carrey and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have blogged there about the "dangers" of vaccinating children, and the site includes general endorsements of homeopathy and other New Age remedies as a matter of course. Detoxification and cleansing, including colonics, are a major theme of health coverage. Parikh concludes: "Huffington has distorted science and facts ... fairness and accuracy in health and medicine take a back seat to sensationalism and self-promotion."

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi's not so sure mankind ever visited the moon, as she mentioned last summer on her show The View. Her scientific evidence: The movie, the 1978 thriller Capricorn One about a Mars landing hoax.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Cruise has used his celebrity to attack the medical field of psychiatry, most infamously during a bizarre segment of the Today Show five years ago. During an interview with host Matt Lauer, Cruise criticized the actress Brooke Shields for having taken antidepressant drugs to combat postpartum depression. Cruise also excitedly condemned the use of the anti-hyperactivity drug


Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett

Boston Red Sox pitcher and World Series MVP Josh Beckett also pitches magic necklaces from the Japanese company Phiten that supposedly improve health and performance. The company's Web site says its titanium-laced gear "works with your body's energy system, helping to regulate and balance the flow of energy throughout your body" by "stabilizing ions." Beckett is joined in credulity by dozens of sports stars, including New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlin, tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, softball star Jennie Finch and marathoner Paula Radcliffe.

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Stein is the smart and funny actor and finance writer who doesn't believe in evolution, the central organizing principle of modern biology. His movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed attacks evolution and argues that the concept of Intelligent Design should be taught in science classrooms. Intelligent design is not science but religion, a Republican federal judge in Pennsylvania decided in a 2005 case challenging the teaching of intelligent design in science class.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Medicine has obviously done some wonderful things for Pamela Anderson, but she hasn't returned the favor. At least in her role as activist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which opposes using animals to test experimental drugs. PETA's take is that an animal has as much right to life as a person. Never mind if this results in fewer breakthrough cancer drugs. For her part, Anderson doesn't seem to delve into details on the subject. When CNN's Larry King asked her whether she opposes vivisection, she got confused and said "I thought you meant vasectomy."

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron

The actor most famous for his role in television's Growing Pains in the late 1980's now has it out for evolution. His big evidence against the science: That there's no such thing as a "croco-duck," which he says is needed to explain evolution. He and cohort Ray Comfort also argue that existence of the banana, with its convenient tab for opening and biodegradable packaging, is proof positive evolution is bunk.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ya Heard It Here First... "Da Great Global Warm'n Flip Flop". As Told To You Before.

In Friday afternoon presentations, two experts, one from academia, the other from business, forecast possible futures for Earth’s climate. William Calvin, a neurophysiologist at the University of Washington, outlined the potential threat of what he calls the “The Great Climate Flip-Flop,” an abrupt cooling of Earth that could result in widespread crop failure, significant landscape change, and genocidal battles among nations for food resources. “No serious scientist wants to be seen as a prophet of doom, but this is not a prediction, this is history” said Calvin, referring to past climate flip-flops in Earth’s history. Calvin first became interested in the topic through studying climate’s influence on human brain development. The most dangerous result of global warming could be the triggering of a modern ice age, says Calvin. Contrary to popular belief, global temperature change can be fairly quick and drastic. Earth could be due for another plummet in temperature, a change that could be sparked by the effect of global warming on currents that form a “heat engine” for the north Atlantic. Much of the warming effect of northern latitudes, including Europe, is created by a powerful North Atlantic current that flows from the tropics to Greenland. The current endows Europe, a continent that shares the same latitude with Canada, with a temperate enough climate to support a population of 650 million.

Drawing on research by Columbia University geochemist Wallace Broecker, Calvin described the North Atlantic current as a conveyer belt, delivering warm surface water to northern regions. Salt-heavy, the current reaches northern latitudes near Greenland, sinks, and travels south to be recycled in waters as far away as the Pacific. A greenhouse-generated warming effect can cause cooling by dumping large amounts of fresh water into the ocean, and interrupting the conveyer belt flow of water in the North Atlantic. Under greenhouse warming conditions, large amounts of fresh water enter the ocean through increased high-latitude rainfall and melting ice. Shifts in the ice flow can also cause blockages in fjords and other waterways, resulting in the buildup and then sudden release of millions of gallons of freshwater into the Atlantic. “We cannot avoid trouble by simply cutting down on our current contribution to the greenhouse warming trend. We need to identify the important feedback effects that control climate and ocean currents,” warned Calvin. Possible global cooling prevention strategies include opening channels through fjord ice dams, seeding clouds to deliver rain away from North Atlantic areas of sinking water, regulating the Mediterranean Sea’s salty outflow, and digging a wide sea-level Panama Canal.

