Saturday, June 07, 2008

Karma Ain't Bad!

Far be it from me to argue a point with such a brilliant mind such as Sharon Stone, but I do know a bit about "Karma". And Sharon there is no such thing as "Bad Karma", there's just Karma, period. Ya reap what ya sow! So as a point, she's wrong! To bad it was kind'a a good thing to say, really it was. She should'a said something like..."China grew their own Karma". That would have been a brighter statement. Sharon probably wouldn't have been in such hot water if she said that. Ya know what? It would'a been a better shot at the world's leader in death, theft, murder and pure filth! I don't have anything to lose, in stating this, Sharon Stone will lose millions of dollars. I also think if your gonna make a statement like this, back it up and don't back down. Not recanted the statement a day later! Too bad, fer a second there I had some respect for her. Another thing, she's a practice'n Buddhist and she backed down to a country that's kill'n off her faith in rapid fashion. Now that's some "Karma" she's sow'n eh? Ya see she's a Hollywood Buddhist, not really in tune of what the faith actually is. Like all Hollywood loons they only practice a faith so far, until it takes dedication, then they kind'a have'ta do somethin else. So that's probably why she really didn't know about the "Bad Karma" thing. All this CNN bullshit aside this all brings me back to a story of Karma...

Way back in da 70's my Dad owned and operated a small successful construction company. That company gave my Dad something he never had before, cash, a great deal of liquid assets. I'll give ya da long and short of of his company. It was run internally by my Mother. My Dad was the inventor and practitioner. My Dad would spend a get deal of time researching on new products that were being introduced in the U.S.A. or Europe. He would read about a new practice in insulation he would want to be the first to bring it to Canada! And he did with great success!

I also wanna say my Dad was a very generous guy. I always had everything i needed or didn't need. My sis had horses, a Jaguar (da car, not da cat)... I had horses, motorcycles...If she or I wanted it, we got it. We were spoiled rotten! He would sponsor baseball teams, hockey teams...Whatever the town wanted he would do it for the kids of the town. Everybody benefited from my Dad's generosity.

We all loved my Dad. he was a great guy and a pretty smart dude fer have'n a grade 3 education! Way to smart.

But he did have a problem...He was an angry guy, when things didn't go his way or if he had a few to many... He was a nightmare! I have have his trait of losing it too, but I squeeze it down to try not to lash out the way my Dad did. He was a violent man that I had many-a-run-in with, way to many! If ya ask any of my friends they'll recount my Dad chasing me around the house to inflect punishment to me. At first they thought it was a game and help him catch me. Only to recoil in horror to witness the beating I would receive. They thought my Dad was play'n, he wasn't! It was sometimes a weekly event or even more. My Mother, sister also felt his violent actions, but mostly it was me that felt his wraith. He didn't know how to hug or kiss me. He felt that it was weak or faggy to hold a guy. I'm guess'n, who knows? He wasn't comfortable with it anyway. He would express his feelings with criticism, another one of his traits I try to suppress, no one was good at anything, you could always improve...OK enough of the negative cause this is not what this story is about, it's about Karma.

