Saturday, June 28, 2008

It All Starts To Make Sense...

With the NASA scientists finally admitting to what we already knew, that Mars has life. Also what other scientists believe what happened to Mars billions of years ago. The only real conclusion is...

Mars is Earths creator:

Mars, commonly known as the Red Planet, could also be called the lopsided planet, since much of its southern hemisphere has a dramatically higher elevation and a thicker crust.
The resulting Borealis basin is elliptical in shape and over 10,000 kilometres long, according to the studies, but is partially obscured by the massive Tharsis volcanic mountain range, which cuts across the middle of the planet.
Scientists have debated whether the odd surface trend was the result of convection beneath the planet's surface or an external force.
Writing in Thursday's edition of Nature, three groups of scientists provide the most compelling evidence to date that an outside impact was responsible, suggesting an asteroid slammed into the planet some four billion years ago, around the same time a massive Mars-sized body is believed to have collided with the Earth and helped form our moon.
One of the three studies - from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - suggested the asteroid hit Mars at an angle, leading to the elliptical shape of the basin, instead of the circular shape common with many impact craters.
Another study led by the California Institute of Technology calculated that a 1,600-kilometre-wide object travelling 21,000 km/h would have hit the planet at an angle between 30 and 60 degrees, and caused an explosion equal to 75 trillion to 150 trillion megatons of dynamite.
A third study by researchers from the University of Santa Cruz found the impact model is consistent with the differences in planetary crust thicknesses between the planet's two hemispheres.
An accompanying commentary from Walter Kiefer, a staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, said the three studies did not provide conclusive evidence but, taken together, strengthen the impact hypothesis.
"The betting odds have gone up a lot in favour of the impact model," said Kiefer.

I've thought about this for some time. I think this is be the reason for our existence on Earth. I always thought it was a meteor that gave life to creatures on this planet. We could be here on a giant fluke?!
This image released by Penn State University shows colonies of Chryseobacterium greenlandensis, a form of extreme life, growing on an agar medium in a petri dish. A single colony contains millions of cells and is large enough to be seen with the naked eye. NASA's Phoenix lander is looking for conditions near Mars' north pole that could support primitive life similar to extreme life on Earth.(AP Photo/Penn State University)

Think about it!

Here's Earth, a lonely plant and his sister Mars, do'n noth'n, but existing and one day...WHAMMM. An asteroid hits da sister right in da head. Blow'n her top off! Mars's parts are everywhere in the solar system, including hitting Earth all over his body. At the same time a large part of ol'sis just rests right beside Earth cause'n maybe a cool'n off of the planet. The rest could be history?! It makes sense if you think about it!

Ehhh I could wrong?

Just Think'n Da Wallycrawler.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ya Can Jam This Movie And The Cult That Backs It Up Your Ass Will!

Fuck You And That Spaceship Ya Rode In On!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Re Hash: Life Lessons and UFO's .

With what happen recently, my family putting Dad down in Muskoka, this story came up in the car ride there. Most of my family thought I was a flake back then. Pretty much they have the same feel'n about me now, I guess? Who cares I know what happened that night! I think!

This is a story I've only told a couple of people in my life . I don't even think I have told my wife ? I don't think I should even tell you guys . The people who witnessed this with me , never talk about it when I see them . Two of the people don't remember any of the "incident" .

In July of 1988 I was a big partyer , heavy drinker , and a coke head . A total fuck-up . Funny though I was never more successful financially . I owned a bar and was close to opening another . I was living a bachelors dream . Living in Muskoka Ontario (vacation land of the rich and famous in the summer) , good looking (I was good looking honest) , a good income , and a different woman every night . I loved that lifestyle , but call me crazy I love my life now better . There's no comparison . OK the wife's not looking any more , fuck it was wild . As they say all good things must come to an end and my end was a tax called the GST . It screwed my business over royally . As you might expect I never did plan for a soft period and lived high (more ways than one ) so the "Ole Pub" closed . Just as well the future of the bar business in Canada died the day Brain Mulroney crafted that tax , unless you own a franchise yuppie theme restaurant .

