Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back & Bored!

And the only way I get'outa a funk is by a good laugh. Or good sex...That's not hap'n lately!

So here's Sam. Enjoy all

Luv Ya Long Time. (hint on da next post)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

John Cleese on Sarah Palin

Had Ta Let Ya See This.
Funny Guy!
Wise Guy!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Take'n A Break...

Remember... The World Owes You Noth'n.

You Owe The World Everything.

Time Ta Pay Up Dude!

Vote Smart.
Buy Smart.
Take Care Of Yerself.
Later Da Wallycrawler

Friday, October 03, 2008

"Ya Hooo! She Didn't Fuck-Up Too Much!"

I Think The "Awww Shucks", Is Kind'a Wear'n Thin With This One!
As Thin As Her Answers.
Dont'cha Just Wanna Be Marred Down In Iraq?
The Iraq War Is A Good Thing To This Social Retard.
"Gotta Kill Them Terrorists, By Gum"!

What I Personally Got Out'a Last Nights Debates Is She'a All For Another 8 Or 10 Years In Iraq.
Just Long Enough To Squeeze Every Drop Of Oil Out'a That Sand Hole!
And Then Sell It To Us At An Abnormally Heavy Inflated Rate.
This Woman Oozes Oil.
She's A Slimy, Scum Bucket Full O'Chum.
Before I Thought She Was A Lame Duck, Stupid Tard.
Now I She Her As She Is.
A Crazy Conservative Christian Right Wing Asshole!
She Really Has Drank The Cool-Aid!
She Believes In What She Sez!
That's Nutty'r Than I Feared.

Also Did You Hear Anything About Joe Biden Today?
And He Was The Guy Who Had Answers To Almost Every Question!/?
Even If You Didn't Like'em. He Had Some!

America Is Fast Asleep.

Shhhh....Hear Her?....Awww Shucks, She's So Cute...She's Snore'n....

Stupid Is As Stupid Does.
America Are You Stupid?

Wally Out!
Just Seen This At Handmaiden's Blog.
Very Scary!
Worth A Watch Fer Sure.
Sarah's Religion: ? <---Watch It Here.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Greatest Prank Call Ever

Capt Janks Is The King Phony Caller That's A Fact...But This Is The Best Payback Phony Call Ever!
Shit I Wish I Did This One!!!

Baba Booey sign on ESPN

To The Rest Of The World.
"Baba Booey Ta Ya All"!


Introducing Capt Janks!

Howard Stern fools Wolf Blitzer CNN on Air

Capt. Janks. A God To Phony Phone Callers!

Howard Stern Prank Call on CNN #3

Capt Janks.
They Are Soooo Stupid!

Howard Stern Prank #2

Captain Janks Again?
Don't They Have A Clue?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Am Doctor Remulak

...I Am Doctor Remulak...I Am Doctor Remulak...
I Am Doctor Remulak...

Classic Stern!

...I am Doctor Remulak... I am Doctor Remulak... I Am Doctor Remulak...