Monday, May 24, 2010

Bullfighting Is Bullshit!

Da Game In Bullfighting Is... "If Da Matador Loses Da Fight , He Spares Da Bull". 
Da Bull Lives On To Fight Another Day.
That's A Gringo Myth.
In Fact All Bulls Are Killed.

There Is No Spare Da Bull. Only In Bugs Bunny Cartoons. That's A Total Lie.
Bullfighting Is Like Wrestling. Da Fix Is In. & Da Bull Always Loses Even When He Wins!
There Has Been Matadors That Have Spared A Bull In Da Ring. But In Fact Da Bull Dies Anyway. When "El Toro" Comes Back To Fight Another Fight, Guess What? It's A Different Bull! They All Die That Night.

Da Romanticism Of Bullfighting Is Pure Crap!

So Guess What They Did To This Poor Tormented Animal After Fighting Da Fight Of His Life & Winning'?
They Killed Him In Da Ring With Spears & Swords.

& That My Friend Is Da Truth About Da Bravado Of Da Matador! It's Just Another Fabricated Myth.

Wally OOT!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I'm Go'n Away Fer My B-Day.

Sa When I Get Back From Costa Rica!