Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Da Truth About "Eco".

"Time Magazine Sept. 24, 1974"

It's Missing! In the "Time Magazine" archives, this cover is missing!

I wonder why this is? Could it be that the article on da cover is maybe not very "Politically Correct"? It was about a "Global Threat", right? Why would this cover be missing? Good thing I don't believe in conspiracies, or this one would be at the top of my list. The cover back in '74 suggests that we are very near a time of great doom...."Another Ice Age"! Funny that the world 30 years ago was getting colder and now it's quite the opposite. Look I don't wanna step on any toes here, I just wanna give ya the truth...And da truth is...There isn't such thing as "Global Warming"! At lest not the "Global Warming" theories that Al Gore proselytizes. We, the beings on this Earth, that means everyone, the USA, Canada, China, India...everyone, create about 3% of the carbon that's in the atmosphere. The rest of da 97% is being created by 1) Volcanoes 2) Rotting Vegetation 3) Forest Fires...etc...And who's ta say that carbon would create a warm'n trend? If you read anything about huge amounts of carbon being displaced into our atmosphere such as eg: A volcanic eruption. Quite the contrary synopses happens. The Earth Cools! Thus da article: "September 24th, 1974 Time Magazine"! on da "New Ice Age".

Watch the videos by "Penn & Teller" on the right of my blog. They're all in order so just shift down the line. The videos are pretty informative and very amusing at the same time. Maybe your outlook will change? I support the theory that at what the media is amassing is nothing more than a con job to reach into our pockets and tax us with guilt!

This is the 1st. post on what da press is call'n "Climate Change". I will write about how this "Media Frenzy" is effecting our lives, our economy and how it's effecting our outlook on the rest of da world. Be prepared to be shocked, cause America, your be'n Scammed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re Hash : Remembering Daze Gone By .

"The Who" are on tour, again!
Guess "Who" is go'n?
And I'm take'n my daughter too!

I originally wrote this post after our family's vacation in the Dominican Republic 2005 .

I'm back from vacation and everyone had a great time. I'll have allot to say about our time in Da Dominican in a future post.

I glanced at my comments to see what was happen'n while I was away and... I received a huge surprise! Low and behold there's a comment by..."P.T." I was floored that Pete Townsend read my Blog and he kind'a liked it !? "WOW"! "Holy Shit"!

I've seen "The Who" a number of times in their hay-day. Way, way back in da seventies and early eighties. I was at the "Okeefe Center" to see them perform "Tommy Live". I think that was 1972? Ya I'm sure it was "72"! After that I 've been to "Who" concerts at Maple Leaf Gardens four times including the " Farewell Gig"in "82". Twice at the ol' "Ex" in Toronto and a couple of more times in Buffalo. My favorite concert of theirs, was probably my favorite concert of all time! It was in 1975 with my best friend Andy. The "Who By Numbers Tour". We bought obstructed view seats, cause...That's all we could get are hands on! There was no-way we thought would have great site lines, we though we would be blinded by stage props and "amps", but fuck were we wrong! We sat right next to the stage! We where so close we could see them sweat! This was "The Who" at their performance best. We had just seen "The Stones" in May and they were great , but "The Who" were... (((KABOOM))) ! "A pure fury of angst"! Watching Rodger Daltrey whip that "mike" around, I dunno how he didn't kill Townsend? He would come so close to him sometimes Pete would have'ta duck! Daltrey would constantly be pacing in a circular motion sometime running sometimes walking, waiting for his chance to scream out the lyrics. Keith Moon would be going crazy on that drum kit , brake'n his drum sticks on almost every beat! Of coarse the show stopper was Pete Townsend masterfully windmilling his arm around his guitar, smashing his "Axe" down , dancing around , jumping and diving across the stage. The laser lights where fucking amazing! "The Who's" best act was their finale. They would kick the shit out of everything on stage drums , guitars , mikes , amps ...Everything! The real goof was after destroying the stage the roadies would be go'n nuts trying to reset everything. I'm sure they would be pull'n their hair out just to find a "amp" that would work! The Who would always come back for 2 or maybe 3 encores. In Toronto "The Who" were "Rock Gods". They were popular here way before they were popular in the U.S. They never have forgot Canada was their second home and they always repaid their fans in Toronto. That night I think they did 4 encores and I remember Andy saying to me it was the greatest concert he had ever seen! He loved the song "Behind Blue Eyes". I remember Andy having the nicest eyes. He had sky blue color eyes! I guess most guys think it's kind'a gay to think about your best friend that way? I don't. It's just something I will always remember about him. Andy died a year later in a tragic car accident. The night of his death almost killed me emotionally. That evening Andy and I were going out to a party, but I cancelled to go somewhere else. It was two weeks before my 18th. Birthday and 2 months after his 19th. Andy was a person of God, he believed religiously in Christ. Andy brought God to me. I'll always thank and bless him for that. Andy is now my Guardian Angel. This might sound crazy? He sometimes comes to me in my dreams and we talk. I'm now quite a bit older but I still miss him so much it hurts. I know, "Wally that sounds very Gay"! I don't care!

