Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Re Hash : Are You A Triple A Personality ?

Go'n back last year I wrote this post . I think it's the best post I've done to date . Considering this last week , I find it fitting to re-post it again .

Again I was be'n an AAA personality . I wont go into what I did . It was just a typical Wallycrawler moment . I usually do this shit when I'm alone and unwatched , I need to be watched 24/7 .

That'll teach my wife for go'n away on a business trip .

OK here's a tip to anyone who meets my wife on a cruise ship . Don't play poker with her . She'll take your last dime play'n the "stupid blonde routine" . One lady who thought my wife was a amateur card player said to her . "If you don't know the rules , why would you play the game" ? What a total retard ! Mrs. Crawler kicked her ass ! As the "no-it-all" left the table she said to her , "It was beginner's luck" ! She cleaned up last weekend on idiots like that . The bitch still didn't know she was grifted .

Anyway here's my favorite post ...and again....I'm sorry .

Now can I spend some of that cash ?

Do you know what a triple A personality is ? It stands for Astoundingly Astute Asshole ! Or in layman's terms amazing witty dick !

Do people dislike you and ya can't figure out why ? Do you at party's find yourself thinking "I hate these shit-heads" , "These people are fuck'n lame brains" ? Do you have an answer to everyone's problems , even when you don't care or don't think ya know the answer ? Do you have a whole whack of unusable information ? Do you know way to much info on world , celebrity , and personal affairs ? Do you have perfect recall ? Do you have an answer to unanswerable questions ? When lectured at school or work can you repeat verbatim what the person just taught you ? Is "da wife's" nick-name for you , "Asshole" ? Do you have a blog ? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are a AAA person !

So ya guessed it ! Da Wallycrawler is a total triple A person ! I'm that guy or gal ! I'm the guy people run away from after 10 min. of meeting him . Unless your drunk or stoned , then I'm your God ! I've had drunk gals and guys say , "Man I always thought you where a dick , man your so f'n cool" ! Then the next day , after sobering up , avoid me like the plague . This is to say ya don't have to be smart to be AAA , [ fuck I'm not that's for sure !] ya just have to be "kind of different" . The way my brain works is waaaay different than other peoples brains work . The only person I can think of who is just like this and most people would know is "Cliff Clavin" of "Cheers" fame [ ya know the TV show in the 80's ]. Just thinking about that character puts shivers down the backs of every normal person . Could you imagine relating to this guy ? I related to him . It's not that he's a bad guy , it's just that he's so fuck'n annoying . The no-it-all fucker . The guy people ask questions of , get the answer from and then roll their eyes . Some of the time it's shear utter crap . Some of the time it's just mind numbing drivel . Most of the time it's right on ! So here's the real problem being this guy . "ALL PEOPLE HATE THE TRUTH" ! Or at least the truth as I know it .

I'm the go too guy at work . I have customers and managers come to me every day to fix their problems or get answers to their projects . I know , at your work too ! Not at the extent it happens to me though . When I give them the answer , they fuck'n hate it ! It's right , but they fuck'n hate it ! The response is " That's not what I was told" , or "Can't I do it this way" ? "Well no you can't , that's not the right way" or "No that's against code" . They hate that reason the most , cause they can't argue against something they don't know about . I can , I'm Triple A ! If you pretend to know something I know about [ everything ] LOOK OUT . Most people who are like that are look'n for the cheap way out . Not with me I'll have buy'n everything in the fuck'n store ! If you fuck with me I'll fuck with you twice as hard , I'm a total asshole ! I can make a house inspector do somersaults and I have ! Customers who have had their plumbing licenses for years come to me for their answers . I don't have a plumbing licence and fucked if I want one . It's just I have total recall for lame fuck'd up shit . Now ask me my friend's wife's name and I'm lost . That's the worst thing about being Triple A , ya just don't care about anyone else . That could be a good thing too , remember I'm AAA ! I'm not bragging this is just some scenarios [ fuck-off ass ] . Why would I brag about plumbing or home improvement ? I hate the shit! It bores me to tears .

Now it comes the time why I wrote this post . I came out to you all because I know , you know I'm an asshole . I came out to help all my AAA friends and family [ it's usually genetic ] . I came out so people like me will come out and embrace your "assholedom" . Please people if you are an asshole come out , come out now . Tell your family and friends [ they already know anyway ] . Tonight before bed look in the mirror and ask yourself am I an AAA ? When you come to terms with it , go to your computer and make a comment in my blog . I can help you ! I will give you guidance with coming to terms to being a asshole . If you know your a no-it-all asshole , here is my best advise "KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT YOU FUCK"N ASSHOLE" ! Enuff said . Good Night My Little Assholes From Da Wallycrawler .

"I know , I know that's not what a real triple A personality is . It a highly intelligent highly organized , highly motivated person . Einstein was a AAA . Give it a brake will ya , it's just a story . Fuck ! What a fuck'n asshole you are" !!!

16 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Chicky Pea said...

Now, I have to assume that AAA personality people do not get along with one another because it would just be too much. Just last week, Wally, you said how well we get along so I can only assume that means I am NOT a AAA person. *Phew* The other good news is I have never seen people flee the scene when I'm headed in their direction. That might be a totally different story :-)

Paul F. said...

I'm such an asshole that I can almost shit a golden brick.

hannah said...

i fuckin' love that song!!!

i think i may be an AAA personality, but only in the mornings

~d said...

I lost the post at poker. I would probably LOSE at poker also.
So now I am lost and a loser. What do I do?!

hannah said...

and by the way:


tkkerouac said...

I knew I was an "A" Personality, but a triple AAA, have to think about this one!
Great Post!
Did your wife not take in on the cruise because of your triple AAA affect?
Is that your ass? Come see mine.

Toby said...

I have a blog.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'm a AAB personality. Astoundingly Astute Bastard. People know better then to ask me anything so it works out well for everyone involved. Ok, I miss mocking their sorry asses a bit, but I'll get over it.

jungle jane said...

ahahahaha i remember this! i am aiming to be an AA - alcoholics anonymous. then i can be an asshole and everyone will forgive me because i'm a pisshead...

wallycrawler said...

You guys are all "Tripe A" in my book .

Except maybe Hannah . She's a doll !

Minxie I love your ass , you know that . And yes you AAA and so is your daughter , but she's way a talented AAA .

~d your never lost .
Your an AAA !


Paul fuck that , I shit diamaonds .
See told ya AAA's will never be out done . Your cool though , cause your a AAA .


Toby , you could have writen this post . Your so AAA .


Da Kid your wrong . That's not something you hear much eh ? Cause your a triple A . Your a lovable one though . Your lucky !


Jane , "Jungle Jane" your the biggest triple A of the bunch . Your the biggest in "Blogdom" . Your also the funniest gal in the Blog world . You make me pee myself . AAA personalities are "No-it-alls" , but they're funny assholes .


Chicky Pea your not AAA , at least not now , you were . You changed . Now your an "Attention Get'n Gal" , or "AGG" . That's why we get along so well . You like get'n attention , I love give'n it .

...Plus your kind'a hawt .


Toby said...
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Toby said...


Chicky Pea said...

kind'a beats, not at all, anyday!

wallycrawler said...

Toby your hawt too !

Chicky Pea your so hawt your blogs on fire .

We good now guys ?

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, beats the hell out of me. I thought we were all good!

wallycrawler said...

We are , I'm be'n an asshole remember ?

Shit there I go again , that didn't come across right did it ?

I mean we darlin , I was just josh'n around .

Is that better ?

OK I keep act'n like an ass . Fuck !