I wanted to tell you where my head was at at that time in my life . I thought about me , and that business , in that order . Nothing else mattered to me . I was a empty piece'o'shit .

After we'd close the bar , some of us , friends and co-workers , would go over to the Gravenhurst "Cliffs" and party . Some nights it would be pretty wild , mild orgies , skinny dipping , lines of white . We wouldn't stop until dawn or the cops showed up . The Police were always great to us . I think they would come just to see what stripper or actress was there with us . One very hot night ten of us went for a late night of carousing at the "Cliffs" . It was a full moon so every thing at the lake was pretty bright , not a cloud in the sky . The night sky was amazing , clear and full , you could see every star in the sky . Off to the north we could see the Northern Lights dancing . For hours we would say to each other "wow did you ever see them this bright" ? Usually they wouldn't show up this well on a bright night . What was really weird was they would shine up past the trees into the sky and dance red, yellow , white and then be gone . And they seemed to be getting closer . I think I said that , a million times to my friend ( I'll call him Peter , cause that's his name) ! "Pete what gives with those lights" ? "Fuck Wally haven't you seen the fuck'n Northern Lights before" ? "Now give me a fuck'n line before I do a dive" ! Peter would do back flips off the cliff . A Twenty Foot Back Flip , "nuts" . He was a good friend and a crazy bastard . He also got the best poon , the fucker . This night we where very lucky , out of the ten of us eight where chicks . Two were transient dancers , two were tourists , the others were regulars (fuck buddies) . The two tourists and myself were into the lights the most , at first I was into the "dancing lights" cause they were into them . One of the tourist girls was a stunningly hot thing , a "major spinner" ( under 5' 2") and game for anything . I was quite smitten . Just as I was getting somewhere with her... Something happened... A bright white light appeared around the point . Not a flash light , a large spot light shining downward from a seemingly empty sky . The light was not moving but fixed with not a sound coming from it . It was pointing right at the edge if the water and small dock . It was like daylight had hit a twenty foot radius of the lake . I ran over to the edge of the cliff to see Pete and the girls treading water and transfixed on the light . "Peter is that a helicopter" ? "No , shut up they'll hear us" ! "Who" ? "I dunno shut the fuck up" ! As soon as he said that ...Nothing , no light...Nothing ! I turned around too see my little blond and she was laying flat on her back passed out , her dark haired friend was also completely passed out right beside her , both naked as jay birds , out cold ! "Peter what the fuck is hap'n here" ? "Pete what gives is it the cops fucken around , Pete" ? ..."Shhh Someones here"? "Where" ? "Down here and the girls are scared shitless" ! "Get the fuck out of the water" ! One of the strippers ran right by me ...ZZZZZAT the lights go up over our heads . The spot is shinning right down at me and the tourist chicks . Peter runs right by me followed by the rest ." Wally come on get out'a there , now" ! I couldn't , I wouldn't . I wouldn't leave them there like that and how did they get like that they were fine a moment ago ..."Bam" I get hit in the head , hard and I'm down . Seconds later the lights go out and the girls wake up asking for their clothes . Fuck my head hurt like a two day hangover . The little blond was complaining about a sore stomach , the dark haired chick picked her up and we made our way back to my parked van. What was funny was I wasn't scared anymore we simply walked back to the vehicle . When we approached the Caravan the windows were all steamed up , I opened the door to see Pete laying in the back of the van with the two strippers ."Hey what gives out there" ? "Fuck Wally where have you been man , I looked all over the place for you man " !" What? Did one of those girls hit me in the head or what" ? "Look man you been gone for over an hour we looked everywhere" . "It's 5 o'clock . You and da girls have been gone for over a hour , where did you go to hide" ? " Hide I didn't hide. Peter if you know what is going on here tell me" . "When the lights changed color you and the girls where gone , we ran back to the car and we heard a commotion coming from the woods . We all jumped in the van just as a bear ran by the front . Then there was shooting all around us ". " A fuck'n bear and shooting are you fuck'n with me" ? "No , after awhile I got my nerve up to go and get you , but you were gone , you and da girls were gone" !
We all got in the van and started to drive back to my place . "Pete where did the others go" ? "They took off with the cops man" . "What fuck'n cops" ? "Wally the cops just left when you appeared" . "Did the cops ask about me" ? "They just said you'd show up, eventually" . "Fuck the police" ! I was sober , I was extremely sober . When we got back to the house we all got fucked up again and got down to it . What is weird about that night was Peter and I never talked about it to anybody for over a month and then only in jest . The two dancers were never seen again , the two tourists we fondled quite regular that summer and they didn't remember any of it . The townie chicks didn't ever bring it up so we wouldn't . So...was it the cops fuck'n with us , Peter mentioned about the light changing color I don't remember any of that , was I just wasted and passed out when I was hit with something . Why did the girls from "out of town" pass out that fast and where the fuck did a hour or so go ? Your guess is as good as mine cause back then my head really wasn't on too straight .

