Monday, May 28, 2007

My "New" Favorite Gal .

Elizabeth Mitchell From "Lost" .
I'd Love'ta Be Lost With Her !

Here She Is With Angelina Jolie In "Gia" .
Nice !

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Working Class Hero - John Lennon

This is for all the boys and gals overseas .
Come home safe .

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bullitt (the chase)

Steve McQueen was my favorite actor when I was a kid . Here is the original "Chase Scene" from the movie "Bullitt" . This scene started it all . It also sold allot of "67 Centennial" Mustangs with the 429's .

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5/23/07Cat Fight on the View, Rosie vs Elizabeth

Gotta give Liz some credit she held her own . She has no argument , but she's ballsy !
All the credit of this years success should and will go to Rosie O'Donnell . It's safe to say , without Rosie this show will die off , fast .
And who said the View" is just for women this is great T.V.!

May 2-4 Weekend @ Hooters On Kempenfelt Bay .

I Love Sit'n On The Hooter's Patio

And Watch The Bikes And Poon .

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Like Last Year...

It's rare that I come out of character . I have maybe twice in 2 years .
Last year I did to ask you , to help us , find a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes .

This year is no different .

My daughter Stephanie has Juvenile Diabetes .Steph is a one of the lucky ones . She NOW has a pump to help monitor and deliver insulin to her body .
Most people with Type 1 Diabetes don't have pumps . Her blood sugars are coming in-line much easier now . She's always been very good at monitoring her diet , but now she is almost like a normal kid .The other night we went out to dinner and for the 1st. time we could eat as a family , at our own discretion . Before we had to eat at regimented time . Now Steph can eat almost anything off the menu . The freedom she is having of eating at anytime is making her feel great . That being said this is anything but a cure .
I posted some great news the last year about Stem Cell Research and The Research being done at the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto . I know we are very close to finding a cure , and with your help (this is where I'm gonna ask for some cash) the cure(s) will be found .

Yesterday we raised over $500.00 at our 3rd. annual Diabetes Garage sale .
Here's a shot of Steph after .
Thanx to everyone who helped and who donated items to be sold .
What wasn't sold was given to charity .

If ya want to donate to Steph's

team click on here-> J.D.R.F.

At this time I want to thank all who donated to the J.D.R.F. walk .

To all my friends and family who helped on the drive , thank you .

We exceeded our goals again this year !!!

Steph and my family really appreciates it .

Hopefully the cure is near .

All who have this disease do have a healthy future now that research is getting better .

God Bless You All .

Da Wallycrawler .

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Flaming Lips' Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - Video Remix

Great video !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When Did This Happen ?

When Did Ty Pennington Turn Into George Bush ?

It Seems Drunks Have That Same Look In Their Eyes .
If This Doesn't Scare Ya Straight Noth'n Will !

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Un-Funny TRUTH about Scientology

Here are some unfunny truths about "Da Cult" .

I Wanted To Do A Post On Courtney Love . Words Wouldn't Do It Justice ! The Message Is Clear . Don't Do Drugs ! Ahhh...A'Lotta Drugs Anyway .

Hole - Violet Live 1999 (Watch The Descent)

This is Holes Best year . They were arguably the best band in the world . Except maybe Oasis .

Hole performance in billboard award, Malibu

Here she is the band was so tight then . She was on top of the world . In one year she would spiral to the depths of drug use .

Courtney Love - Hole - Malibu (Live Fuji Festival 2004)

This is Courtney at her worst. She went from , maybe the best band in the world in 1999 to this . A sad self destruction .

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mommy Dearest

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Brazilian Babes wrestle in oil

I'm in such a weird mood today !

Denise Austin- Twist and Shake- Very Hot!!

I'm a jerk really .

Denise Austin- Exercise Dance- Really Hot!!

OK this is get'n kind'a creepy !

Denise Austin 12

She's kill'n me here !

Denise Austin- Leg Lefts- Very Sexy!!

She's my "New" hawtie !

Denise Austin 3

I could watch her all day !
She's over 40?
Would you hit that ?
That yellow suit , fuck !

Denise Austin- The best fitness camel toe (extended version)

She gives me major wood !

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Re Hash : Are You A Triple A Personality ?

Go'n back last year I wrote this post . I think it's the best post I've done to date . Considering this last week , I find it fitting to re-post it again .

Again I was be'n an AAA personality . I wont go into what I did . It was just a typical Wallycrawler moment . I usually do this shit when I'm alone and unwatched , I need to be watched 24/7 .

That'll teach my wife for go'n away on a business trip .

OK here's a tip to anyone who meets my wife on a cruise ship . Don't play poker with her . She'll take your last dime play'n the "stupid blonde routine" . One lady who thought my wife was a amateur card player said to her . "If you don't know the rules , why would you play the game" ? What a total retard ! Mrs. Crawler kicked her ass ! As the "no-it-all" left the table she said to her , "It was beginner's luck" ! She cleaned up last weekend on idiots like that . The bitch still didn't know she was grifted .

Anyway here's my favorite post ...and again....I'm sorry .

