Monday, November 28, 2005

"Retarded Quote Of The Decade"!

2000 American Service Men & Women
1500 foreign Fighters
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Men , Women & Children ALL DEAD !
"Mission Accomplished" !

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

"Excuse Me Senators , This Wont Take Long" .

Sunday, November 20, 2005

True Admiration !

Admiration . Big word what does it mean ? Well Webster's dictionary says it's a cause of astonishment or marvel at ones abilities , wonder , an object of esteem ... Whatever ! To me it's just a feeling , a feeling I get when I meet or see someone I think is GREAT . To me the people I most admire aren't the one's you see on TV or the one's you see at the movies they are the one's in my daily life . Famous people that transposed themselves into my life are Che Guevara , Bret Hart , Jimmy Carter, Bobby Clarke , Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt , Terry Fox , Bobby Kennedy , Howard Stern , Pierre Trudeau and Jennifer Aniston. Some of these people grew up rich , some poor , some middle class , but all of them overcame adversary and never varied from their convections . That is what made them truly admirable . Che is the one word that is synonymous with brevity . He came close to being an America hero . If not for the U.S. media Che Guevara would be taught in history classes as a great Latin American freedom fighter , but classes on how the C.I.A. murdered a North and South American hero will never be taught! Bret Hart is the best there is , the best there was and the best there ever will be . Enuff said ! Jimmy Carter is the most miss read U.S. president ever . The C.I.A. [George H.W. Bush] and the media fucked this guy royally he has done more for the worlds poor than any President , past or present ... Period . Some people will say "wa Bobby Clarke" ? Clarkie has done more with less than anybody I can think of . He is a "Hockey God" a guy that was stricken with diabetes at sixteen just when he came to the forefront of N.H.L. scouts . No one would draft this guy because of his size and his disease . After one year in the N.H.L. he became the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers . This three time M.V.P. and two time Stanley Cup Champion has no equal in the 1980's . His prowess on the ice is legendary and his ferocity is infamous . This is a guy you didn't want to play against ! Today he's still a man you just don't cross ! "Gotta love him" !!! The Roosevelt's do come from the most prominent families on my list . One of America's most influential names in history . Franklin Roosevelt could have given up after he lost use of his legs due to polio or he could have lived the life of a "fat cat" and lived off his families money . He didn't do either . When called he 'stood up' and rebuilt America during the dirty 30's . His common sense approach to take a firm hand on banks taking over farms with the "Tennessee Valley Authority" is American lore . F.D.R.'s " New Deal" was nothing short of genius . He put controls on banks , large corporations and public utilities to regulate the economy. " If F.D.R. was alive today do you think companies would be moving to China" ? Even during a World War F.D.R. foreseen the future and was the major influence of starting the United Nations . This wasn't an average man ! Terry Fox , what hasn't been said about Terry ? He faced his sickness head on and didn't ever give up , Terry is single handedly responsible for BILLIONS of dollars donated to cancer research . Ironical if Terry lived today his cancer would have been cured . All due to his perseverance men, women and children can be cured of certain forms of cancer . A great , great person ! If Bobby Kennedy had lived the 1968 election was his ! The U.S. would have pulled out of Vietnam , no Watergate , socialized medicine would be in place , the C.I.A. would be half it's size and the Western World would be a fair place to live . The day Bobby died so did freedom ! That brings me to Howard Stern...Hmm... The funniest satirist of our time and most likely of all times ! Some people think he's a vulgar loud mouth... and I agree , but so was Bob Hope , George Carlin , Richard Pryor and any other great comedians . They all pressed our buttons made us think [and laugh] by telling off color stories with wit and candor [and if anybody didn't think Bob Hope was racy they didn't hear Bob live ! Nasty!]. Howard gets us up and thinking at six AM , who else could do that ? Nobody , thousands have tried but no one has done it , except Howard Da King ! Howard Stern will go down in history as America's mind , open and honest . His fight with the F.C.C. will come out as truly admirable ! My love of Canada comes from Pierre Elliott Trudeau his vision of a country with a fair and stable economy , health care for all , social assistance for people with less , plus taxing the rich fairly . Trudeau was a hard line Federalist , during the F.L.Q crises he sent in the Army to bring down terrorism in Canada . A brave move to sic the armed forces on your own city , but he was up to it ! Pierre was a social democrat long before it was cool to be one . He was " anti everything establishment" ! When he danced and piroquetted behind the Queen's back for the world media was priceless ! You knew where he was at ! It was a good guess it wasn't with her and her cronies ! In my mind Pierre Trudeau was "North Americas Greatest Man" . EVER ! WOW has Jennifer Aniston ever had a hard life , growing up in New York , daughter of a semi-famous actor . Her hardship was unsurpassed you see at the young age of 13 Jenn became an actor but she really couldn't get any parts as she was...fat . That's not all the "poor fat actress" also had a large nose . How could you go on with these type of disabilities but are fair skinned little girl would never quit as she wanted fame and she would perceive , at any cost . At 18 Jennifer , like all good actresses , became bulimic and the weight just melted off . Later that year our heroine had a rynoplasty , Abracadabra ...phooff . A walking talking "American Sweetheart" . "SO CUTE" ! She was the great T.V. star of da 90's with dat Friend's show and showed she could act in that "Good Girl "movie. I for one was 'Mezmorized' ! What a memorable performance ! In the last year Jennifer has gone though some tough times with her divorce of "Mr. Everything" Brad Pitt , but she has prevailed and found true love with what's-his-name [you know the guy from Swingers] ! I last seen poor Jenn on the Larry King show she was crying about how she has been chased around the country by ...Photographers . How Does she do it ??? Don't give up the good fight beautiful we all live through your eyes ! Be strong , I for one am in your corner ! LOVE DA WALLYCRAWLER .