That's my U.F.O. story , lame eh ? The names haven't been added cause I don't remember their names , except Pete .

Psst, I really do remember those girls names I'm just not tell'n cause my old lady would flip ! I can't remember her best friends names . Wally Out !

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Was Cruisin Down The Highway When...

This Green Day Song Come Scream'n In My Ears From My Stiletto Radio... I Rode My Bike Listen'n To The Lyrics. Sounds To Me Billy Knows A Bit About Life.
I Can Totally Relate To What He's Say'n, Especially After This Last Year's Happenings.

enjoy Wally.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This Was A Busy Long...Long...Long...Weekend.

Thursday: My Son Jake Graduated From "Sir Sandford Flemming" College With An Arts And Leisure Degree.

Friday: I Rode My Bike To Port Dover For The Annual Friday The 13th. Motorcycle Rally. We Arrived At 9:00 In Da Morn'n. I Was Motorcycle 10,077, In The World Record Parade, Of Over 100,000 Bikes. More Than 250,000 People Attended This Year's Event! The Rally Is Now North America's 3rd. Largest Motorcycle Event!

It Was Crazy Hot & Humid So We Left At Around 1pm.

There Was A Huge Long Line Of Motorcycles Come'n In At The Time We Left. With Thousands Of More Bikes Still Make'n Their Way There, On The Highways, On The Way Back.

What's Da 13th. Without "Thong-Man"?

Saturday: My Family And I Put Dad Down To Rest In Gravenhurst Ontario. Dad Hated That Cemetery. So I Decide We Should Take A Little Bit Of His Ashes And Sprinkle Him In A Place He Liked...

So We Thought This Was A Good Place. He Swam Here As A Youth, Later With His Children And His Grandchildren. It's Also A Special Place To My Mother And Him During Their Courtship. I Think He'll Like It Here!

On The Way Out'a The Park, My Sister Brenda, Seen A Car That Looked Like The One Dad Bought For Her On Her 16th. Birthday. It Was An Eerily Similar Jaguar, Right Down To The Smell Of The Interior. Funny, I Wrote About That Car A Week Ago. So I Posed Her By It. I Could See Her Breakup A Bit After The Picture Was Taken.

Sunday: It Was Finally "Plant'n Day" Around Da Wally's House. With All That's Been Go'n On Around Here Lately, We Haven't Had Time To Get Anything Done Around The House.

Oh Ya... Sunday I Was Called An "Angry Man", By A Blogger, For Speak'n Da Truth. That Made My Day! hehe

I Still Get'a Kick Out'a Provoking People!!!