Why has discussion of the Climate Flip-flop scenario not received greater attention in the media? Calvin was asked. He observed wryly that “Hollywood catastrophe movies co-opt the marketplace for discussion of possible futures.”

A top advisor to President Clinton on energy policy and global warming, Thomas R. Casten, president and CEO of New York-based Trigen Energy Corporation, outlined his outlook on defeating the greenhouse gas problem through improved energy efficiency. Citing as evidence a correlation between increases in world population and increases in CO2 gas and water vapor, Casten declared that “there is a greenhouse gas problem. I think humankind is rolling some very big dice, and the question is what do we do?” Casten is a member of the CSICOP Board of Directors and Executive Council. The U.S. contribution to CO2 gas emission equals 25 percent of the world total, and Casten noted that U.S. waste in power generation exceeds Japan’s total fuel use. “There is market failure across the world. Power generation is drastically inefficient. The best environmental strategy ever devised is efficiency: Don't burn the fuel.” Current U.S. energy efficiency is at 33 percent, with the country reaching peak energy efficiency in 1959. In comparison, Denmark operates at 50 percent efficiency. “It is an appalling record when you look at advances in computing, jet planes, and other technologies.” Casten pointed to government protection of utility monopolies as causing disincentives to improved energy use and production. “We've protected our companies from competitiveness, and you get what you reward. If you don't reward the energy industry, you won't get efficiency.” Casten said that new energy regulations should emphasize input versus performance standards in efficiency and pollution. Government efforts also have to target phasing-out and cleaning up decades-old power plants. Many of the older plants have grandfathered-in emissions compliance, allowing them to be more than 100 times more polluting than new facilities. To reduce costs, Casten recommended that barriers to competition be eliminated. But since increasing competition will not induce companies to seek optimal environmental solutions, regulations need to guide power companies with efficiency standards. Finally, Casten suggested that megawatt hours of electricity have to be less and less dependent on fossil fuels. Trigen Energy uses trigeneration of electricity, steam, and cooled water to build power plants that are 91 percent efficient, Casten said. The company, serving more than 1,500 customers at 22 locations in North America, provides heating, cooling, and electricity with one half the fossil fuel and one half the pollution of conventional generation.

"In Canada's wheat belt, a particularly chilly and rainy spring has delayed planting and may well bring a disappointingly small harvest. Rainy Britain, on the other hand, has suffered from uncharacteristic dry spells the past few springs. A series of unusually cold winters has gripped the American Far West, while New England and northern Europe have recently experienced the mildest winters within anyone's recollection.

As they review the bizarre and unpredictable weather pattern of the past several years, a growing number of scientists are beginning to suspect that many seemingly contradictory meteorological fluctuations are actually part of a global climatic upheaval."

Sound Familar? That's a quote from June 24 1974 Time Magazine. Titled "The New Ice Age".

I told ya before they would have'ta explain what has happened in da last three years, "global cooling", with more crap. On Gawd! It's funny as shit watch'n and listen'n to these "Chicken Littles" make sweeping predictions much like "soothsayers". My favorite line is: "No serious scientist wants to be seen as a prophet of doom..." Then goes on to predict doom. Or actually stating we can't use any form of fossil fuels? Yup what we need is "Clean Nuclear Energy"! ??? Oh ya! We also need more sweeping taxes!???? Yup more tax = No climate change.

Of course that is common logic. Of course!

Hang on to your pocket books my lemmings. Here comes "Carbon Tax" to save us.

This is da biggest scam since religion. In fact this is da "New Religion"!

Still don't believe me that "Climate Change" is media hokum and a Junk Science? Here's a great read on da subject. "Why Meteorologists Don't Believe In Climate Change".

Sa Later


pssst. da media always uses polar bears when talk'n about this topic. ever notice that? that's why my cute lil'friend at the top.


Blaming Victims.