Friday, November 18, 2005


A Must See Movie

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

King Of Da Stupid

Your Married To The Hottest Piece Of Ass On TV. But You Can't Get It Up Normally . You Have To Watch Her Make It With Other People . OK ! But In A sleazy Bar ? You My Friend Get The Crown Of KiNG oF Da sTUpId !

Da Dawn Of Bizarro World !

Head line ... Does Madonna still have it ? Headline... What celebrity's has the most bizarre baby names ? Headline... 'Ali G' threatened by the Kazakh government ! These are headlines in today's newspapers & Reuters news service . Why are these 'News' stories headlines ? They're funny ya , [Madonna , did she ever 'HAVE IT'?] but headline stories ? I don't think so ! In a world that has so many real problems is this what we call 'NEWS WORTHY '? The real news is , in Zambia , Africa half of the nation suffers with AIDS . In South East Asia slave children make Barbies & Nikes for good little Western boys & girls ["Merry Christmas"!] . In the Middle East boys strap themselves with bombs to send their souls to heaven . If they told the REAL NEWS how could our family's ever choke down their dinner while watching the CBS Evening News . Or could they ? How many of you knew any of the things I reported ? What all of you ? Ok then what if I told you all of these events where man made ? You & I caused all of these catastrophes ! Now how's that meal taste ? In Africa in the 1970's a mining company wanted control of lands owned by a small tribe . The tribesmen didn't want any part of the deal . The solution was , "THE FINAL SOLUTION" . A medical firm injects a tainted vaccine into black women , men and children . Maybe inadvertently , probably not . Hey this was practiced before , months before in New York with great results . But that's another story , if you didn't already know? Needless to say within a few agonizing months the tribesmen where caput . The land was free to mine . That worked pretty good eh ? Clean neat kill ! Nice ! This is where the story gets really sick ! That first strain was passed on to other tribes and other tribes and so on and so on and so on ... It was unstoppable , or at least it looked unstoppable . Maybe nobody choose to stop it ? I believe the later . Did I say first strain ? Oh yah there are different strains out there . Who knows if that was part of the "SOLUTION" but it's effective . What is going on in Africa has happened before , with great success , in North America . When the settlers landed in Plymouth Rock they came barring gifts . The great gift of Flu [influenza] . It killed off more Indians than any frontiersman's gun . It was the deciding bullet . If not for the Flu 'The West' would not have been won ! This missile was not forgotten by the corporate mind . What is going on in Africa is the biggest land grab in the history of the world . Millions of people die every year all so corporations can steal from the most wealthy continent in the world . But alas this is not 'NEWS WORTHY' , but it;s true . In South East Asia , shit let's call a spade a spade , CHINA , the news is all bright and shiny . " What a new , clean beautiful place" ! 'THE NEW CHINA'! What the fuck does China have ? Technology ? No , we gave them that ! Rich land and resources ? No . not so much ! Hmmm... Maybe something else ... A large amount of people ? THAT'S IT , EUREKA ! A huge amount of poor downtrodden people and a corrupt government . I like the medias term for it "A LARGE LABOR FORCE"! A "force" that works virtuously for free ! Hey let's call a spade a spade , SLAVES . We are all slaves but not to this extent . " I hear Barbie & Ken broke up "! "Awww tooo bad"! Know what I heard ? I heard some kid lost his hands making Barbie ." Throw him out back"! "What good is he now" ! Life is cheap in the slave world , but do you know where life is cheaper ? Here that's where , cause we don't fuck'n care ! The WTO represents the largest slave owners ever in the history of the world . Who are the slave owners ? We are moron , we are ! We are because we want high profits so we can buy more shit , and more shit , and more shit ! Gordon Gekko was wrong "greed aint good" ! Man this crap has to stop before someone stops it for us and guess what ? That someone is out there , GROWING . By starting a war in Iraq we have built the world of Islam , a world now with a purpose . Before '9-11' we had the world with us , at our backs , fighting the good fight . Since the start of the "IRAQ II" the Islamic world has grown , grown with hatred and madness . "They know what you do ", and what we do is steal . What our corporations and government has done was steal a vital resource from a very poor people . This act has given them no hope . Their lives all but crap , no future they attack their oppressor and who could blame them . The Islamic rulers have been using this act with great fodder and it's working . We are now the enemy of every Muslim . The Western world is "EVIL" , "THE DEVIL" and we've proved it to them . To save our way of life and our souls we have to outster the "EVIL" . George Bush , Dick Cheney , and Tony Blair must stand trial at the Haag for war crimes . We as a nation must stop doing business with firms that set up shop in slave nations . I have never been an isolationist nor do I think we should become a North American only shop , but we can't do bushiness with "MASTERS" or their "SERVANTS"! That's just BIZARRO! SA DA WALLYCRAWLER .
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Bush & God

