Monday, March 19, 2007

The Wallycrawler Team's Great Discovery !

"The Wallycrawler Team" of archaeologists heard about a cave in Muskoka . This cave was originally found in 1960 by a small team of explorers. Headed by a William Hanna and his partner Joseph Barbara .

This "find" lead to a 1960's revolution...

The Front Of The "Secret Cave" .

Inside The Cave Entrance . Creepy Eh ?

Telling Signs Of Early Man !

We Start To Find Paintings And Hand Prints .

Then The Drawings Become Very Interesting .

Cave Drawings Of Floating Dicks And A Familiar Face .

Then We See The Owner's Family Portrait .
Hmmm...Very Interesting .

This Is Were They Cooked And Slept More

Than 12,000 Years Ago . "I Felt Like I Was Intruding" !

And Then The "Great Discovery" !

It All Made Sense To Us !!!
Hanna , Barbara ? Hanna And Barbara...
This Is Where The Flintstones Were Born .
My God !

We Found Fred And Barney ,
But Not The Fred And Barney
That We All Know And Love .
Something Much More .
We Found , They Found The World's First Gay Couple !
The Question Is Why Did They Fabricate The Wilma And Betty Characters ? They Must Have Thought They Could Never Sell The Idea Of A Gay Caveman And His Live-In Lover To ABC .

So Now You Have It .
The Wallycrawler "Outing" Fred And Barney .

A Funny Thing ...
If We Would Have Found The Rear Exit Of The Cave First .

Finding A Homosexual Caveman Couple Wouldn't Have Been A Shock At All .
It Would Have Made Much More Sense .

Rear Of The Cave .

Close Up The Ancient Cave Picture At The Rear Exit ...

So Shove That Up Your Fuck'n Ass James Cameron .

This Makes About As Muck Sense As Your Fuck'n "Jesus Tomb" Find .

Da Wallycrawler .

P.S. In A Few Daze I'll Expose The 3rd. Biggest Rock Band Ever As Frauds .

Can You Figure Out Who They Are ?

After You Read This You'll Demand They Be Taken Out Of The Rock'nRoll Hall Of Fame .

38 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, I don't even know what to say.

tkkerouac said...

Very interesting, this kind of stuff is stimulating!

What do you think of rude, anon, commenters?

Gyrobo said...

I heard somewhere that those skeletons locked in embrace were actually strangling each other.

L>T said...

I see a gay caveman movie in the works...they could wear fur thongs. poke each other with their big sticks

Die Muräne said...

Indiana Crawler ;)

Die Muräne said...

Do I detect a big bush of weed in the first picture??
That would have been an even bigger discovery!

wallycrawler said...

CP wha ya do'n ?

I know what to say . Say "congratulations on your phenomenal success" .

Thanx Chickie !

Man I love Your Pins !!!


Minx you make me very stimulated .

And Thank You Too !


Yes Gyrobo that was the thought . Just because your gay doesn't mean your relationship is gonna be "all good" .


I>t are you say'n you have cash to back-up my movie rights ?

And "poke'n with big sticks" ?
It's always sex with you isn't it ?


Die Murane shhhhhhh... how do you think we paid for the project .

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, you must love my pins, you are always bringing them up. What would you like to do with them? I'm fresh outta ideas :-)

wallycrawler said...

Ummm...I can't say , but , I know it will make my jaw sore and my ears red .

L>T said...

Ha ha! you are dirty minded! I meant those hard knobby clubs they carry around all the time. ;]

Chicky Pea said...

Your ears will be fine!

tkkerouac said...

wally, so your saying you like Raymis blog better then mine? and you tell me to grow up, come link your comic book den under my little orphan girl!

tkkerouac said...

Chicky pea
you have to give me another link back into your blog,
Do you think its ok not to be private anymore?

Keshi said...

hehe funny narration Wally mate!


Chicky Pea said...


Private is best for all involved. If I were to change it I wouldn't be able to say everything I wanted and it probably wouldn't be nearly as entertaining, if it is, in fact, entertaining.

wallycrawler said...

