Thursday, November 30, 2006

Courtney Love Is Back !

Here's A Live Video At The Gay And Lesbian Fundraiser In Los Angeles . The Song Is A Fleetwood Mac Cover "Rhiannon" . Linda Perry Invited Courtney and Billy Corgan To Play With Her . The Song Is An Interesting Choice , Because Ms.Love Is In Line To Play Stevie Nicks In Her Onscreen Auto-Biography Movie .
The Video Isn't Of Best Quality , It Was Recorded On A Cell Phone , But Is Shows Shes Back And Strong .
I Add 3 More Pictures For Keshi .
Sorry Had To Change The Video To "Gold Dust Woman" .

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

~d (tilde) said...

you know-its gay and all, but i like Courtney and her drama and i like(d) Kurt.

Where'd ya get these pix...
got any more?

~d (tilde) said...

eff me.
I thought you had the flippin song linked.

wallycrawler said...

is the song not com'n up ? URGGG!

I'll try again !

Keshi said...

She's hotter than I thought she was. I always used to wonder what Kurt saw in I know LOL!


Satan said...

nice pics

i really stopped by to collect your soul

but while i am here it doesnt hurt to look at courtneys tits and britneys rashy cooter

The Phosgene Kid said...

MO' betta. She had the highbeams on so she must have been pretty stoked to see you. She came by her whoriness honestly, not a product of the Disney whore factory like Brit.

Bostick said...

Shes a dirty old Whorre but has nice nipples.