The Lord Cometh Onto Me And Sayth Onto Me . Steal Thy Nieghbours Oil , Killth All Who Aret Inoccent , And Grabth Thee Cash . Amen .

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

About Dad [Part One ]

A lot of people always ask about my Dad . How's your Dad ? What's Willy up to ? What's your Dad into now ? Well Dad's almost 80 so not much ! Umm if your not watch'n anyway ! That guy will not stop . From making a bunch of post-hole diggers out of old lawn mowers or a band saw out of a big-rig flat bed and that's in the last 2 years . He's always doing something . My Dad quit school in grade three and ran away from home at thirteen . Since then he has chased a million dreams & made some dreams come true for a lot of people , including me . So where should I start ? How about the time Willy built a go-cart track in a rural area . This track was way cool ! It had bank ovals & it tied into a back road coarse for two types of racing . At the time it was the largest track in North America , second largest in the world . Told ya Dad was a dreamer ! When he dreams he dreams BIG ! We ran the track for two years and it did well . Drivers came from all over the world to race and civilians came to rent the fastest carts anywhere . There was a problem though we didn't own the land , some farmer did and his buddies hated the noise coming from the property . You know what happens next right ? Dad & Mom were sued by the neighbor's & the cops would come by daily to give out fines . We were forced to give up the business . Hey great memories though ! Broke and nothing on the horizon young Will decided the road looked good . " Lets join a Carnival" . "We'll buy a truck put in a soft icecream machine ". "Hmm that's not enough we'll sell hot dogs , hamburgers , & corn on the cob ". So off we go . " DA Traveling Wally's" ! This idea was a great success , maybe to much of a success ! Mom & Dad did have great ideas , "let's sell corn on the cob , but on sticks and let's put different flavors on them ". " That's cheaper than butter and it's different " . BBQ Spice , garlic spice etc... rolled and rubbed on , also back in the early 60's hardly anyone had seen Charbroiled Burgers let alone from a truck . We had line ups everywhere ! This success didn't go by closed eyes , the Carnival manager wanted a piece of the action or at least a bigger piece . "This rube is gonna be a easy touch" ! Now my Dad had a quick temper & if you pushed him he'd take you down . HARD ! He's not a guy to cross ! That manager found out , the hard way . Anyway when the manager got out of the hospital we were asked to leave . Funny thing though some of the other carneys came with us ! I guess they were squeezed by the fat bastard too ! These people are still friends of the family . We all joined up with another troupe and finished the season . By that time Mom had enough of the road and the Carney culture , besides it was time for us to go back to school . Dad has done a number of things in his life & brought his family along for every adventure , but looking back at that time of my life I received a life lesson . I think that manager represents the "Fat Cats" in life [ bankers , lawyers , politicians ] always in your pockets , thieves ! My Dad represents the working class guy, [ the person with the ideas ] the guy who works hard to succeed but gets fucked over ! My Dad was never a successful businessman , but as MAN he is a HUGE SUCCESS ! In one of my next blogs I'll tell ya about the time I dropped him off a 6 storey building . Sa Wallycrawler .

