Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Real Reason The Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Came To Light.

Could It be because his involvement with Dr. Anthony Galea? Galea is a doctor who has treated several high profile athletes and he's also is being investigated by Canadian and US authorities for allegedly providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs. Other athletes with ties to Dr. Anthony Galea include gold medalist sprinter Donovan Bailey, figure skater Patrick Chan, U.S. swimmer Dana Torres and NFL players Chris Simms and Javon Walker.

Dr. Anthony Galea has worked with athletes to help them recover from injuries. Woods was referred to Dr. Anthony Galea after his 2008 knee surgery. Galea was arrested by Canadian authorities on October 15. Anthony Galea was found with human growth hormone and Actovegin while crossing the US-Canada border back in September.

So what is Actovegin? Here is info on Actovegin and its use.

Human growth hormone is legal in Canada and Dr. Galea insists that he has never given HGH to athletes. He does admit, however, to using human growth hormones on himself. The Canadian doctor who performed a controversial medical procedure on Tiger Woods is under criminal investigation for drug violations on both sides of the border, bringing scrutiny to his colleagues, including one who worked closely with BALCO athletes and Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez.

Galea and Mark Lindsay, a Canadian chiropractor who treated Woods and managed Rodriguez's rehabilitation this summer from hip surgery, are principals at a Toronto clinic called Affinity Health. Lindsay also treated ex-Yankee pitcher Chien-Ming Wang, who was recovering from a hip injury, this year. Lindsay's clients have included former NFL star Bill Romanowski, and sprinters Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones, who all testified in front of the grand jury that investigated the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative's dealings with steroids.

Multiple Sources

So? How would Tiger and his handlers keep an explosive thing like steroid use under wraps? Well the only thing that could keep a story like this away from the American people. A Good Sex Scandal! This over the top Sex Scandal is noth'n more than a smoke screen for the actual truth about Tiger. Tiger Woods is a user of illegal performance enhancing drugs! Such as "HGH" and "The Clear".

Remember you read it here first.

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Ice said...

Too bad, cuz Tiger is kinda hawt n stuffs.

Hi Walllllll E!

wallycrawler said...

I read he has a huge club!

Princess that really doesn't matter does it?

...he asked with a hopeful responds...


Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't find him attractive in the least. He's kinda strange looking.

And you know it doesn't matter to me, Wally.

wallycrawler said...

Jaguar you know I love ya fer dat!

...But I'm good. Really I am. Really.

Anonymous said...


I totally believe you :-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sports Viagra??

bpreston said...

It's too bad athletes are getting jammed up for doing what many do as a matter of course today. No one injects HGH anymore. Most use homeopathic hgh oral spray or take pills like genf20 to stimulate their own increase of HGH. Both are somewhat less effective than injections but work quite good enough and both are legal for over the counter purchases.

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