Saturday, June 28, 2008

It All Starts To Make Sense...

With the NASA scientists finally admitting to what we already knew, that Mars has life. Also what other scientists believe what happened to Mars billions of years ago. The only real conclusion is...

Mars is Earths creator:

Mars, commonly known as the Red Planet, could also be called the lopsided planet, since much of its southern hemisphere has a dramatically higher elevation and a thicker crust.
The resulting Borealis basin is elliptical in shape and over 10,000 kilometres long, according to the studies, but is partially obscured by the massive Tharsis volcanic mountain range, which cuts across the middle of the planet.
Scientists have debated whether the odd surface trend was the result of convection beneath the planet's surface or an external force.
Writing in Thursday's edition of Nature, three groups of scientists provide the most compelling evidence to date that an outside impact was responsible, suggesting an asteroid slammed into the planet some four billion years ago, around the same time a massive Mars-sized body is believed to have collided with the Earth and helped form our moon.
One of the three studies - from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - suggested the asteroid hit Mars at an angle, leading to the elliptical shape of the basin, instead of the circular shape common with many impact craters.
Another study led by the California Institute of Technology calculated that a 1,600-kilometre-wide object travelling 21,000 km/h would have hit the planet at an angle between 30 and 60 degrees, and caused an explosion equal to 75 trillion to 150 trillion megatons of dynamite.
A third study by researchers from the University of Santa Cruz found the impact model is consistent with the differences in planetary crust thicknesses between the planet's two hemispheres.
An accompanying commentary from Walter Kiefer, a staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, said the three studies did not provide conclusive evidence but, taken together, strengthen the impact hypothesis.
"The betting odds have gone up a lot in favour of the impact model," said Kiefer.

I've thought about this for some time. I think this is be the reason for our existence on Earth. I always thought it was a meteor that gave life to creatures on this planet. We could be here on a giant fluke?!
This image released by Penn State University shows colonies of Chryseobacterium greenlandensis, a form of extreme life, growing on an agar medium in a petri dish. A single colony contains millions of cells and is large enough to be seen with the naked eye. NASA's Phoenix lander is looking for conditions near Mars' north pole that could support primitive life similar to extreme life on Earth.(AP Photo/Penn State University)

Think about it!

Here's Earth, a lonely plant and his sister Mars, do'n noth'n, but existing and one day...WHAMMM. An asteroid hits da sister right in da head. Blow'n her top off! Mars's parts are everywhere in the solar system, including hitting Earth all over his body. At the same time a large part of ol'sis just rests right beside Earth cause'n maybe a cool'n off of the planet. The rest could be history?! It makes sense if you think about it!

Ehhh I could wrong?

Just Think'n Da Wallycrawler.

5 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

I'm still amazed that we can send a lander up there and control its every move, scoop earth and analyze it down to the microscopic level and still my Cell phone drops a call from just across town. I think we need to sort our priorities.

handmaiden said...

I would not be surprised if there is some merit in that. Interesting to think about, anyway. If that became a scientific consensus sometime in the near future, I wonder what the religious wackos of the world would do with that information?

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that we can clone sheep, google our house and see its shapes and sizes via satellite and yet they cant get the toilet to work consistently? wtf?

And you know someone is getting laid up there, where are those shots? And why be greedy?

Okay okay I am rambling but i am just saying...

~ :-)

wallycrawler said...

Your right Kid we should sort out our priorities.

We should be...Eg: Try'n to find a new source of energy to fly to the "Next Earth". Mars with the right help could be that planet? Or... Maybe use Titan for mining purposes...etc...

Things like this should be advancing in our lifetime! Under Bush, they're not!

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In Canada we're kind'a spoiled. We have the best telephone service in the world. I think Toronto and the surrounding area will be the first total Wi-Fi area in the world. That will be in the near future. Most of our shopping areas are Wi-Fi friendly now.


Handmaiden this does have merit. And if I was a member of a church that went against this form of science, it wouldn't be the church for me.

I've think there was a creator. The universe had a beginning. We just have to figure out who or what it is?!


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Anonymous said...

Wallycrawler ~ Nasa needs toliet advice; however, the suggestions you made are suitable for us mere humans on Planet Earth in this gravity environment. How what works in space?

~ Nasa Needs A Wally