Thursday, December 31, 2009

... Maybe It Wasn't A Great Year Fer Ya...?

It Could'a Been Worse...

You Could'a Been O.J.
Luv Wally

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Have A Happy And Healthy Holiday.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas To Our Society Of Infants.

Percentage of people in Africa with full blown AIDS. 2005.

This is what I wrote way back in 2005. It's also da 'rant' my teenage hero left a comment on. Pete Townsend wrote a very nice comment after read'n my blog. I was & still am very proud of that. But that isn't da reason of rehash'n this post. It's because we really haven't learned anything in 5 years. In fact we now have our heads more firmly up our asses than we ever did way back when. We witnessed the complete collapse our our economies, yet we still practice da same economical catastrophic medicines. This time of year we still charge our way to financial ruin. We're still buy'n Asian made goods as our jobs are be'n outsourced. We're cheer'n for a "made for T.V." President even when he makes blunder after blunder with little or no criticism. Da worst of all weare be'n led to believe that our planet is at an enviormental peril. All this to increase taxes & to sell us more crap we don't need!

So to all of us, our "Society Of Infants", Happy Holidaze. I pray that next year maybe we'll all wake up and take these fuckers down.

Re Hash: Dawn Of Da Bizzaro World.

Headline: "Does Madonna still have it?" Headline: "What celebrity's has the most bizarre baby names? Headline: " 'Ali G' threatened by the Kazakh government!" These are headlines in today's newspapers & the Reuters news service . Why are these 'News' stories headlines? They're funny ya! Madonna, did she ever really 'HAVE IT'? But come on, headline stories? I don't think so. In a world that has so many real problems is this what we call 'NEWS WORTHY'?

The real news is in Zambia Africa half of the nation suffers with the AIDS virus. In South East Asia slave children make Barbies & Nikes for good little Western boys & girls. "Merry Christmas lil Jimmy". In the Middle East boys strap themselves with bombs to send their souls to heaven . If da media told the REAL NEWS how could our family's ever choke down their Christmas dinners while watching the CBS Evening News? Or could they? How many of you knew that this was da real news of da day? What all of you!? OK then what if I told you all of these events where man made? You & I caused all of these catastrophes! Now how's that meal taste?

In Africa in the 1970's a mining company wanted control of lands owned by a small tribe. The tribesmen didn't want any part of the deal. The corporation's solution was "THE FINAL SOLUTION". A medical firm injected a tainted 'vaccine' into black women, men and children . Maybe inadvertently, but probably most definitely not. Medical corporations had practiced this method before. Gay men were given da same treatment months before in New York with great results. Alas that's another story. Needless to say within a few agonizing months the tribesmen and their offspring where kaput. The land was free to mine. That worked pretty good eh? Clean neat kill. Nice! This is where the story gets really sick! That first strain was passed on to other tribes and other tribes, and so on, and so on, and so on ... It was unstoppable, or at least it looked unstoppable. Maybe nobody choose to stop it? I believe the later. Did I say first strain? Oh yeah there are different strains out there. Who knows if that was part of the "SOLUTION" but it was & still is effective. What is going on in Africa has happened before with great success in North America. When the settlers landed in Plymouth Rock they came barring gifts. The great gift of flu, influenza. It killed off more Indians than any frontiersman's gun. It was the deciding bullet. If not for the Flu 'The West' would not have been won! This effective flu missile was not forgotten by the corporate mind. What is going on in Africa is the biggest land grab in the history of the world. Millions of people die every year all so corporations can steal from the wealthiest continent of natural resources in the world. Alas my lil'infants this is not 'NEWS WORTHY', but it's all very real. In South East Asia, shit let's call a spade a spade, CHINA, the news is all bright and shiny. "What a new, clean beautiful place!" 'THE NEW CHINA'! What the fuck does China have? Technology? Ahhh nope, we gave them that! Rich land and resources? Again no pretty much clean that all out. not so much there now. Hmmm...? Maybe something else? ... A large amount of people? THAT'S IT! EUREKA! That's da answer. A huge amount of poor downtrodden people and a corrupt government. I like the medias term for it "A LARGE LABOR FORCE." A "force" that works virtuously for free! Hey let's call a spade a spade, SLAVES. We're all slaves, but not to this extent. "I hear Barbie & Ken broke up." "Awww tooo bad"! Ya know what I heard? I heard some kid lost his hands making Barbie! "Throw him out back, what good is he now?" Life is cheap in the slave world, but do you know where life is cheaper? Here that's where. All because we don't fuck'n care! The WTO represents the largest slave owners ever in the history of the world. Who are the slave owners? We are moron, we are! We are because we want low prices and high margins so we can buy more cheap shit, and more shit, and more shit! Gordon Gekko was wrong greed ain't good! Man this crap has to stop before someone stops it for us and guess what? That someone is out there, and GROWING. By starting a war in Iraq we have built the world of Islam, a world now with a purpose. Before '9/11' we had the world with us. At our backs, fighting the good fight. Since the start of the "IRAQ II" the Islamic world has grown , grown with hatred and madness. They know what we do, and what we do is steal. What our corporations and government has done was steal a vital resource from a very poor people. This act has given them no hope. Their lives all but crap, no future they attack their oppressor and who could blame them? The Islamic rulers have been using this act with great fodder and it's working We are now the enemy of every Muslim zealot. The Western world is "EVIL", "THE DEVIL" and we've proved it to them. To save our way of life and our souls we have to ouster the "EVIL". George Bush , Dick Cheney , and Tony Blair must stand trial at the Haag for war crimes. We as a nation must stop doing business with firms that set up shop in slave nations. I have never been an isolationist nor do I think we should become a North American only shop, but we can't do bushiness with "MASTERS" or their "SERVANTS"! That's just BIZARRO!