Here's Another Reason Why Christians Should Cringe!

Pat Roberson.

This guy makes me sick.

..."True Story"!

Sa Later Wally

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1-4-3 Artie Lange

143 Artie. Get Well Brother.


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Z-Day Is Coming.

Two hours into Z-Day, the educational forum associated with the online movie “Zeitgeist,” Peter Joseph, the film’s director and the evening’s M.C., stepped out from behind his lectern and walked forward earnestly on the stage.

Peter Joseph, the director of two online “Zeitgeist” movies, was applauded after criticizing the global system of monetary finance. Before the forum started, Jacque Fresco, 93, the futurist, talked with young admirers in the audience about his Venus Project. In his goatee and mustache and tieless in a brown suit, Mr. Joseph had been lecturing for nearly 90 minutes on the unsustainable nature of the money-based economy — on cyclical consumption, planned obsolescence, corporate malfeasance and piles of poisonous waste. “It’s time that we wake up,” he intoned, speaking solemnly through a wireless clip-on mike. “The doomsday scenario, the big contraction, might be happening right now. The system of monetary exchange is — in the face of advancing technology — completely obsolete.”

This drew wild applause from the sold-out crowd, a patchwork of perhaps 900 people who paid $10 a head on Sunday night to sit in a packed auditorium at the Borough of Manhattan Community College on Chambers Street near the West Side Highway. Z-Day events were taking place from New England to New Zealand, but this was the big one: the marquee happening with the marquee names. There, in the crowd, was Jacque Fresco, an industrial designer and the engineering guru of what people unironically called “the movement.” Mr. Fresco, an elfin 93-year-old, sat beside his partner, Roxanne Meadows, smiling self-effacingly. Mr. Joseph, back on stage, waited patiently as some of the crowd, still cheering, refused to leave their feet.

If the election of Barack Obama was supposed to denote the gradual demise of churlish, corporate governance and usher in a new, sustainable era of visionary change, there was little sign of it at the second annual meeting of the Worldwide Zeitgeist Movement, which, its organizers said, held 450 sister events in 70 countries around the globe.

“The mission of the movement is the application of the scientific method for social change,” Mr. Joseph announced by way of introduction. The evening, which began at 7 with a two-hour critique of monetary economics, became by midnight a utopian presentation of a money-free and computer-driven vision of the future, a wholesale reimagination of civilization, as if Karl Marx and Carl Sagan had hired John Lennon from his “Imagine” days to do no less than redesign the underlying structures of planetary life.

In other words, a not entirely inappropriate response to the zeitgeist itself, which one young man, a philosophy student in a roomy purple blazer, described before the show began as “the world as we know it coming to an end.” As the evening labored on with a Power Point presentation, a panel talk with Mr. Fresco and a spirited question and answer session, some basic themes emerged: modern economics is a fraud; global debt will crush the planet; society itself is dying from the profit motive; and people ought to wise up to the fact that more than legislation — or presidential administrations — needs to change.

Though they were never actually shown — as most in attendance had seen them several times — Mr. Joseph’s two films, “Zeitgeist, the Movie” (released in 2007) and “Zeitgeist: Addendum” (released last fall), were the subtext of the evening: online documentaries that have been watched, he says, by 50 million people around the world. The former may be most famous for alleging that the attacks of Sept. 11 were an “inside job” perpetrated by a power-hungry government on its witless population, a point of view that Mr. Joseph said he has recently “moved away from.” Indeed, the second film, the focus of the event, was all but empty of such conspiratorial notions, directing its rhetoric and high production values toward posing a replacement for the evils of the banking system and a perilous economy of scarcity and debt.

That’s where Mr. Fresco came in, an author, lecturer and former aircraft engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio who has spent the last six decades working on the Venus Project, a futuristic society where (adjust your seatbelts, now) machines would control government and industry and safeguard the planet’s fragile resources by means of an artificially intelligent “earthwide autonomic sensor system” — a super-brain of sorts connected to, yes, all human knowledge. If this sounds vaguely like a disaster scenario out of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Mr. Fresco did not seem worried in the least. Machines are unemotional and unaggressive, unlike human beings, he told the crowd during the question-and-answer phase. “If you took your laptop and smashed it in front of 50 other laptops, trust me, none of them would care.”