I'll always remember Andy. The times we had together, of us talking all night, acting da fools at parties, and that "Who" concert way back in "75" .

I miss ya buddy!
I wish you were here, more than anything!

Da Wallycrawler.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

ReHash: Hungry? Why?

With obesity being what it is in North America . Is "McDonald's" to blame for our health problems in America or are they the easy target by liberal marketers . After reading "Fast Food Nation" and watching "Super Size Me" , I was torn . I know that fast food is anything but good for me , but is it a killer ? ...Yes , yes it is !

I've come to that conclusion not by seeing or reading documented fiction , cause that is what "FFN" & "SSM" are , fiction , I have come to this conclusion by observation . By watching my fellow workers . I've watched what they eat and what fitness level their at. Now, I'm no doctor, nor am I a dietitian , but I have gone to chefs school so I know a little about food and how it's processed and prepared . In the years in the restaurant business I can honestly say food is safer and healthier now than any other time in history . That's not saying eating at "Burger King" is healthy , anything but . In my layman's eye I have spotted compatriots consuming "McDonald's", "Harvey's", "Wendy's"... Those people who eat it daily are in this category: They're fat! They are tubs of lard!!!

Do you think those words are harsh? I don't! I really like some of those guys and gals , but they have to realize they are being programed . They are being programed by the Orwellian ad agencies and the "New Media" . By making everyday consumers weight problems seem small when in reality they're MONSTERISH! I'm not being fatuous here . There is heavy hitters out there paid to keep you fat. Highly paid "Fat Friends", scum who come into your homes daily masquerading as friends or know-it-alls. All with the same message. "Your OK Being Fat , It's Normal" ! Don't believe me ? How'bout this for example: In the "New Media" we have both "Oprah" & "Doctor Phil" both over weight seeming successful people . These "Ugly American Media Hounds" are making millions of dollars on shows about youths wasting away with a mental disorders called "Bulimia" and "Anorexic". When in fact young American youths are dieing of obesity related problems almost 200-1 . That's not to say anorexic isn't a serious disorder, it's is, but it's a rare disorder that can be treated by psychotherapy. When children or teens become thin, not emaciated, but thin , it's hardly "News Worthy", unless your paid to make it "News Worthy". I read , just yesterday about a young boy, who at 17 , died on the football field of a heart attack . He was over 280lbs . Do you think his parents thought he had a problem? No? I don't think they thought anything of it. Mainly because the whole family was over weight. We as a nation are sick, not only physically but also mentally. These charlatans Oprah and that "Quack" Phil are giving Americans a sense of "OKness" about "carrying a few". It's bullshit through and through. It's not "OK" to be fa . It's ugly and that's a honest response. Settle down if ya want bullshit go to another blog cause I'm not going to hold back. I know some of ya might be thinking "Att-oh... Old Wally here just went all Mel Gibson on us"! No far from it . I have friends and family who struggle with weight and I love them... It's not that... It's because I want everyone to live a full , happy and healthy life . I think we have to stop mollycoddling "The Fat" and we have to stop mincing words . I think we must start using words like "It's killing you stupid"! Or , " You look like shit"! Or, "Wake the fuck up . You have a fucking family that depends on you"! Or, "Your a fat slob , your breathing crazy and ya can't keep up"! Or my favorite , "YOU ! YA YOU ! Your dieing ...and I love you"! "Please don't die because I don't know what I'll do without you"!!!

We Americans and Canadians are not living in the real world. We have an eating addiction. The funny thing about this addiction isn't what we eat, it's when and how much we eat. I've witnessed these poor slobs furrow through their lunches bitching about their "new" diet. "I have ta eat this rabbit food, my doctor said I have hyper tension... and high blood pressure... and high cholesterol ...and I'm a million pounds over weight"... Blahh Blahhh Blahhh... Then they pick up their lunch boxes and they're 2' x 2' x2' red lunch boxes filled til overflowing. They pull out a salad that's 2lbs or more of food, add chicken and glop on 4-6ozs. of "Diet Rite" salad dressing. Did you ever hear of "moderation"? Here's another couple of words for ya "small portions"! Here's the trick of eating and maintaining a healthy body , not a cut . 6 pack frame , but a healthy body that looks nice in slacks. QUIT FUCKING EATING SO FUCKING MUCH! Eat meals or snacks 6 times a day . Doesn't matter when just space them out . Eat only when your hungry ! That's key. If your not hungry, DON"T EAT! Chances are your body is telling ya something. Like, eg : "I'M NOT HUNGRY , DON"T NEED TA EAT "! Drink water. Not tap water that's shit! Drink bottled R.O. water or buy a Reverse Osmosis water filter. When your feeling hungry between meals it's usually your body telling you, "I'm thirsty , drink"! So drink, water, not sodas! If you want to maintain your "new" stealth form? Then start a fitness program, get involved sports, or walk, or run, or ride a bike, or better still, ride your wife... Just start doing something and have fun! If ya have some fun you''l keep doing it. Better still you could work your ass off like "Da Wallycrawler". That'll keep ya thin and lean, or at least you'll look nice in slacks .