Now can I spend some of that cash ?

Do you know what a triple A personality is ? It stands for Astoundingly Astute Asshole ! Or in layman's terms amazing witty dick !

Do people dislike you and ya can't figure out why ? Do you at party's find yourself thinking "I hate these shit-heads" , "These people are fuck'n lame brains" ? Do you have an answer to everyone's problems , even when you don't care or don't think ya know the answer ? Do you have a whole whack of unusable information ? Do you know way to much info on world , celebrity , and personal affairs ? Do you have perfect recall ? Do you have an answer to unanswerable questions ? When lectured at school or work can you repeat verbatim what the person just taught you ? Is "da wife's" nick-name for you , "Asshole" ? Do you have a blog ? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are a AAA person !

So ya guessed it ! Da Wallycrawler is a total triple A person ! I'm that guy or gal ! I'm the guy people run away from after 10 min. of meeting him . Unless your drunk or stoned , then I'm your God ! I've had drunk gals and guys say , "Man I always thought you where a dick , man your so f'n cool" ! Then the next day , after sobering up , avoid me like the plague . This is to say ya don't have to be smart to be AAA , [ fuck I'm not that's for sure !] ya just have to be "kind of different" . The way my brain works is waaaay different than other peoples brains work . The only person I can think of who is just like this and most people would know is "Cliff Clavin" of "Cheers" fame [ ya know the TV show in the 80's ]. Just thinking about that character puts shivers down the backs of every normal person . Could you imagine relating to this guy ? I related to him . It's not that he's a bad guy , it's just that he's so fuck'n annoying . The no-it-all fucker . The guy people ask questions of , get the answer from and then roll their eyes . Some of the time it's shear utter crap . Some of the time it's just mind numbing drivel . Most of the time it's right on ! So here's the real problem being this guy . "ALL PEOPLE HATE THE TRUTH" ! Or at least the truth as I know it .

I'm the go too guy at work . I have customers and managers come to me every day to fix their problems or get answers to their projects . I know , at your work too ! Not at the extent it happens to me though . When I give them the answer , they fuck'n hate it ! It's right , but they fuck'n hate it ! The response is " That's not what I was told" , or "Can't I do it this way" ? "Well no you can't , that's not the right way" or "No that's against code" . They hate that reason the most , cause they can't argue against something they don't know about . I can , I'm Triple A ! If you pretend to know something I know about [ everything ] LOOK OUT . Most people who are like that are look'n for the cheap way out . Not with me I'll have buy'n everything in the fuck'n store ! If you fuck with me I'll fuck with you twice as hard , I'm a total asshole ! I can make a house inspector do somersaults and I have ! Customers who have had their plumbing licenses for years come to me for their answers . I don't have a plumbing licence and fucked if I want one . It's just I have total recall for lame fuck'd up shit . Now ask me my friend's wife's name and I'm lost . That's the worst thing about being Triple A , ya just don't care about anyone else . That could be a good thing too , remember I'm AAA ! I'm not bragging this is just some scenarios [ fuck-off ass ] . Why would I brag about plumbing or home improvement ? I hate the shit! It bores me to tears .

Now it comes the time why I wrote this post . I came out to you all because I know , you know I'm an asshole . I came out to help all my AAA friends and family [ it's usually genetic ] . I came out so people like me will come out and embrace your "assholedom" . Please people if you are an asshole come out , come out now . Tell your family and friends [ they already know anyway ] . Tonight before bed look in the mirror and ask yourself am I an AAA ? When you come to terms with it , go to your computer and make a comment in my blog . I can help you ! I will give you guidance with coming to terms to being a asshole . If you know your a no-it-all asshole , here is my best advise "KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT YOU FUCK"N ASSHOLE" ! Enuff said . Good Night My Little Assholes From Da Wallycrawler .

"I know , I know that's not what a real triple A personality is . It a highly intelligent highly organized , highly motivated person . Einstein was a AAA . Give it a brake will ya , it's just a story . Fuck ! What a fuck'n asshole you are" !!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Best'is Day Of Da Year !

Millions Celebrate It !!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Back in the late 70's comic companies were have'n major financial trouble .
To combat the losses , "Marvel Comics", tried to save money by making their
characters easier to draw and color .
"Spider-Man" , "Marvel's" only money maker , was given the biggest make-over .
In their wisdom they re-suited him with a black costume .
The result was the biggest "brand" failure in history , except maybe "New Coke" .
It was pretty much the majority , "Spidey" fans hated the "New Suit" !
Stan Lee , the creator of "Spider-Man" had a problem .
What to do ? Fanatical fans were write'n him daily .
Then he had an idea .
"What if I make the suit , a villain" !
Thus the creation of "Venom" , the most despised and also the most loved "Spidey" nemesis .

I just thought some of ya would like that back story .
It's funny how out'a failure , comes great success .

Thus The Say'n .
"Ya Don't Tug On Superman's Cape And Ya Don't Fuck With Spider-Man's Suit" !
So Say'th Da Wallycrawler .
Sa There .

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Venom's Transformation [Full scene]

Can't Wait !!!