Thursday, March 29, 2007

Smart Car = Stupid car

I Took This Picture From Ice's Blog , I've Said This Before , Small Cars Do Not Belong On North American Highways<"EVER"> !!!

*If you venture over to her blog be warned , it is very graphic !!!

Sorry Brenda K. If You Read This .

P.S. Sell Your F'n Car !

15 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

F.J. Delgado said...

DAMN that is gruesome! I was just about to eat something, too.

Smart cards are a joke, give me a Hummer any day of the week.

wallycrawler said...

I've been say'n shit like that forever . Lets switch the fuel over to ethanol . Then we could use as much as we pleased . Fuck OPEC !

Die Muräne said...

There's an old swiss saying:
If you can't drive with a big car, you can't fuck with a big dick. Word!

wallycrawler said...

Die Murane I'm sure you see all kinds of these fuck'n little cars don'tcha ? The horror stories in Europe must be immense . In North America these pieces'o'shit are be'n passed off as safe vehicles . I was drive'n behind a "Smart" car in a light snow . The Fuck'n "Stupid" car was all over the road . Every bump in the road the "Shit" Car was bounce'n back and forth one side of the road to the other and the f'n thing was do'n about 60/kmh . The "Piece'O'Shit" Car was back'n up traffic for miles behind it . If they aren't in accidents they're cause'n em !

Tell these fools "Fuck You" I wanna keep my family safe ! Buy A Flex-Fuel Truck !

Die Muräne said...

Yeah, we have lots of "Smarts" here in town. If a small car, the I would prefer the Mercedes A-class. Don't know if you know them overseas...

Ice said...

LOL... Told ya... glad you have the stomach for it... I do also.

TOTALLY NOT FOR AMERICAN ROADS! Aren't they horrible! I seriously look at them as baby boots when I see them on the road.


Good job on the post. :)

hannah said...

holy shit, that monster just ate the tiny car!

fun fact - society for the blind are trying to ban hybrids. they're so quiet that the visually impaired can't tell that they're coming down the street.

Chicky Pea said...

I'm not even venturing over to the link, I don't need to see nasty stuff.

Can we get back to that woozy thing? :-)

I drive a lovely midsize sedan. Thanks for asking.

~d said...

I may have a bit of trouble SEEing her blog now. Maybe tomorrow.


wallycrawler said...

Die Murane I didn't know what the A-Class looked like so I Googled it . Man that's a small car . I dunno if it could be the answer here . These cars are OK if you live in the city and drive to get the mail . But Canada and the U.S. are big places we drive sometimes hundreds of miles a day , on huge highways . These cars are noth'n but a hindrance at the very least . Plus they use Diesel fuel the most toxic fuel on the planet . I guess they could all be converted to BioDiesel , but we all know that's not gonna happen with the powers that be . We'll see some horrific stories in the next few years . Hopefully our car companies and government well see the light and make ethanol and biodiesel the fuels of the future and we could all drive and fly safely again !

Canada is the leader in gasoline production in the world , with 90% of the production go'n to the U.S.A. That be'n said our Prime Minister is a Albertain and a
"Big Oil" man (he's in their back pocket) just like his blood brother George Bush . So ethanol and biodiesel will never be in the the picture here . It's too bad because our country would be the leader in the 2 fuels easily with-in a year , just buy our landmass and farming production .
It's funny most Americans think their gas is coming from the middle east . It's not . It comes from here and South America . Their Sweet Crude comes from the middle east . They use that oil to make textiles and plastics . If you look at the big picture about 80% of the oil piped out'a the middle east goes to China , to feed former U.S. based companies . America really needs to know this .

Hey Wally's on the soap box again . Than D.M. !!!

wallycrawler said...

Thanx Ice ! your a sweetheart .


Hannah Hybrids are Lie-byrids they us gas , at a huge cost , they have up to 16 batteries . Tell me that's good for the environment and I'll tell'ya your foolish . The whole thing about use'n a fuel that's toxic and call'n it "Environmental" is big now . The biggest marketing scam ever . Wake up people we're using GASOLINE we're using giant BATTERIES . They cost more to drive and are unsafe at any speed .

I was watch'n TV last night and a commercial came on it was about a great "Green" fuel . Ya know what this great fuel was...? Nuclear ...? "NUCLEAR" is the "New" green fuel ! Great and people buy this crap .
Hello anybody???? Ever hear of Chernobyl ??? Ever hear of 200,000 years of toxic waste ??? Fuck !

"We are lost in a sea of mediocrity with fools at the helm and we are follow'nem to the end of the earth all with a song in our hearts" . Ya know who said that ? Me that's who !

I'm suck an asshole !

wallycrawler said...

Chickie ever think of drive'n that sedan up to the North Country give me a buzz , we'll have some fun !


Happy Birthday ~d ! I loved that slide show you have there , really I did . It was kind'a like see'n your life birthday to birthday and ya know what ? You hold up kid ! You look great .

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon you blog by googling the word "Stupid". After reading your stuff and the comments peoples made on it I am not surprised...

Your are a bunch of moron.

wallycrawler said...

Anonymous who Googles "Stupid"?

Buddy I can tell where you received your education. It didn't cost much did it? Yup that was a great investment. You still pay'n off your student loans or is "yur Momma" do'n it fer ya? How's that basement? Who's your favorite "Star Wars" character? I bet it's "Chewy". You wanna be big and strong don'tcah? To bad your a simpleton, eh retard? Well your not "Full Retard", just a social retard, aren'tcha?

Well us "moron" have'ta do stuff, like work, and pay for your social anxiety medz.

Those that can do , do!
Those who can't comment "ANONYMOUSLY"!

Anonymous said...

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