The audience — white, black, young, old, baseball caps and business suits alike — received such words like a tonic, and the questions kept coming: What would family life be like in the future? What would happen if the automated system decided that a person had to die? Mr. Fresco and Ms. Meadows are planning the production of a major feature film to bring the Venus Project to a wider, global audience. Before the night began, Mr. Fresco, a small man with a V-neck sweater and a hearing aid, sat signing books and answering questions from a dozen or so college students gathered like acolytes at his feet. As the evening came to a close, someone finally asked: So what would it take to actually put such a program into action? A grassroots movement, Mr. Joseph said.

“We already have a quarter-million members,” he insisted from the stage. “At the rate things are going, this will be at Madison Square Garden next year.”

Published: March 16, 2009

This last year the Movement is grow'n by leaps and bounds. I personally have shared my ideas and da Zeitgeist ideas many times, to many people. I have also seen many, many different reactions from just watching a simple movie. Once you become aware that everything you see on da "tube", in da papers, at your place of worship and from your financial adviser is utter crap, the blinders are off. You see the world in a different light. That spooks some people, and it should, especially if you live in a cocoon of opulence. Those of us that have shed away those illusions and that our society is not a free state, become inward and outward, more free to speculate on what is fact and what is just a media illusion. Let me say most everything, besides local news, air traffic alerts and the odd sporting event are just smoke and mirrors.
The latest foray into bullshit media hype is the "Christmas Bomber". "The Lunatic's Asylum" has probably the best take on this bullshit hype. If for a second you thought that our governments really cared about our safety, wouldn't they even entertain the idea of "profiling" passengers and staff at our airports? Have you ever been to an airport in the last 10 years? Enuff said!
Even though I find "The Lunatic's Asylym" a little over the top in racist, and tongue in cheek humour. He/she does have a huge point. Why aren't we "profiling"?
I think maybe it's because there is no threat? Or at lest no massive threat against us as a people or a nation. I'm sure there is a small element out there that wants us to fear doing things we want to do. But no more than our own government's and our own church's. And that's why we have this over the top media blast on the so-called "Christmas Bomber". It's a simple control issue.

So ask yourself. Are you in control of your own thoughts? Or are you controlled by the media, the government's agendas, your finances and the church.? I fear for you it's da latters.

If you think you have control of your own thoughts? Why not watch the "Zeitgeist, the Movie"?
Prove me wrong. Or maybe your afraid to take the blinders off? That's cool too. I understand.
Sa later.


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Maybe 2010 Will Be A Great Year After All? I'm Hope'n & Pray'n Anyway.


A Blacksburg medical company says it is a step closer to finding a potential cure for one form of diabetes, tapping pigs as a source of healthy, insulin-oozing cells that might someday be transplanted into ailing humans. Revivicor Inc. and researchers at the University of Pittsburgh recently reported that by injecting sickened laboratory monkeys with live, pig pancreatic cells, they reversed the monkeys' Type I diabetes.

Tests on diabetic people could begin in two years and, if they are successful, it could usher in one of the first approved human medical treatments derived from living animal cells. With a global epidemic of diabetes taking shape, medical researchers are looking for answers for people who can't make or effectively use insulin to convert food to energy. The disease, which millions of Americans try to manage with medication, is considered incurable. But Revivicor sees a day when regenerative medicine specialists will replace failing human body parts with healthy animal versions grown in virtually unlimited supplies and genetically altered for compatibility. The monkey tests showed it can work in a laboratory, officials said.

"We now have survival and a complete cure of diabetes for one year in a monkey," said David Ayares, Revivicor's CEO.

Revivicor, a 21-employee, private company in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, allowed University of Pittsburgh officials to announce the monkey results because the transplantations occurred there. But the company's role is key and its contribution illustrates the sort of medical innovation coming out of the high-tech business community rooted in Southwest Virginia. Ayares said the results achieved by the Revivicor-UPMC team are the best in the world in that one experimental monkey maintained a normal blood glucose level without injected insulin or special diet for slightly more than one year - versus six months in another company's experiment. The results are reported in the December issue of the American Journal of Transplantation.

By Jeff Sturgeon.

Thanx Fer Da Hope Revicor Inc., Virgina Tech And The University of Pittsburgh.

And Thanx Fer Noth'n PETA!