Did I say we had horses? Ya well we did. That was my Dad's financial weakness, horses = money and lots of it! Especially the type of horses he had his teeth in, Standardbred and Thoroughbred race horses. The one horse my Dad loved the most was a Standardbred mare by the name of "Bell Gay June". June was a nasty fuck'n mare! She was the fuck'n bitch of bitches!!! Nobody could stand close her. She would bite or kick anyone that came near her, a real nut-job of a horse! A mean snarly witch, but she could run like the wind, I've never seen a horse run like her, fast as lightning! Of coarse ya all know who could get next to June don'tcha? Ya my Dad. That horse loved my Dad and he loved her, He also loved the fact that she didn't love anyone else. Now that horse she got lot'z hugs and kisses! Funny eh? Well it was female and he did love da ladies! Another story. Anyway, Dad took June to Greenwood raceway to see a famous horse trainer. I won't name him here cause it's not fair to say who it was, I'll just say he was the most famous Canadian Standardbred horse trainer at that time and maybe to this day. The trainer couldn't believe the fast times June would do at the track! Everyday he would call or my Dad would stop by to see her break track records. My Dad had a winner! Everyone would say to me, "Do you own June" ? I'd say "Ya that's me"!, sure me! There was also other reports on June. She would kick other horses, she was murder to harness, she'd raise up in the stall, bite the staff... She was a hand full, but she was worth it from what I heard and seen. Then one night we had a call from the barns at Greenwood, there was a problem with June. My Dad had to go down to the track immediately! Seems June fell and landed on her face, she was blinded in one eye. Ya, hmmm....Ya fell on her face. She had a laceration right across her face, To me and my Dad it looked like a whip mark! Exactly like a whip mark! She was done as a race horse. They tried mind you to race her, but things spooked her on the track with one eye. Shit everything spooked her before the blindness, now it was worse! Dad tried to bred her , but she was a blind bitch who would never come close to a male horse. She was finally bred to a huge horse that tamed her in a tied off stable, but Dad didn't get what the colt was worth, so he didn't do it again. That horse did some good things at the track and fathered a long line of great racers. Anyhoo we were talk'n about June and Dad. One bright New Years morning Dad went out to the barn to feed the horses. It was a bright brisk day. The horses would love to go out after eating their oats. Dad decided to let them out for the day. He let all elven of the horses out one at a time. He always would let June out last, cause she would bite the other horses as they came into the coral. June would always be moving back and forth waiting, bite'n at the stall as they would walk by, Dad came into the stall brought her out, she was playful that morning all "Oated Up", frisky, as she was let out to the fence door Dad let her go and tapped her on the ass to give her some love and (((WHAM)))..She kicked him right in the temple... I know she didn't mean to hurt him, she was blind and spooked... But June left her pal "for dead" in her tracks. He laid there for hours unconscious. He was found by boarders at the barn. He was rushed to the hospital. he was given a weeks stay and released. In the 70's they couldn't do what they can do now with MRI scans and all, just xrays. Dad was off work for a week. Then he couldn't take sit'n around anymore, so he went back. All seemed fine at first.
But slowly we started to notice things about Dad. He would lose things that were right beside him or he didn't remember as much as before. He couldn't retain news stories that were just on T.V....And his business started to slide. It could have been the recession of the late 70's or other factors but it was never the same. Neither was his temper, it seemed to be gone. His anger definitely subsided. He would hug me or try to. He didn't get as cross all the time. He seemed happier? His business was barely hanging on, but he wasn't as freaked out, it was kind'a "whatever". He did have his temper tantrums, but not like he did before. He was a nicer guy!

When I bring up to my wife, son or daughter about how bright a man my Dad was they just look at me funny. They know the loving caring guy that would do anything for them or me, but not the innovative, do anything, go getter he was before. My Dad was never the same after that incident. He was never as cleaver or as successful financially, but was a warmer nicer person. And that's what everyone remembers about how warm, caring and loving a man he was.

I Loved That Guy!

What happened on that cold crisp winter day was Karma. Not good, not bad, but Karma.

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

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wisdomstuff said...

Someone once asked me if I believed in karma. Not really sure I prescribe to that whole way of thinking.

Gee, and a guy that gets nasty when he drinks? Hard to even imagine that. Can't say I've EVER run across something like that.

Your Dad does sound like a great guy, other than that whole meanness streak thing. Funny how we can have such mixed emotions about our family.

Am I rambling?

Love ya Wally!

Tasty said...

wally i did know a little about ur past. when u dated my sis, did u have the horses? i remember her talking about riding a horse...or was that just u?

wallycrawler said...

No Chickie Baby your not rambling.

And I love ya too!

Sorry to hear about the run-ins with the violent drunk guys. I've met a million of those guys, including me when I was younger and drank rye whiskey. I stick to vodka, Coronas, rum, tequila, mescal, absinthe and of coarse single malt scotch... coolers...German beer...Irish whiskey...fermented mares milk..OK I drink everything but rye!

