Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Big Day Is Upon Us !

The "Church Of Scientology" is spend'n huge coif's of cash to promote the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes nuptials this weekend in Italy . They're pull'n out all the stops and using big stars to make this "union" seem natural . It's anything but a marriage , it's a publicity stunt to the 1st . degree .

I haven't seen press like this , about a marriage since the royal wedding of Dianna & I mean Charles . And it's all positive shit , it all talks about their love for each other . Of coarse it also is followed by a inside piece about a Scientology wedding or a pro-Scientology background . I've never seen a "cult" get this kind of good publicity . The worst of the crop of the "entertainment type shows" is "Access Hollywood with Billy Bush" . He's a obvious shill for "da Church" ! His tongue has been up Cruise's asshole for over 2 years . That hasn't happened since Rosie kissed "Tommy's" ass 10 years ago and we all know what she was hide'n !

If ya wanna know what's go'n down here "fer real" check out this & this & this .
This "Hole" Union Stinks Of Ass ! So I Picked Something Close ..."A Taint" ..."Tainted Love" .

Love u guys see ya later Da Wallycrawler .

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Les said...

I am so sick of hearing about the Hollywood types I could puke. Who really cares.

Anonymous said...

I hope people will start looking up how fucked up Scientology is now while looking TomKat up.

Down with the religious Mafia called Scientology! (lots of evidence to prove this statement, not hyperbole)

Bostick said...

Shes still pretty hot though, ya gotta admit.

wallycrawler said...

Ya Les I care a bit about their lives (Tom-Kat)only because of the so-called religious faction of it and the obvious indoctrination of Scientology . They're go'n full blast into making this cult a religion in the U.S. $ Canada with all the perks . Scientology is using celebrities to mask an ugly form of mind control , money laundering , thievery , murder (yes murder)...etc. This cult will tell epileptics , diabetics , mentally disordered people (Tom Cruise) to stop using medications . That is murder in my books !

So Leslie I guess I care more than a bit , but not because Cruise & Holmes are celebrities , it's because the represent everything I hate in this world .

I never have agreed with an anonymous blogger ever , so this is the first . Scientology is like organized crime...Only Worse !

Bostick naw I can't find anyone that shallow and stupid attractive , even though her body rocks . Sum thin tells me behind those "blank" eyes is a career driven wrench , look'n to be a film star . Other-wise why marry a gay man ?

~d (tilde) said...

Hee hee
Diana and Spock!

That was so totally worth the visit!
~d heart Wally

Mone said...

They are still smiling... I wonder in how many years the divorce wil come, one... two... three?
Of course they keep it quite then.

Gyrobo said...

I thought they were already married. Shows how much I know about quantum theory.

Keshi said...

I didnt even bother to watch the Tomkat wedding special (a view from the sky) on TV the other day. Who really cares?