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kid Stuff !

Do you ever push the limit ? When you were young did you do dangerous things ? Are you lucky to be alive ? I am ! And I'm bigger for it !
When I was a kid I did some crazy stunts , they give me the chills just thinking about them . At four years old my family joined a troupe of vagabonds in a traveling carnival . We would go to different State & County fairs all over the east coast . Ontario , Michigan , New York , Ohio , Pennsylvania ...all over .
My first stunt was at a Ohio County fair , [dunno which one ] but they had prize pigs . Big f'n pigs ! I would climb in the pen with dem hogs jump on their backs and ride those fuckers all around . I was a " Pig Rider Extraordinair " ! My daughter loves this story , " my Dad rode pigs "! Doesn't sound to dangerous does it ? I didn't think so either . Until my Dad found out . He bitch slapped me some hard . Seems that hogs don't like being ridden much and they like the taste of little children . Dad told me if I'd had fallen off there was a good chance them pigs would have torn me apart , eaten me bones and all , within minutes . Ewwww. Scared the fuck out of me because I rode those guys for days and nobody knew . I went back the next day just to show I could do it again but the farmers had taken them home . Crazy ! In Ontario Canada we meet up with a true stunt show "The Hell Driver's ". If you were lucky enough to see these guys you know what a great a show they put on . Cars crashing , motorcycles jumping , fiery hoops , real cool stuff ! Now my sister was kind of cute , young , but cute . So the guys would always want to show off and take her for a ride . "Hey girl want to go for a ride around the track "? Me , being the "kid brother" and always being at her side . "No but you can take my brother Wally , he'll go ". I'm sure this is not what he had in mind but he went along with it . " OK Wally you want to go "? " YOU BET " ! Picture a four year old kid in a stunt car , no helmet , hitting a ramp , as the car goes up on two wheels and drives around a dirt track . Fun! Ya great fun til my Dad found out . I think that guy was lucky to get out of that alive ! My Dad was a tough cookie with a brown belt and blistering temper . Luckily sis took a liking to the driver, so Mom and her begged Dad not to kill the "Hell Driver" . At the midway I was the King . "THE KING OF THE MIDWAY". I'd walk down "Broadway" & the "Carneys" would say "HEY KING"! No shit I was king , the gang really watched out for me . I'd even run some of the kiddy rides ! At night if I didn't want to go to bed the guys would hide me on the Ferris wheel , sometimes I'd fall asleep on the floorboards of the wheel as it went round & round . I think that was dangerous ? Maybe ? Ya fuck'n nuts ! Anyhoo.. I never kicked the thrills. I was lucky enough that my Father was a good provider for our family . He had a lot of disposable cash [ to my Dad all cash was disposable ] he would buy us snowmobiles , motorcycles , horses etc.... He also owned a go-cart track . My sister was a fearless racer , she would race the men and beat the shit out of them every time . She would drive a cart "full out" around that track . I loved watching people's reactions when she'd climb out of that cart . Mouths open , jaws drop as a 4ft. tall girl smoked them on a race cart . I would watch her and afterwards I'd drive that cart . Man I wished I was old enough to race ! Dad lost the track so I never got to race , but I know I could have torched those asshole too ! When I was ten years old I was once jumped a minibike over a 3' tall x 5' long lumber pile [ no helmet ] . I made it but I busted the front forks in half . Oooo..the kids in the neighborhood thought I was cool ...or crazy ...or both . My Dad thought it was stupid and slapped me in the head . Needless to say that minibike was no more , he gave it away . At eleven years old my Dad bought my first horse [ I 'd had a few ponies before ] a former thoroughbred race horse . That mare could run ! Fast man ! Real fast ! Although she was a former circuit horse she was very kind , she had the disposition of a good mother & I know she loved me . How do I know this ? The simple fact that I didn't have the strength to hold her . If she wanted to she could have dump me anytime . She was a real sweet ride . If you have never been on a thoroughbred going full out , it's a unbelievable ride ! It's wild ! There's nothing out there that's as much of a "RUSH" ! I've chased that feeling many times from bungie jumping to driving a motorcycle at 150mph. Believe me there's nothing out there ! The sound of the horse snorting , the wind in your ears . The feeling of the horse smoothing out , like your floating , up & down , up & down. Hands clinched , bent forward , it's head close to yours . You become insync with the animal , focused . The adrenaline pumps like crazy ! After a hard ride your eyes are like saucers . "AMAZING" ! Again no helmet , ever . I have even fallen off a roof , 10 ft. up , head first, right on my bike's spokes , [ they cushioned the blow ] and spent a week in the hospital with a concussion . Should have worn a helmet ! The reason I was on the roof ? I was setting off fireworks in a old mill . Now that's super crazy !!! Ever seen a dust explosion... woooosh ! I'm lucky that didn't go up in flames . I'm not a thrill seeker and I wont pretend to be one , but I try to live my life to the fullest . I've been blessed . Blessed to live a full life & not been seriously hurt ! I shutter sometimes at my actions . Why did I do those things , why do I want to do more of them & why I didn't go to jail ?! Some guys are always chasing a "RUSH" . "A way to feel alive ". Hopefully my next adventure will be just as memorable . Some people don't even remember their early childhood , mine is as vivid as yesterday and I'm just touching what I've done . I wouldn't change any of those experiences [ except the concussion ] . Remember Play Safe ! Your Helmet Wear'n Wallycrawler