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stedman Graham

Thanx Howard Stern for recommend'n this "T.V. Funhouse" classic cartoon.
Your wont be disappointed. This is a gut wrenchly funny cartoon about Oprah's secret agent boyfriend "Stedman"!
Robert Smigel from S.N.L. and the genius behind "Triumph The Wonder Dog" created this a way back when he had "T,V. Funhouse" on Comedy Central.
Enjoy it!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Karma Ain't Bad!

Far be it from me to argue a point with such a brilliant mind such as Sharon Stone, but I do know a bit about "Karma". And Sharon there is no such thing as "Bad Karma", there's just Karma, period. Ya reap what ya sow! So as a point, she's wrong! To bad it was kind'a a good thing to say, really it was. She should'a said something like..."China grew their own Karma". That would have been a brighter statement. Sharon probably wouldn't have been in such hot water if she said that. Ya know what? It would'a been a better shot at the world's leader in death, theft, murder and pure filth! I don't have anything to lose, in stating this, Sharon Stone will lose millions of dollars. I also think if your gonna make a statement like this, back it up and don't back down. Not recanted the statement a day later! Too bad, fer a second there I had some respect for her. Another thing, she's a practice'n Buddhist and she backed down to a country that's kill'n off her faith in rapid fashion. Now that's some "Karma" she's sow'n eh? Ya see she's a Hollywood Buddhist, not really in tune of what the faith actually is. Like all Hollywood loons they only practice a faith so far, until it takes dedication, then they kind'a have'ta do somethin else. So that's probably why she really didn't know about the "Bad Karma" thing. All this CNN bullshit aside this all brings me back to a story of Karma...

Way back in da 70's my Dad owned and operated a small successful construction company. That company gave my Dad something he never had before, cash, a great deal of liquid assets. I'll give ya da long and short of of his company. It was run internally by my Mother. My Dad was the inventor and practitioner. My Dad would spend a get deal of time researching on new products that were being introduced in the U.S.A. or Europe. He would read about a new practice in insulation he would want to be the first to bring it to Canada! And he did with great success!

I also wanna say my Dad was a very generous guy. I always had everything i needed or didn't need. My sis had horses, a Jaguar (da car, not da cat)... I had horses, motorcycles...If she or I wanted it, we got it. We were spoiled rotten! He would sponsor baseball teams, hockey teams...Whatever the town wanted he would do it for the kids of the town. Everybody benefited from my Dad's generosity.

We all loved my Dad. he was a great guy and a pretty smart dude fer have'n a grade 3 education! Way to smart.

But he did have a problem...He was an angry guy, when things didn't go his way or if he had a few to many... He was a nightmare! I have have his trait of losing it too, but I squeeze it down to try not to lash out the way my Dad did. He was a violent man that I had many-a-run-in with, way to many! If ya ask any of my friends they'll recount my Dad chasing me around the house to inflect punishment to me. At first they thought it was a game and help him catch me. Only to recoil in horror to witness the beating I would receive. They thought my Dad was play'n, he wasn't! It was sometimes a weekly event or even more. My Mother, sister also felt his violent actions, but mostly it was me that felt his wraith. He didn't know how to hug or kiss me. He felt that it was weak or faggy to hold a guy. I'm guess'n, who knows? He wasn't comfortable with it anyway. He would express his feelings with criticism, another one of his traits I try to suppress, no one was good at anything, you could always improve...OK enough of the negative cause this is not what this story is about, it's about Karma.

