Monday, July 07, 2008

Police Ride For Two Charities.

The Ontario Police Have An Annual Charity Ride In Barrie.

The R.C.M.P. , O.P.P., Metro Toronto And Municipal Police All Attend.

Here Are Some Of The Pictures.

These O.P.P. Gals And Guys Are Great Riders!
For Da Past Five Years Police Forces From All Over Ontario Come Together And Organize This Ride For The Cancer Ward At The Barrie Hospital And Handicapped Children.

Some Of These Guys And Gals Are In The Gang Squads So I Blanked Out Everyone's Face. I Rather Keep'em Incognito.

We Hung Back, With Over 200 Bikes Ahead Of Us!

The O.P.P. Did A Great Job Keep'n Us Safe.

For Over 300km.

We Didn't Have'ta Put Our Feet Down Once.

They Blocked Every Street And Every Intersection.

We Made It To The Half-Way Point...Wasaga Beach!

It Was Way Too Hot For Leathers And Gear!!!

Sometimes I Wonder About Guys Like These?
Do They Feel Weird Ride'n With Harleys?
Or Do They Think They Ride On Da Outside?
Either Way It Was For Charity, So Nobody Hung His Bike From a Tree!

Everything Went Off Great!... Except... I Wasn't Pay'n Close Attention During The Start Of Da Ride, And...The Guy In Front Of Me Slowed Down To A Crawl Without Brake'n, And..I Just Got Up To Speed, And...Whoooooa>>>I Laid My Brakes Down>>>Smoke Everywhere!!!
It Really Didn't Faze Me, But Da Guys In The Back Thought It Was Close.
I Thought It Was Funny! Uhh, They Weren't Laugh'n.

Cops Have No Sense Of Humour.

Give To Your Community This Year.
It Needs You!
Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

14 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

wallycrawler - oh the beach... grumble grumble, fucking texas. the bike ride looked fabulous, i am green with envy...

~ chuckled at 'what da' fuck is that'.

Tasty said...

so u didnt invite me 2 ur sausage fest, why?

wallycrawler said...

Hey Dirty Gal, you need to get ta da beach. Set those tatas free and tan'em up!

Now that would be nice!!!


Tasty you see enough sausage roam'n around on a daily bases to set up a hot dog stand on Ft. Meyers beach!

You don't need me invite'n you to a bike ride. Get your own bike. Hey ya wanna buy mine? I think I'm move'n on up next year to a V-Rod!

handmaiden said...

Even though you blanked out their faces, I would guess the out of shape bikers with the pot bellies were the police.
Sorry, I just can't get too excited about police charity. It seems a contradiction in terms, to me.

wallycrawler said...

Maiden I don't have a fondness for cops either. They are very secluded and only play with they're like.

As I say it was for charity and a leg up ride. Which means we never had to take feet of the pegs for over 300km. Plus we were ride'n a some high speeds. With cops as our guides, fun!

I know your concern with them, believe me the police here aren't as warped as they are down there. Who am I kid'n sure they are!

Oh ya! The guys or gals you might think are da police, and the ones that really are, just might surprize ya. It did me on Sunday!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sounds like fun. The Harley factory isn't far from where I lived as a kid.

handmaiden said...

Yeah, Ok.
Well, I know your heart was in it anyway, & that's commendable.

Although I haven't posted on my concerned citizens blog for a while we have actually made inroads into improvements around here.

At the moment I am quite pleased with

wallycrawler said...

Hey Kid! It must'ta been kind'a cool to see that ol'place! Did'ya ever get to go inside for a tour, like with your school or anything?


Maiden did anyone tell ya lately, "Your A Doll"!?

Cause Your A Doll!

Ice said...

Is that what I drove by then?

There were TONS of them in the parking lot at the LIONSCLUB on Blake street. I was like WTF?
I think I saw ambulance bikes too.

Man, seeing that shit, hearing you talk about it, your bike pics... ya know, makes me think of Daddy.

I'm holding you to your promise to throw me on the back of your bike oneday. Not now, my babygut would be digging in your back :)

wallycrawler said...

Hey Ice. Ya that waz us.

You should'a come over to investigate. Shit, I would'a give'n ya my tote bag with the rain jacket they gave me.

Ya know my bike now, just come over and say "hey".

As soon as you want to go, I'll take you out fer a ride. Remember my bike is a sport bike, it doesn't ride like bagger, or a cruiser. It's a lil'jumpier. Maybe harder on da tail? It's made mainly fer quarter mile racing.

Next May I'll be buy'n a "V-Rod"! "The Screamn' Eagle CVO". It's hand made by Harley at the Ohio Custom Vehicles Operation. C-V-O. It's a way cool ride!

Anonymous said...

No your not your gettin a big comfy couch :)

Ice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ice said...

Okay... but I haven't seen you around, or I would come right up to ya!

Actually, I had a dude on a bike behind me the other day downtown and lookin' in my rearview I had to do a double take - it looked like you.

Can't wait... nothin' the matter with a hard ride, I'm a Princess and all, but I'm not breakable. :) lol

wallycrawler said...

Ice your on anytime!