Thursday, November 30, 2006

Courtney Love Is Back !

Here's A Live Video At The Gay And Lesbian Fundraiser In Los Angeles . The Song Is A Fleetwood Mac Cover "Rhiannon" . Linda Perry Invited Courtney and Billy Corgan To Play With Her . The Song Is An Interesting Choice , Because Ms.Love Is In Line To Play Stevie Nicks In Her Onscreen Auto-Biography Movie .
The Video Isn't Of Best Quality , It Was Recorded On A Cell Phone , But Is Shows Shes Back And Strong .
I Add 3 More Pictures For Keshi .
Sorry Had To Change The Video To "Gold Dust Woman" .

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brits Is Hit'n Da Town...

And Make'n A Splash .

Her Career Has Hit The Bitter End !!!
Sa Later Useless .

I would Automatically Add A Britney Spears Song , But her Music Sux Ass !

So I'll Play The Greatest Rock Band Ever , "The Who" .

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Never Read Playboy ...

But I like The Pictures Sometimes !

Cindy Margolis Was The "Most Download Woman" On The Internet .
Now at 40 Sumthin She's The "Hawtest Cougar On The Internet" !

Saturday, November 25, 2006

George "Dumba" Bush Witisisms !

And Of Coarse My Favorite ...
"They Misunderestimated Me" !
With Dat A So Long And Good Night .
Da Wallycrawler

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wallycrawler's "New" Avatar .

You Like ?

Monday, November 20, 2006




aka..."MAKE A BEARD"


The castle was perfect .

The Demons Blessed The Union !

The Innocent Bride

Get'n Ready To Be

Taken To The

"Alter Of Doom" .

All The "Stars" Were There !

In The End It All Looked More Like A Funeral March !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Big Day Is Upon Us !

The "Church Of Scientology" is spend'n huge coif's of cash to promote the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes nuptials this weekend in Italy . They're pull'n out all the stops and using big stars to make this "union" seem natural . It's anything but a marriage , it's a publicity stunt to the 1st . degree .

I haven't seen press like this , about a marriage since the royal wedding of Dianna & I mean Charles . And it's all positive shit , it all talks about their love for each other . Of coarse it also is followed by a inside piece about a Scientology wedding or a pro-Scientology background . I've never seen a "cult" get this kind of good publicity . The worst of the crop of the "entertainment type shows" is "Access Hollywood with Billy Bush" . He's a obvious shill for "da Church" ! His tongue has been up Cruise's asshole for over 2 years . That hasn't happened since Rosie kissed "Tommy's" ass 10 years ago and we all know what she was hide'n !

If ya wanna know what's go'n down here "fer real" check out this & this & this .
This "Hole" Union Stinks Of Ass ! So I Picked Something Close ..."A Taint" ..."Tainted Love" .

Love u guys see ya later Da Wallycrawler .

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day

Never Forget .

Friday, November 10, 2006

Watched It Ten Times...

"New" Spider-Man 3 Trailer
Now Available Click
enjoy .

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We Played This Game Before...

It Was Fun So Let's Play Again !

"Who's Da Hawtest Celebrity" ?
This Time We'll Play With Female & Male Celebrities .

OK This Is How Ya Play . I Post A "Well Know" Or "Not So Well Known" Celeb. You Try And Match Me , But "They" Have'ta Be Scorch'n Hot . Then I will try To "One Up Ya" (I Will) . In The End We All Feel Satisfied And Better For It .
Enjoy !
So Here She Is , My Numero Uno , The Not So Well Known , But Incomparable...
Sheri Moon Zombie .
Ya I Know She's Married To Rob Zombie And That's The Only Reason She's Famous . But Who Cares She Sizzles When She's On Screen . Ya Almost Would Take A "Club In Da Head" Just For A Chance Of Bang'n Her .

I Didn't Know Who This "Mahara McKay" Chick Was . I Guess She Was Miss Switzerland At One Time Or Another And Is Now A D.J.

Die Murane Thinks Shes Hawt , Ya Know What , She Is !

Die Murane Had A Good "Model Type" Gal . I'll "1up" Him With A Spanish
"Hot Bod"...

Vida Guerra .

OK Girls Where's Da Guys ?

Bostick Likes His Women Older And Bitchier Than I Do ,
But Ya Can't Argue About Her Looks . "She's Smoke'n" !
I Hear She Not Too Hot In Da Sack Though !
OK I'll Do Some Work To Out Class'n This"Cougar" .

OK I Found The Best Babe Too Beat Out Bostick's Liz .

It's Hawaii's Own Brooke Burke .

If Ya Wanna See Some Fine Look'n

Celebrity Topless ? < clickhere

Of Coarse Ya Do !

Blondie Wants A Little "Meat" With Da Potatoes . Her Choice Was Mathew McConaughey . Who Am I You Argue . If She Like Guys Grasp'n At Their Youth With "New Hair Plugs" That's Her Choice . So Herrrres , Mat .

I Think Men Should Look Like Men , Not A Boy , So I'm 1up'n Blondie With The Greatest Representation Of An "American Man"... Artie Lange .

Les , A "New" Friend Of Da Wallycrawler's , Wanted Some Hawt Guy Named Patrick Dempsey ? I Never Heard Of This Guy Before ? So I Did Some Internet Investigation And Found O'l Pat Here Is On A T.V. Show Called "Grey's Hystrorectomy" . Some Chick Show On A.B.C. I Tried To Find Some Hot Shots Of This Dude , But Could Only Come Up With Head Shots , So That Tells Me Sumthin . His Bods Shit And He's Short .

Yep He's 5'5" . Nice ! He Weights 135lbs . Whooo Quite A Dude .

OK This Wont Take Too Long !!!

Now That Was The Easiest 1up Ever !

Patrick Dempsey hehe...

Here's A "Real Man" And I'm Not Afraid To Say It.

The Biggest Man In Films Today...

Michael Clarke Duncan .

OK I Could Play This Game For Days...And I Have , But All Good Things Have'ta Come To An End , So The Last Word Goes To...~d . Mainly Because She's Got A Great Tattoo , Also Because She Had Some Hawt Celebrities .

I Choose 2 Major Hot Actors From Her List , Kevin Bacon And Kate Hudson.

Have A Great Weekend , Da Wallycrawler .