Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jesse 'The Body' Ventura Agrees With Da Crawler On A 'lotta Stuff.

Da former Minnesota Governor stopped by "The Howard Stern Show" to promote his new TruTV 'Conspiracy Theory' show. His first show was about H.A.A.R.P.
Despite his dedication to uncovering secrets Jesse complained that the media was over-reporting the Tiger Woods scandal: "It's nobodies business...there's a difference between what the public needs to know and what they don't."
Jesse said he'd recently reported on a bizarre government (HAARP) funded project in Alaska that groups 380 radio antennas . Each emitting 50,000 watts: "Its frequency is set to the identical frequency of the human brain." Jesse continued: "They call this an 'unclassified research center.' Well, then why wouldn't they let me in?" Jesse added that the site is funded by DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency "the most mysterious part of the Pentagon," to the tune of $250 million.


Jesse Ventura , born James George Janos, told the crew he knew the U.S. was in trouble in Afghanistan, according to him, "when we've made allies of convicted heroin dealers". Howard asked Jesse when he decided everything was a lie, and Jesse cited former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara's admission that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident – the event that convinced the United States to enter the Vietnam War ... "Never happened"...

After listening to da former Gov. on T.V. and radio interviews I'm certain that Jesse is a member of "The Zeitgeist Movement", or at lest a practitioner of their theories.

A funny thing happened later that day on da "Opie & Anthony" show. Jesse was verbally attacked by a over zealous, pompous. crappy 'comedian' try'n to make a name fer himself. After watch'n da video, Jim Norton was very lucky he still has a head. I would just squashed his lil' pea head inta sour mash. Ventura just walked out after 20min. of his rambling, but you could see in his eyes he wanted to smack da lil 'retardo. I'd load it up, but Blogger takes like 20 minutes to load a 6 minute video. Norton is a former comic on the T.V. show "So You Think Your Funny?" or sumthin? So he has tons of credo to take on a highly decorated former Navy Seal and a Governor of Minnesota on his ideas on facts of life. It was an insulting venture at the very lest. Sometimes ya gotta just shut-up and listen. That's my advise anyway. I'm sure Jim Norton thinks he's right to voice an opinion and Jesse gave him full time to do so, but a 20 minute tirade is more than anyone could take. Norton has a "small man syndrome" and I've run into this type of guy before... Many a time... Best to just walk away on guys like these. Jim Norton kept say'n over and over.."your a big guy... "your a big man"... "you want to hit me?... Stuff like that... Total "Napoleon Complex"!

But I would'a just dropped 'em! Jesse is da better man than me, fer sure!

Here's a small sample of da Stern Show interview

Sa Later


13 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

From all star wrestler to Prophet. I am a Crusher fan myself. No one remeber the crusher because he kept the bullshit in the wrestling ring, but he was a relaly down to earth guy and no brain damage.

I think Jesse is talking about "HARP" in Alaska with the antenna stuff. It isn't used for mind control but something more insidious, weather control. It heats the Troposphere causing a bulge that draws in lower layers of the atmosphere and can alter the paths of weather. There was a special on the HARP stations (there are more than one) on TV not too log ago.

Just what we need a dysfunctional gov't tampering with the weather.

wallycrawler said...

Yup. I agree with everything you wrote there Kid. Except that he's a bullshiter. hehe

Personally, until very recently, I never even heard of HAARP. I was kind'a glad his 1st show was about it.
HAARP is sa very interesting invention taken from da mind of Nikola Tesla. It could control weather and a number of other things that run on electric currents. Maybe even brain waves? His show mentioned all forms, including weather , brain...etc. So you and and da "bullshiter" are on da same paths here.

Jesse is an ego infested, big mouthed, opinionated, former wrestler fer sure! But a bullshiter he ain't. Maybe a storyteller? But that makes him more credible in my mind (small as it is). He reminds me of my grandfather who had an art of smell'n crap.

Let's face it, conspiracies are the "tall tales" of our times. Jesse is the "Tale Tale Teller" of da moment. Like I said in my blog. Sit back and listen. If it's shit it can always be washed off.

I loved da Crusher too! In fact da Crusher's best opponent was Super Star Billy Graham. The very look and style Jesse The Body Venture "borrowed" from. S.S. actually helped out Jesse when he first started. Hulk Hogan also stole S.S. look and style. Crusher's look was kind'a a rip-off of a guy that was huge at one time. Dick The Bulldog Brower. Crusher, Ivan Pusski and da Super Star were the first "Roid Boys". Love da Game.

"da walker" said...

just so you know crawler, your comments on jim being just a crappy comic who is trying to make a name for himself are wrong. he has many hit HBO specials and sells out theaters and arenas. he also headlines comedy tours as well as being in movies and is third mic on the opie and anthony show. if u watch the full video or listened to the show u might have heard how Jesse was talking over everyone and trying to "alpha male" his opinions, and when jim did it back, jesse walked out. as for the small guy syndrome, he wasnt saying your a big man to make fun of him. he was saying how he wasnt intimidated by someone who is used to pushing his chest out and bullying people to agree with him. his full quote was " your bigger and stronger then me, so what. you wanna knock me out?, go ahead. im not gonna fight a guy like you, that means nothing to me." also the fact that jesse is a decorated navy seal is to his credit. but trying to put someone down by saying "thanks for your service to our country" is bullshit. it seams u forgot to put that in your blog. that jesse said that to jim as to call him less of a person. what i would call "alpha male syndrome". some people werent ment to be soilders. just because he was a seal doesnt mean he is smarter or his opinions are right or better then someone who wasnt. i guess if thats true Bill Gates must have just found all that money he has. so before you go saying that jim has no "credo" to talk about facts of life with jesse,( who has been on the show before and knew what to expect) maybe you should do a bit of research on who you are bad mouthing. just some advice for "da" bloggers out there.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Walker I heard da show. I have Sirius XM. And he is a shitty comic.

Ive seen him before. Opie and Anthony is a shit show also.

The only reason I listened to the show was Jesse did it before in May and those assholes at the time treated him like a king. He came back and obviously Norton took offense to comments about 911. He wouldn't shut up about it for over 20min. Berating Jesse over and over trying to bait him into some kind'a fight. One that he would be sure to lose and thus get some kind'a heat from it.

My comments stand. He's a Small Man. Wit lil or no talent, And belongs on that shit show.

Anonymous said...

Wrestling is freakin' stupid. This could possibly be why men and women do NOT get along. Ugh!

The Phosgene Kid said...

My favorite was the tag team between The Crusher/Dusty Rhodes and the Bichon Brothers.

wallycrawler said...

Jag, u dink huh?

I think we get along great. I love women. Give me a room full of woman, I'm in my hay-day.
Room full of dudes... I hold my own. I just think they're bore'n as hell. Always a piss'n contest with em.

I gave that up with team sports in my 30's.


Kid I'm gonna go on You Tube and watch that match. Hey Kid you like the Macho Man? When he was in that Southern Wrestling circuit he had huge heat. There was a time some fan actually stabbed him!

Anonymous said...

Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself........................................

Die Muräne said...

wrestling sucks, so could you please at least change the pictures? lol

btw, when you mention haarp: what do you guys think about this spiral light seen in northern Norway a few years ago? some say it was a rocket test, some others maybe something with haarp or whatever. many open questions on that. Please Wally, help! ;)

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