I missed your ass shot last Thursday! Do ya have a private shot fer ya only blog love? Hmm?


Tasty where ya been? You busy or sumthin?

Ya your sister rode my horses and my... I refuse to come down to your level!

See Ya Friday.

handmaiden said...

wally Sharon Stone, talking about "bad Karma" in that context is no different then some asshole evangelist talking about Hurricane Katrina being God's punishment or any other religious nonsense.

IMO, Karma comes down to practical advice. "You reap what you sow." is practical advice "What goes around comes around" & "Goodness reaps it's own rewards." is pretty practical, too. The cool thing about Karma is what it does for us the recipients. It makes us feel like there is order & justice in the world. karma is a good concept.& I bet your experience with your Dad has made you a better father. Now That's Karma! :)

I hate the senseless killing of any

handmaiden said...


I cut myself off.

I hate the senseless killing of any life no matter how low so, I always told my kids when ever they stubbed their toe or bumped their head or something of that nature that it was Karma... they must of killed a bug.

I don't think they ever quite believed me, but my daughter told me it made her have more respect for bug life. She say's she feel guilty when she kills a bug.

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, I'm back to Chicky Baby? Am I regressing?

There was really only one mean drunk guy but it left a VERY bad taste in my mouth.

Private shot? We may have to discuss this at a later time :-)

Helga Hansen said...

Hey Wally... thanks for popping by my blog - I'm loving the music!! :D

The Phosgene Kid said...

sometimes we just need to be rebooted, though a kick to the head is a little extreme. I wish I knew more about my dad's life, but he wasn't very open until after my mother's death, by then time was short for him as well.

Anonymous said...

You reap what you you know where that comes from?

wallycrawler said...

Handmaiden exatcly, Sharon Stone is a goof! If she believe that kind'a logic , don't back down!

So you teach some form of religious practice eh?...Very interesting! Sounds like superstition to me.


OK Wise-Bird I'll be wait'n by my email or Messenger to get my reply. In what name will the response come out. I'm "Curious"?


Helga anyone who puts herself out like you do come back anytime!


I never thought about the "reboot" option we all had? Ya I guess that's why they call it "A kick ta da head"! Your new!
Do you think it was that generation or their former European roots that made men that hard emotionally, or maybe the war? I dunno?


Anonymous, I believe it's from the bible?


wisdomstuff said...

Really? I didn't realize you had a double identity.

wallycrawler said...

Shit Toby not cool!

I don't mind the banter, but...come on?

I love a good fight, but not an attack. Sorry Toby I'm gonna take it off. Sorry!

Yo Momma said...

you're so right about Sharon Stone being a Hollywood Buddhist. She should have just explained her statement rather than completely retract and apologize. The damage was already done.
That was a great story about your dad. It reminded me of that movie Regarding Henry. Some guy who was successful but mean to everyone around him, he gets a lucky shot in the head during a robbery, he survives but he loses his memory, ability to read. In the end he gains everything back and is just a really nice guy. Love that movie, can't believe it happened to your dad via a horse!

wallycrawler said...

Yo Momma, welcome! And I'm glad you liked my story about my Dad. Thanx!
I went over to your blog and your funny as hell! I'm sure I'll visit your blog again and again.

Tasty likes your blog too! She told me to look it up. So when I seen your avatar at da Ice Princess's, I clicked on.

Funny shit! Keep it up!

The reason I wrote this story, at this time, is we're put'n Dad in the ground this weekend in Gravenhurst Ontario.

He didn't want to be in that cemetery I know this fer a fact cause he told me so, more than a dozen times . So I'm gonna take a bit of his ashes and spread them around the cliffs at the point on lake Muskoka. If ya know Muskoka you'll know where I mean. Princess will know fer sure!

I think he'll like that!

Toby said...

Awww... I thought this blog was about the truth?

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