Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This Guy Has Lost It!

Will Has Now Committed Career Suicide:

From Defamer:

You know that school Will Smith opened up in Calabasas? The one people are saying is a big front to indoctrinate children into the ways of Scientology? Well, we here at Defamer hate to pass judgement without at least a tiny bit of research. That's why I spent a few minutes skimming the new Village Academy's website. Surprisingly, there were no classes called "Worshiping Overlord Xenu" or "Releasing Your Inner Engram." But they do really stress building robots. In fact, the Educational Philosophy section of the site, mentions robots no less than 4 times!
"If a student is learning how to make a robot, he or she needs to see or touch the materials and computer right in front of him or her rather than just imagining how to make it." "If a teacher is showing a student how to make the robot and the student suddenly is confused, the teacher makes sure to go back to the place the student stopped understanding and re-teach that point." "In addition, NVA teachers make sure children understand the meanings of all of the words related to each lesson whether in math or in music, or as in the robot example - all of the words related to making the robot." "Similarly, if the student is learning how to program the robot and comes across a word that he is unfamiliar with, the student must look it up in the dictionary or have the word explained by a teacher."
What the fuck is going on here? Has Will Smith learned nothing from starring in I, Robot? Here he is hell-bent on making these kids build robot after robot, yet he knows full well that they will rise up against humanity one day. Talk about irresponsible. I'd rather send my kid to the Scientology Celebrity Center!
Hopfully He'll Do Us All A Favour And Just
Off Himself, So We Don't Have'ta Waste Our
Time On Dreg Like This!
His Whole Act Is Wear'n Thin.

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Anonymous said...

An opinionated Wallycrawler.

~ We expect nothing less.

Ice said...

I think his middle name is "boycott". ;)

What happened to your gal pal Tasty?

She's MIA.

wallycrawler said...

Yup that's me.

I'm dat guy!

How ya do'n Dirty Girl?

I'm gonna link ya over here when I get some time to myself. Promise!


Princess I really am start'n to hate that guy! I guess ya can tell eh?

Tasty is a very busy gal this time o'year. It's kind'a like her Christmas Time. Florida is crazy with tourists and that equals moo'la! I hear that Canadians are buy'n lot'z'o property down there.

Anonymous said...

Dirty is doing well! Imma' go stalk your blog now... postit's (left the hyphen out cause tits is just appealing) *wink*

~ WonderWall

wallycrawler said...

There ya go Ice! Tasty's back from Key West. Hopefully it was a fruitful venture!


Dirty Girl Ya can stalk me anytime!