I>t "Hard Knobby Clubs" , "Hard Knobby Clubs" !!!
Girl you just love the double entendre don'tcha ?

And you cal me dirty mind'd !

wallycrawler said...

I'd love to link up with ya Minxie . But I'm married , married to my blog .

Sure anytime ya want .

And your daughter is very good at what she does . I'm kind'a jealous ! She's just so free and real . Nice to be , but I'd never do it on the net . By the way so are you .

Oh ya your both hawt !


Keshi always nice to see come around . We're finally get'n some good weather . In a week or 2 the Harley will be on the road again .


Chickie , if my ears aren't red or at lest pink were both not do'n somethin right .

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, I've never been an "ear" girl and trust me, it's right!

wallycrawler said...

Well , I'll have'ta take your word for it , cause we'll never meet and beat , da ears that is !

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, I feel like I know you already.

Ice said...

It's like the 'Batcave'... but with ancient shit in it. :)

Wendy said...


Keshi said...

cool :) Enjoy Wally!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you spray painted your name on the wall before you left.

hannah said...

that was fairly deeply disturbing. it was funny, though.
i'm going to hell, aren't i?

wallycrawler said...

You do Chickie ?

So do you think you know what I like and dislike ?


Ya Ice it was like the "Bat-Cave" . Cause we all know "Batman & Robin" were a gay couple too !

That will be my next discovery . Find'n the "Bat-Cave" and Out'n "Batman" .


Hey Wendy waz up gal ? I love Diet Coke ! You really fill out that shirt nice .

Now would you mind write'n my wife an e-mail and tell her you think I'm "BRILANT" ! I keep tell'n her , but she sez , "Get off that computer you nit-wit and make dinner" !
The address is
Well that's mine , but I'll make sure she gets it . Besides if I gave out hers she'd cut my balls off .


Thanx Keshi , I will .


Kid , naw , but I did piss all over the place and I shat in a corner though .

Oh ya I smoked a bowl of that herb we found out front too!


Hannah you have a old soul so your not go'n anywhere except back here . Sorry . You and I have allot of work to do !

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, I think I have a pretty good idea!

Ice said...

Hey, Mr. Wallyster... where the heck you from?... I noticed your Canada flag up... so umm, where? Not IN the Muskokas yourself, are you?

My sis lives there...

wallycrawler said...

Chickie , so you think you have me all figured out eh ?

I might just surprise you a bit !


Ice I live in the Barrie area .

I lived in Muskoka way back and we're move'n back there soon .

Where you at ?

tkkerouac said...


Toby said...


wallycrawler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ice said...

LOL WALLY!!! I'm in Barrie... by the hospital!!! Too funny... so where?? I know all the places around here, I grew up in snooty Shanty Bay :)

So how old are you, I'm 28.... maybe we know each other!!! OMG, this could get scary... did you hand at the bars downtown?

Ice said...

My sis lives on Lake Muskoka in a beautiful cottage... I had a post a while back that was out her frontdoor in her driveway with like 12 deer hanging out by her car... these suckers have become friends... my sis and her boyfriend now feed them, they're close to being trained... amazing what you get in the Muskoka's.

Ice said...

I'm linking your ass.

Chicky Pea said...

Surprising is my thing.

wallycrawler said...

Ya that's cool Minx . I saw it .


Toby ya man !


Ice ya that's so funny ! Ya know what I think Ive seen ya at the Georgian Mall !!!

OK I'll link ta here too .

As for my area I live I'll not post it here . I'm incognito ya know ?

Anyway email me maybe we'll talk on MSN or sumtin ?

Ice said...

haha@the Georgian Mall... I was thinking more like the Queens or Fitzy's(Fisty's) Patio...drunker than skunks.

I was never a mall rat! lol

I'll email ya for sure.

Very Cool-small world.

Are you within 10 yrs of my age... actually that wouldn't matter, partied with those of all ages. ('cept younger)