Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm very disappointed in my morn'n coffee. That's it! I hate 2010!!!
Naw really it wasn't a bad year as years go. Everyone is fine. That's da most important thing.
I'm look'n forward to this coming year. 
Have A Very Happy 2011.

Make good choices this come'n year.

Now Go Out & Have Some Fun. I'm Gonna.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Susanna Hoffs Matthew Sweet Different Drum

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 06, 2010

WikiLeaks lists Canadian sites vital to U.S.

Over-Rated Underachiever.

As I wrote before about Obama not knowing who his friends are? He should learn where his "power" comes from.
Everyone of these "so called", "sites" are Canadian national resources. "Canadian! National! Resources!".
Obama shoots his mouth off at U.N. about Canada. Lets see how uppity he gets if da U.S. ever has to stand on it's own two feet without our gas, oil, electricity, and communications. Let's see what happens even if we shut down his beloved Blackberry! He's a piece of shit! You don't back us at the U.N.? Fuck you!

Da guys at WikiLeaks are heroes for exposing these wars and for exposing the former and da current administrations.
Americans don't believe da media. Major media outlets are calling for these guys heads. When and if they ever arrest founder Julian Assange Americans should  hold a parade for him and not chastise and incarcerate him. The mans a hero!

Are You Out'a Your Haze Yet?

WikiLeaks has published a secret U.S. State Department list of key infrastructure sites in foreign countries — including dozens in Canada — that Washington considers vital to the national security of the United States.
The list of "critical infrastructure" and "key resources" located outside the U.S. was put together as part of a State Department order to compile an inventory of foreign sites whose loss could "critically impact" the public health or security of the U.S.
According to a February 2009 cable sent to U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, U.S. diplomats were instructed to update an existing list of foreign sites that could seriously harm the U.S. if they were targeted by terrorists or destroyed by other means.
Canadian sites on the 2008 list include such things as the Darlington and Pickering nuclear power plants east of Toronto, a number of international rail crossings and bridges, oil and gas pipelines, the James Bay hydroelectric project in Quebec, the Hibernia Atlantic undersea cable landing in Halifax, several dams, a number of mines, and several factories producing everything from missile parts to plasma to vaccines.
The cable includes hundreds of other strategic sites in all regions of the world. According to the diplomatic note, the order to update the list was aimed at strengthening "national preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery in the event of an attack, natural disaster or other emergency."
WikiLeaks' publication of the list has increased official criticism of the whistleblowing website for providing a virtual "wish list" of potential targets for would-be terrorists.
"This is further evidence that [WikiLeaks has] been generally irresponsible, bordering on criminal," former British foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind was quoted in British media reports. "This is the kind of information terrorists are interested in knowing," he said.
This is just the latest in a series of embarrassing leaks that have caused concern and anger in many world capitals in recent days. WikiLeaks began releasing more than 250,000 classified U.S. State Department cables more than a week ago.
Many of them have included unflattering U.S. diplomats' private assessments of foreign leaders.

A Future Hero. There Will Be Many Books Written Julian. About His Fearless Acts To Expose Corrupt/Inept Governments and Corporations.
When, How and Will They Shut Him Up Is Now da Issue? And da Question?
The CIA is now trying to pin false rape charges against him in Sweden.

Wally Is Oot There. Now.

Well No DUHH...?! Bush Lied.

George W. Bush
"Da Puppet Will Cry"

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has accused George W. Bush of lying in his recently-published memoir, Decision Points. Mr. Bush wrote in the book that on January 31, 2002, during an meeting in the Oval Office, he told Mr. Schroeder that he was determined to make diplomacy with Iraq work, but if those efforts failed, he would invade Iraq. Mr. Bush quotes Mr. Schroeder as responding, "What is true of Afghanistan is true of Iraq. Nations that sponsor terror must face consequences. If you make it fast and decisive, I will be with you." Mr. Bush wrote that Mr. Schroeder was guilty of betraying him on that count, because Germany opposed war in favor of continued inspections for weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Schroeder responded to the passage in Mr. Bush's memoir by saying that Mr. Bush did not tell him the truth. Mr. Schreoder confirms that he told Mr. Bush that he would "stand reliably on the side of the U.S." if it was confirmed that Iraq was sheltering the terrorists who were responsible for the September 11 attacks. "But this link, as it became clear during 2002, was false and contrived," Mr. Schroeder says. "This goes for the reasons [for the invasion] given by Bush and Cheney too ... As we know today, the Bush administration's reasons for the Iraq war were based on lies."

Source: CMD & Source: The Telegraph (U.K.), November 30, 2010

This Just In... Obama Lied & Clinton Lied Too!
You wanna see da biggest lair yet? Watch da "60 Minutes" interview with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Click da link. It's da biggest bunch of bullshit you will ever, ever hear in your life! It'll make you sick.

Wally OOT & Aboot.