Saturday, March 31, 2007

Out 'an About Again !

Hey Ice if ya see this bike it's me ! There isn't another one like it around . Come up and say "Hey" !

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smart Car = Stupid car

I Took This Picture From Ice's Blog , I've Said This Before , Small Cars Do Not Belong On North American Highways<"EVER"> !!!

*If you venture over to her blog be warned , it is very graphic !!!

Sorry Brenda K. If You Read This .

P.S. Sell Your F'n Car !

Monday, March 26, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell Vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Ask The ?

Guess what the View doesn't suck !
Since Rosie O'Donnell joined the show it's no longer a kiss ass TV show . As a mater of fact it's very cutting edge . Here's a sample of what you can see daily . The 1st. 20 minutes of "The View" is great TV !
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a stone cold retard !

UFO, Never Doubt Again

Here they come ! Right at ya .
Don't believe watch .

NASA STS-115 Space Shuttle UFO #2 19/09/2006

More UFOs watch'n the shuttle .

Top Secret UFO Nasa Tapes

From the mouths Of Astronauts .

NASA STS-115 Space Shuttle UFO #1 19/09/2006

More stuff from NASA .

Shuttle Delayed Due to Now Recurring UFO Presence

More UFO Proof !

Space Shuttle (STS 75) :: UFO Tether Incident

OK guys and gals .
We Are Not Alone !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Fife Symington describes seeing Phoenix Lights

Fife's Little White Lie Explained .

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Wallycrawler Team's Great Discovery !

"The Wallycrawler Team" of archaeologists heard about a cave in Muskoka . This cave was originally found in 1960 by a small team of explorers. Headed by a William Hanna and his partner Joseph Barbara .

This "find" lead to a 1960's revolution...

The Front Of The "Secret Cave" .

Inside The Cave Entrance . Creepy Eh ?

Telling Signs Of Early Man !

We Start To Find Paintings And Hand Prints .

Then The Drawings Become Very Interesting .

Cave Drawings Of Floating Dicks And A Familiar Face .

Then We See The Owner's Family Portrait .
Hmmm...Very Interesting .

This Is Were They Cooked And Slept More

Than 12,000 Years Ago . "I Felt Like I Was Intruding" !

And Then The "Great Discovery" !

It All Made Sense To Us !!!
Hanna , Barbara ? Hanna And Barbara...
This Is Where The Flintstones Were Born .
My God !

We Found Fred And Barney ,
But Not The Fred And Barney
That We All Know And Love .
Something Much More .
We Found , They Found The World's First Gay Couple !
The Question Is Why Did They Fabricate The Wilma And Betty Characters ? They Must Have Thought They Could Never Sell The Idea Of A Gay Caveman And His Live-In Lover To ABC .

So Now You Have It .
The Wallycrawler "Outing" Fred And Barney .

A Funny Thing ...
If We Would Have Found The Rear Exit Of The Cave First .

Finding A Homosexual Caveman Couple Wouldn't Have Been A Shock At All .
It Would Have Made Much More Sense .

Rear Of The Cave .

Close Up The Ancient Cave Picture At The Rear Exit ...

So Shove That Up Your Fuck'n Ass James Cameron .

This Makes About As Muck Sense As Your Fuck'n "Jesus Tomb" Find .

Da Wallycrawler .

P.S. In A Few Daze I'll Expose The 3rd. Biggest Rock Band Ever As Frauds .

Can You Figure Out Who They Are ?

After You Read This You'll Demand They Be Taken Out Of The Rock'nRoll Hall Of Fame .

Thursday, March 08, 2007

News Of Da Weak .

Cheney Not Dead Yet !
Will This Piece'O'Shit Just Croak .
Die Will Ya !

Ol'Capt Shot Dead Outside A Court House !

A 7' 4" 320lb Woman .

I Wanna Hit That !

Thanx Ice !
"Jesus Tomb" Found !
I'm Very Pissed At This "Find" ,
Cause The Wallycrawler Found Out About
This Tomb And Others Years Ago !
I'm About To Revel My Greatest Discovery .
Way Bigger Than The Phony "Jesus Tomb" !
Stay Tuned For The Single Greatest Human Discovery Ever .
I Have Found Proof Of...
Ya Have'ta Wait !
Sa Later Da Wallycrawler .

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Inventor Of Satellite Radio...

And she's (he's) allot more than that !
Martine Rothblatt is a inventor and super genius .
Now that Sirius and XM are merging Martine came over to Sirius to discus
the merger on the "Howard Stern Show" . Martine was at one time Martin , a man . She now lives her life as a woman after having a sex change operation .
Try to be taken seriously as a trans-gender human must be hard . Now try being a entrepreneur , radical new idea inventor and be trans-gender . It was extremely difficult to be heard , let alone be taken seriously . Martine has excelled in the field of satellite radio and now in biotechnology . She came into the medical technology field after her daughter was stricken with a heart condition . Martine founded"United Therapeutics" in the mid 90's . She (he) then invented a procedure to save her daughter's life . Incredible ! Ms. Rothblatt's research company is now the leader in fields such as Nanotechnology , Cancer , Diabetes , Heart conditions ... Martine is a believer in "Transhumanism" and a follower of the "Omega Point" .

To read more about Martine and her company Click on the highlighted objects .

God Bless Martine , Her Family And Their Further Ventures !

Sunday, March 04, 2007

"X" Tina