"The media is making us all pigs and feeding us swill". Ya that would be way to easy. By blaming the "crack dealers", when it's us who are to blame. It's always easier to blame the "dealer", but in reality it's the " junkie's " fault where their at. Why is it in North America we always blame the other guy for our problems? The courts are all full of frivolous law suits. Why can a man who smoked for over 20 years win a law suit over "Big Tobacco"? Didn't he hear of lung cancer and how smoking cigarettes causes it? Of course he did and he didn't heed the warnings. So now it's "The Marlboro Man's" fault! That bastard sold me "Smooth Smoking Satisfaction" and now I've got an iron lung. "Pay Up Man"! Ya I pointed fingers at the media. In the end who the fuck are we kid'n? We knew they were blowing smoke up ours asses. It was just easier to give in to our cravings. Who in their right mind would take advise from Oprah Winfrey or Doctor Phil? Look it's OK to have a burger once and a while. That means monthly or less by the way!

In the past I've ended my blogs with, "Let's change our spending habits", or something like that . This time it's a little different . Please let's change our eating habits.

Lots'O'Love Da Crawler.

I'm work'n on my next post, "The Nation Of Slobs". Can you guess what nation that is?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Girl After My Own Heart!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Police Ride For Two Charities.

The Ontario Police Have An Annual Charity Ride In Barrie.

The R.C.M.P. , O.P.P., Metro Toronto And Municipal Police All Attend.

Here Are Some Of The Pictures.

These O.P.P. Gals And Guys Are Great Riders!
For Da Past Five Years Police Forces From All Over Ontario Come Together And Organize This Ride For The Cancer Ward At The Barrie Hospital And Handicapped Children.

Some Of These Guys And Gals Are In The Gang Squads So I Blanked Out Everyone's Face. I Rather Keep'em Incognito.

We Hung Back, With Over 200 Bikes Ahead Of Us!

The O.P.P. Did A Great Job Keep'n Us Safe.

For Over 300km.

We Didn't Have'ta Put Our Feet Down Once.

They Blocked Every Street And Every Intersection.

We Made It To The Half-Way Point...Wasaga Beach!

It Was Way Too Hot For Leathers And Gear!!!

Sometimes I Wonder About Guys Like These?
Do They Feel Weird Ride'n With Harleys?
Or Do They Think They Ride On Da Outside?
Either Way It Was For Charity, So Nobody Hung His Bike From a Tree!

Everything Went Off Great!... Except... I Wasn't Pay'n Close Attention During The Start Of Da Ride, And...The Guy In Front Of Me Slowed Down To A Crawl Without Brake'n, And..I Just Got Up To Speed, And...Whoooooa>>>I Laid My Brakes Down>>>Smoke Everywhere!!!
It Really Didn't Faze Me, But Da Guys In The Back Thought It Was Close.
I Thought It Was Funny! Uhh, They Weren't Laugh'n.

Cops Have No Sense Of Humour.

Give To Your Community This Year.
It Needs You!
Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

Friday, July 04, 2008

July Da 4th.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This Guy Has Lost It!

Will Has Now Committed Career Suicide:

From Defamer:

You know that school Will Smith opened up in Calabasas? The one people are saying is a big front to indoctrinate children into the ways of Scientology? Well, we here at Defamer hate to pass judgement without at least a tiny bit of research. That's why I spent a few minutes skimming the new Village Academy's website. Surprisingly, there were no classes called "Worshiping Overlord Xenu" or "Releasing Your Inner Engram." But they do really stress building robots. In fact, the Educational Philosophy section of the site, mentions robots no less than 4 times!
"If a student is learning how to make a robot, he or she needs to see or touch the materials and computer right in front of him or her rather than just imagining how to make it." "If a teacher is showing a student how to make the robot and the student suddenly is confused, the teacher makes sure to go back to the place the student stopped understanding and re-teach that point." "In addition, NVA teachers make sure children understand the meanings of all of the words related to each lesson whether in math or in music, or as in the robot example - all of the words related to making the robot." "Similarly, if the student is learning how to program the robot and comes across a word that he is unfamiliar with, the student must look it up in the dictionary or have the word explained by a teacher."
What the fuck is going on here? Has Will Smith learned nothing from starring in I, Robot? Here he is hell-bent on making these kids build robot after robot, yet he knows full well that they will rise up against humanity one day. Talk about irresponsible. I'd rather send my kid to the Scientology Celebrity Center!
Hopfully He'll Do Us All A Favour And Just
Off Himself, So We Don't Have'ta Waste Our
Time On Dreg Like This!
His Whole Act Is Wear'n Thin.

Happy Canada Day Eh!

It's A Love Of Life & Spirit!