Sunday, May 20, 2007

Like Last Year...

It's rare that I come out of character . I have maybe twice in 2 years .
Last year I did to ask you , to help us , find a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes .

This year is no different .

My daughter Stephanie has Juvenile Diabetes .Steph is a one of the lucky ones . She NOW has a pump to help monitor and deliver insulin to her body .
Most people with Type 1 Diabetes don't have pumps . Her blood sugars are coming in-line much easier now . She's always been very good at monitoring her diet , but now she is almost like a normal kid .The other night we went out to dinner and for the 1st. time we could eat as a family , at our own discretion . Before we had to eat at regimented time . Now Steph can eat almost anything off the menu . The freedom she is having of eating at anytime is making her feel great . That being said this is anything but a cure .
I posted some great news the last year about Stem Cell Research and The Research being done at the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto . I know we are very close to finding a cure , and with your help (this is where I'm gonna ask for some cash) the cure(s) will be found .

Yesterday we raised over $500.00 at our 3rd. annual Diabetes Garage sale .
Here's a shot of Steph after .
Thanx to everyone who helped and who donated items to be sold .
What wasn't sold was given to charity .

If ya want to donate to Steph's

team click on here-> J.D.R.F.

At this time I want to thank all who donated to the J.D.R.F. walk .

To all my friends and family who helped on the drive , thank you .

We exceeded our goals again this year !!!

Steph and my family really appreciates it .

Hopefully the cure is near .

All who have this disease do have a healthy future now that research is getting better .

God Bless You All .

Da Wallycrawler .

15 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

~d said...

Thank you, wally. For sharing. Being real. And for sharing Steph with us.
Much Love,

Chicky Pea said...

Wally - your daughter is beautiful. I'm glad to hear she is so much happier about things now that life can be more "normal". That is awesome.

wallycrawler said...

~d . She's a great kid !


She's do'n great . I only wish more of her J.D. friends had her advantages . Steph is a very strong willed little girl . She still follows a diet as she also has high cholesterol problems .

I know in the future her insulin dependence will be a thing of the past .

It would be great if the U.S. people stood up against the Bush Administration and demanded more funding for "Embryonic Stem Cell Research" . The message that's getting through is that it is "murdering fetuses" . That couldn't be further than the truth ! Most of the embryos are being discarded , thrown out . So throwing them out isn't murder but doing research and using them for the betterment of the living is ? Crazy "Right To Life" logic , again .

OK I'm off my soap box .

The Phosgene Kid said...

The pump is good news. I had a friend with diabetes when I was young and he had to give himself injections every day. Hopefully the stem cell research will lead to a more permanent solution to the problem.

Keshi said...

Steph is adorable!

I know she has juvenile diabetes...u told me that when I first met ya. Kids should not have to suffer this way at all.

Its great to hear of new therapies like this. The pump sounds easy-to-manage. I hope she gets better though. She will.


Ice said...

Aww... its awful seeing kids(especially your own) going through any sort of health matter...

I thank GOD everyday that my kids are so damn healthy...

She is precious ;)

I'm back... are you?

lol :P

jungle jane said...

awwwww she's as cute as a cute thing, wally. looks like her mum, then??

Ice said...

^ lol

ohohoh, you gonna take that, Walla?

Toby said...

Wally, I'm glad to hear your duaghter is doing well. As you know from last year, my bro is a full blown diabetic and has been for at least 15 years. He's been on a pump for about the last five and he's doing much better being better regulated, but his kidneys are failing. He asked me to donate a kidney to him. He won't need it for three to five years. I'm going to see him in early June to talk about it more. I'm scared, but I'll do it in a heart beat to save his live.

wallycrawler said...

Kid Steph was doing 3-4 injections a day . The pump helps with her freedom .


Keshi thanx and with the proper medial research , Steph and kids like her will be cured .


She a beautiful little girl Ice . I hope you never go through what we as parents have gone through . In reality these kind of issues come'out'a nowhere . Be prepared and get involved with a charity of your choice . I wish I got involved with something like J.D.R.F. before Steph was diagnosed .


J.J. naw she looks like her handsome father .

Now if I can find that bastard I'd put my foot up his ass !


Hey Toby . That is a spot , I pray , Steph will never be in . Type 1 Diabetes can hit anyone in their early years , from 1 day old to 42 years old . The genetic trigger can be exposed by a simple virus . Your brother would be 1st. line to be given Stem Cell treatments , if and when the U.S. government opens up the coffers to help the ailing .

Ice said...

You're right... these illnesses can come at you like a bat out of hell... I'm on my toes.

I know a boy that was diagnosed with asthma when he was 12, and a really bad case of it too... it can totally come up and take you from the middle of nowhere.

I have been involved mostly with cancer charities as so many in my family(older ones)have battled it. My father being the closest to my heart who lost his battle.

Hug her extra tight each day.
She looks like one happy little girl, my friend :)

It's amazing she has such a loving supportive father. You rock.

Chicky Pea said...

Wally - LOL @ your response to JJ. You crack me up!

tkkerouac said...

She is a beauty, just wait till the grey hairs start coming in once she starts dating!

Toby said...

Thanks Wally. I wish the best for your daughter. It's too bad there's so much money to be made with sick people. Those in charge never really want to heal anything or they'd be out of business. A little fun with the state of medical truthfulness in the US.

wallycrawler said...

Thanks everyone who donated some money , that was great of you .

The walk is in Barrie on Sunday , June 3rd. at Heritage park @ Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie on the Waterfront . Your welcome to come down and join in .

Steph , my wife and I will be there .