Did I say we had horses? Ya well we did. That was my Dad's financial weakness, horses = money and lots of it! Especially the type of horses he had his teeth in, Standardbred and Thoroughbred race horses. The one horse my Dad loved the most was a Standardbred mare by the name of "Bell Gay June". June was a nasty fuck'n mare! She was the fuck'n bitch of bitches!!! Nobody could stand close her. She would bite or kick anyone that came near her, a real nut-job of a horse! A mean snarly witch, but she could run like the wind, I've never seen a horse run like her, fast as lightning! Of coarse ya all know who could get next to June don'tcha? Ya my Dad. That horse loved my Dad and he loved her, He also loved the fact that she didn't love anyone else. Now that horse she got lot'z hugs and kisses! Funny eh? Well it was female and he did love da ladies! Another story. Anyway, Dad took June to Greenwood raceway to see a famous horse trainer. I won't name him here cause it's not fair to say who it was, I'll just say he was the most famous Canadian Standardbred horse trainer at that time and maybe to this day. The trainer couldn't believe the fast times June would do at the track! Everyday he would call or my Dad would stop by to see her break track records. My Dad had a winner! Everyone would say to me, "Do you own June" ? I'd say "Ya that's me"!, sure me! There was also other reports on June. She would kick other horses, she was murder to harness, she'd raise up in the stall, bite the staff... She was a hand full, but she was worth it from what I heard and seen. Then one night we had a call from the barns at Greenwood, there was a problem with June. My Dad had to go down to the track immediately! Seems June fell and landed on her face, she was blinded in one eye. Ya, hmmm....Ya fell on her face. She had a laceration right across her face, To me and my Dad it looked like a whip mark! Exactly like a whip mark! She was done as a race horse. They tried mind you to race her, but things spooked her on the track with one eye. Shit everything spooked her before the blindness, now it was worse! Dad tried to bred her , but she was a blind bitch who would never come close to a male horse. She was finally bred to a huge horse that tamed her in a tied off stable, but Dad didn't get what the colt was worth, so he didn't do it again. That horse did some good things at the track and fathered a long line of great racers. Anyhoo we were talk'n about June and Dad. One bright New Years morning Dad went out to the barn to feed the horses. It was a bright brisk day. The horses would love to go out after eating their oats. Dad decided to let them out for the day. He let all elven of the horses out one at a time. He always would let June out last, cause she would bite the other horses as they came into the coral. June would always be moving back and forth waiting, bite'n at the stall as they would walk by, Dad came into the stall brought her out, she was playful that morning all "Oated Up", frisky, as she was let out to the fence door Dad let her go and tapped her on the ass to give her some love and (((WHAM)))..She kicked him right in the temple... I know she didn't mean to hurt him, she was blind and spooked... But June left her pal "for dead" in her tracks. He laid there for hours unconscious. He was found by boarders at the barn. He was rushed to the hospital. he was given a weeks stay and released. In the 70's they couldn't do what they can do now with MRI scans and all, just xrays. Dad was off work for a week. Then he couldn't take sit'n around anymore, so he went back. All seemed fine at first.
But slowly we started to notice things about Dad. He would lose things that were right beside him or he didn't remember as much as before. He couldn't retain news stories that were just on T.V....And his business started to slide. It could have been the recession of the late 70's or other factors but it was never the same. Neither was his temper, it seemed to be gone. His anger definitely subsided. He would hug me or try to. He didn't get as cross all the time. He seemed happier? His business was barely hanging on, but he wasn't as freaked out, it was kind'a "whatever". He did have his temper tantrums, but not like he did before. He was a nicer guy!

When I bring up to my wife, son or daughter about how bright a man my Dad was they just look at me funny. They know the loving caring guy that would do anything for them or me, but not the innovative, do anything, go getter he was before. My Dad was never the same after that incident. He was never as cleaver or as successful financially, but was a warmer nicer person. And that's what everyone remembers about how warm, caring and loving a man he was.

I Loved That Guy!

What happened on that cold crisp winter day was Karma. Not good, not bad, but Karma.

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

Just Wanted To Show Ya Where Some Of The J.D.R.F. Funds Go.