Friday, November 04, 2005

Don't Be In The Top Ten .

The world is our oyster ... Ever heard that term ? I have and I always thought it was true . Guess what ? It's not ! The world is not ours . It belongs to no one . We are entitled to nothing . We are just along for the ride . "Bless that ride "! We are the fortunate sons and daughters of immigrant's that created a society on stolen property .That's it , no more , no less . We're the descendant's of thieves ! Some of us are good , some of us are warped . Which brings me to the true scum amongst us . "The most vile , disgusting , piece of shit that ever crept out of the primordial ooze"! " The Yuppie" ! I hate these mother-fuckers more than the devil himself ! Why ? "Entitlement" ! They think they are entitled to do anything they want ! From destroying the environment to treating people with less , as shit under their shoes . "Now Wally how do I know if I'm a "Yuppie" ? "Here's the Top Ten asshole"! : 10) If you drive a motorcycle that looks like a "Harley" , but it's not . [You've seen these fools , all leathered up , half cap helmet , black sunglasses & then jumping on a "Yamaharley". "Dems is badass dudes"! "YA RIGHT funny goofs" !] 9) If you own a Jap car . 8) If you have an afflicted voice " Iiii havve theee moooost goorgess puooool....Blah, blah, blah". " "Jeeeramy and I aaare gowing toooo theee mooost beeeuuutiiiful island ...BLAH". 7) If you play golf . [enuff said] . 6) If you have a wife that's more than 20 years your junior [ Lucky Though ! ] . 5) If your daughter's name is Missy & your son's name is Chad or any other white bread name . 4) If you went to an Ivy league school or if you didn't go to Ivy league school , but you say you did . [also a lair!] 3) If you lease a BMW , Audi , or Benz . 2) If you voted for George W. Bush [ OK the first time you were fooled shame on you , but the second time ? ...your an idiot !]. 1) If you have credit cards all to the max , you have things all around you , your kids don't respect you , and you feel sooo... empty... Your a pathetic Y-U-P-P-I-E bastard , and I hate you ! You should die ! Not nice ? TOO BAD ! If I see one more woman or man with their kids yapping about what they have I will barf right in their "Baertini" stroller . "Promise" ! We all are lucky to live in this society , a society of hard working white , black , yellow & red immigrant's . To have this group annihilated by shit-heads seems crazy . The upperclass snobs will be our ruin , having the these assholes try to pass as the rich is retarded ! We are middle class people , sometimes upper , sometimes lower and should be proud of that . We should give back to our society and reach out beyond . To build a strong middle class in other areas of the world . South East Asia & Africa are slave nations . To who ? US THAT'S WHO ! We have to find our way back . We have to give instead of take . Food , water , medicine , education... Show them how to build , live , fend for themselves and with that take pride in themselves . We're killing these people off , taking their land & using their children as slaves to make , tennis shoes . SICK ! In ten years we will not recognize our planet . Our globalized consumption will kill off all trade unions , all Medicare and with it , all of our Freedom . Fight the good fight ! Join freedom fighters like Adbusters , the ACLU , Amnesty International or bring an union into your work place . Hey I'm just a rant'n vugarion but I think most of you agree . Don't you ? Freedom To All Wallycrawler .