Post Script 2009:

Tony Blair is in the process of getting whats due to him and may face a war crimes tribunal in Great Britain?

George Bush hasn't yet seen a sniff of what is due to him.

Dick Cheney is often quoted on conservative TV and News Networks as a voice of reason?

We are now answer'n to a foreign country as to how we buy and purchase goods.

We have borrowed on our Grand kids futures to get out'a a hole we dug by do'n business da same foreign body.

Da worst part of da story is Africans are still be'n infected by da A.I.D.S. virus by U.S. , Chinese and Dutch corporations to steal their natural resources. In fact, in Africa AIDS is the number one cause of death, period!

So I guess I'm say'n?... "Same ol', same ol'".

Still Love'n ya.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jesse 'The Body' Ventura Agrees With Da Crawler On A 'lotta Stuff.

Da former Minnesota Governor stopped by "The Howard Stern Show" to promote his new TruTV 'Conspiracy Theory' show. His first show was about H.A.A.R.P.
Despite his dedication to uncovering secrets Jesse complained that the media was over-reporting the Tiger Woods scandal: "It's nobodies business...there's a difference between what the public needs to know and what they don't."
Jesse said he'd recently reported on a bizarre government (HAARP) funded project in Alaska that groups 380 radio antennas . Each emitting 50,000 watts: "Its frequency is set to the identical frequency of the human brain." Jesse continued: "They call this an 'unclassified research center.' Well, then why wouldn't they let me in?" Jesse added that the site is funded by DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency "the most mysterious part of the Pentagon," to the tune of $250 million.


Jesse Ventura , born James George Janos, told the crew he knew the U.S. was in trouble in Afghanistan, according to him, "when we've made allies of convicted heroin dealers". Howard asked Jesse when he decided everything was a lie, and Jesse cited former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara's admission that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident – the event that convinced the United States to enter the Vietnam War ... "Never happened"...

After listening to da former Gov. on T.V. and radio interviews I'm certain that Jesse is a member of "The Zeitgeist Movement", or at lest a practitioner of their theories.

A funny thing happened later that day on da "Opie & Anthony" show. Jesse was verbally attacked by a over zealous, pompous. crappy 'comedian' try'n to make a name fer himself. After watch'n da video, Jim Norton was very lucky he still has a head. I would just squashed his lil' pea head inta sour mash. Ventura just walked out after 20min. of his rambling, but you could see in his eyes he wanted to smack da lil 'retardo. I'd load it up, but Blogger takes like 20 minutes to load a 6 minute video. Norton is a former comic on the T.V. show "So You Think Your Funny?" or sumthin? So he has tons of credo to take on a highly decorated former Navy Seal and a Governor of Minnesota on his ideas on facts of life. It was an insulting venture at the very lest. Sometimes ya gotta just shut-up and listen. That's my advise anyway. I'm sure Jim Norton thinks he's right to voice an opinion and Jesse gave him full time to do so, but a 20 minute tirade is more than anyone could take. Norton has a "small man syndrome" and I've run into this type of guy before... Many a time... Best to just walk away on guys like these. Jim Norton kept say'n over and over.."your a big guy... "your a big man"... "you want to hit me?... Stuff like that... Total "Napoleon Complex"!

But I would'a just dropped 'em! Jesse is da better man than me, fer sure!

Here's a small sample of da Stern Show interview

Sa Later


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Why Do You Drive A Japanese Car Again?

Ask yourself. "Who am I dealing with"? Scum Of Da Earth, That's Who!

Da Sea runs red with atrocities that are committed daily by the Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese fishing fleets. The Asian fishing industry is controlled by the Asian mob, with no mortality. They are terrorizing our oceans in a way that in ten years we will be talking about areas that no longer contain any sea life. By using long lines and many others ways of gathering sea life, these scum of da sea are killing not only fish, dolphins, whales and sharks. they are killing the air that we breathe. Ya see da sea is the major source of oxygen in our world.

Mr. Obama and Mr Harper.

Stop Killing Our Seas! Stop All Imports! Open Our Factories!

Fuck Asia!

Wally Oot