Jun 6 2008, 2:26 PM EST
Sanford health seeks cure for type 1 diabetes
EUREKALERTContact: Leslie Schwartzlschwartz@jdrf.org212-479-7553Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

"Sanford project to focus on beta cell regeneration".
Sanford Health leaders announced today the focus of the Sanford Project is curing type 1 diabetes via the body's natural ability to regenerate beta cells. Identified as the attack on one of the greatest health concerns of our time, Sanford Health is dedicating health research resources to cure type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes.
"The concept for the Sanford Project is to focus on a single, pressing healthcare issue and establish a world-class research team to achieve significant progress within a reasonable time period," said Sanford Health Executive Vice President Dave Link. "Through an extensive selection process which outlined specific candidate criteria, Sanford Health has chosen to attack type 1 diabetes by focusing on beta cell regeneration."
Type 1 diabetes currently affects nearly 3 million people in the United States. It is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. It often strikes during childhood, makes patients dependent on insulin for life and carries the constant threat of devastating complications. Regeneration research focuses on triggering the body to re-grow the insulin-producing beta cells that have been killed by the autoimmune response and to prevent destruction of the newly regenerated cells by the same autoimmune reaction.
"Beta cell regeneration is one of the fastest-growing and most intriguing areas of type 1 diabetes research," stated Ben Perryman, PhD, Sanford Health Vice President of Research. "Through the Sanford Project, our research team will hope to either spur the body to copy existing functioning beta cells or to coax the pancreas to create new ones. When people with the disease have regenerated beta cells, they can begin making their own insulin again. The intent of the Sanford Project will be to focus on bench-side research and closely integrating translational research opportunities with clinical treatment."
Sanford Health will assemble a team of top researchers to work on the project and plans an investment of $30 million over five to seven years. Additional funding is expected from foundation and industry sources as well as the National Institutes of Health. The core of the research will be conducted in a developing 185-acre research park in the city's growing southwest corridor.
Sanford Health will be partnering in the recruitment of researchers and review of regeneration-related research with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF). JDRF is the world's largest charitable source of funding for research leading to a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications.
"JDRF welcomes Sanford Health as its very special partner in a shared mission. We both aim to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of new, life-changing therapies and cures for all who suffer from type 1 diabetes and its complications," said S. Robert Levine, MD, Chairman of the JDRF Clinical Affairs Working Group. "The Sanford Project has great potential to help us keep our promise of a cure. It uniquely affords us [Sanford, JDRF, Burnham and other collaborators] the opportunity to link the critical resources required to bridge all the gaps in translating scientific advances made at the laboratory bench into new drug and device development breakthroughs, and ultimately reach the right patient, at the right time, and every time."
The Sanford Project is one of four initiatives outlined after a transformational gift of $400 million by South Dakota businessman and philanthropist Denny Sanford in 2007. From its inception, the Sanford Project was "designed for results." Viable candidate ideas were assessed based on criteria including: (1) a specific approach to advance new treatments for a disease, (2) a high likelihood of success within a designated time frame and (3) an appropriate and suitable scope to be carried out at Sanford Health.
To select a final disease for the Sanford Project, a committee of leading scientists, named the Advisory Council, met on April 17, 2008. Presentations were heard from leading national experts representing each of the final four candidate ideas which included: lupus, pediatric multiple sclerosis, and cancer caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). The Advisory Council deliberated and presented its guidance and recommendations. Based on these recommendations, the Sanford Health Board of Trustees made its final selection.
About Sanford HealthSanford Health's comprehensive, integrated system includes nearly 370 physicians in 115 clinics, 23 hospitals, 13 nursing homes, 17 assisted living facilities and congregate living locations, 27 home health services and 19 pharmacies. With approximately 12,000 employees, Sanford Health is the largest employer in the region. Its primary 500-bed nonprofit tertiary care hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, serves an average of more than 30,000 inpatients annually. With more than a million outpatient visits each year, Sanford Health has served the 80,000 square mile, four-state region of South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska for over 110 years. Sanford Health is the largest healthcare system between Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Denver, CO. Its divisions include Sanford USD Medical Center, Sanford Clinic, Sanford Health Network, Sanford Health Plan and Sanford Health Foundation. For more information, visit

Sa Later Wallycrawler.