The Future Of Rock

"Ok Guys . Disco Suits ... Check ! Grovey Haircuts ... Check ! Nads showing , Check"!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Day That Comedy Died !

I'm at home , sick . God I hate being sick I'm the biggest baby when I'm ill . I will just curl up in a ball in front of the fireplace and watch TV . My wife will paint a room , cut the grass , do the laundry , wash the floors & make dinner , all with a temperature of 101 . How do women do that ? Men are such babies ! And I'm the biggest !!! Anyway today I decided to watch a old video , something I haven't seen for a while . I searched around awhile and pulled out a piece of gold . "The king of stand up comedy", SAM . OH OH OHHH !!! If you don't know who Sam is stop reading now ... OK most everybody is still here right ? Sam Kinison was the funniest man ever with a microphone . They're other's Richard Pryor , George Carlin , Bill Cosby and of course George W. Bush "he kills me ", "literally" . None of them could hold a candle [what does that mean anyway] to Sam. The first time I saw Sam it was on the Rodney Dangerfield's HBO special . Rodney had seen Sam on the circuit and had really discovered him . One of many he had discovered including Roseanne Barr & Jim Carey . But Sam was his favorite . Mine too . Kinison said things and did things on and off stage that are truly memorable . Like when his wife & him were involved in a fight the night before he was going on the road . She pretended to make up with him the next morning , [I'm sorry baby , I love you baby ] packed his bag & proceeded to hide a loaded 38 in his carry on bag . Nice ? Ahh , when Sam got out of jail his wife had cleaned out the house and left him penniless . Priceless ! "When I herd him tell that story for the first time I nearly pissed myself "! It goes to show you never let anyone touch your bags especially the woman your screwing around on ! "The Wild Thing" was Sam's badge , one that was well deserved . Sam started living with a " scream'n hot" model & then got caught boffing her equally "smoke'n" sister . Instead off getting his balls cut off , he talked both of them into moving in with him . WA DA FUCK !!! How do you do that ? Or how about the time Sam was flown out from Los Angles to New York to tape the "Joan Rivers Show" [on her dime!]. He'd had just got out of detox . That morning he stopped by " The Howard Stern Show " . Howard was teasing him " Hey your not very funny since you quit the booze " ! Kinison went to the dressing room grabbed a liter of champagne & downed it . He got drunker & drunker as the show went on [and funnier & funnier] . That day he didn't show up for his date with Rivers . She was pissed ! She had a whole hour devoted to him and he fucked her ! Joan Rivers was not going to stand for that, she had a studio full of people & no guest . So she went to his hotel with a camera crew & banged on his door . " Sam are you in there " ? "Why didn't you show up "? " Are you drunk again" ? Funny , crazy shit ! Sam had that effect on most women , he'd fuck them & then they would fuck him even harder . From his exploits with Jessica Hahn or his stints on "Saturday Night Live" everything was full of danger and risk . When Sam went out for dinner or drinks wait staff would fight to serve him . He was huge tipper if the bill came to a thousand bucks he would tip a thou . Sam never lost sight of his former self [ A revival preacher] he always came back to God . In his last days he started preaching again . Ironically Sam was killed by a drunk driver . His last words were "I 'm not ready", looking up at the sky ,"Alright...alright". Sam Kinison was great and I couldn't give him justice by writing any of his bits so I'll recommend one of his DVD's . "Breaking The Rules" pure gold !!! Also the biography "Brother Sam" by Bill Kinison "really well written & funny"! God Bless you Sam thanx for the laughs . Wallycrawler