Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Da Truth About "Eco".

"Time Magazine Sept. 24, 1974"

It's Missing! In the "Time Magazine" archives, this cover is missing!

I wonder why this is? Could it be that the article on da cover is maybe not very "Politically Correct"? It was about a "Global Threat", right? Why would this cover be missing? Good thing I don't believe in conspiracies, or this one would be at the top of my list. The cover back in '74 suggests that we are very near a time of great doom...."Another Ice Age"! Funny that the world 30 years ago was getting colder and now it's quite the opposite. Look I don't wanna step on any toes here, I just wanna give ya the truth...And da truth is...There isn't such thing as "Global Warming"! At lest not the "Global Warming" theories that Al Gore proselytizes. We, the beings on this Earth, that means everyone, the USA, Canada, China, India...everyone, create about 3% of the carbon that's in the atmosphere. The rest of da 97% is being created by 1) Volcanoes 2) Rotting Vegetation 3) Forest Fires...etc...And who's ta say that carbon would create a warm'n trend? If you read anything about huge amounts of carbon being displaced into our atmosphere such as eg: A volcanic eruption. Quite the contrary synopses happens. The Earth Cools! Thus da article: "September 24th, 1974 Time Magazine"! on da "New Ice Age".

Watch the videos by "Penn & Teller" on the right of my blog. They're all in order so just shift down the line. The videos are pretty informative and very amusing at the same time. Maybe your outlook will change? I support the theory that at what the media is amassing is nothing more than a con job to reach into our pockets and tax us with guilt!

This is the 1st. post on what da press is call'n "Climate Change". I will write about how this "Media Frenzy" is effecting our lives, our economy and how it's effecting our outlook on the rest of da world. Be prepared to be shocked, cause America, your be'n Scammed!

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Anonymous said...

I think Penn and Teller are biased. You've got the biased good and the biased bullshit. Both try to make it seem like they are being fair.
Look, either way what we do to the earth cant be good. No we shouldnt donate to "carbon credits" but at the same time does that make it right to over package goods?
I find P and T to be a "throw it out the window" on most political issues. But at the same time you cant tell me that what we are doing now to the earth with our over population and deforestation has absolutley no affect at all on any eco system? Next thing we know P and T will be telling us how oil spills in the ocean are just "bullshit" and the wildlife is doing absolutely perfect.
I think they need a Bullshit on "Bullshit".

Bullshit does open your eyes to a lot of stuff, but as one who has worked in a recycling plant...they over do a lot of what it's all about.

wallycrawler said...

Hi Ann-O.
Penn & Teller aren't my sources for the information about "Global Warming". I just used them as a tool to give out this info. Mainly because they're informativeness and entertainment purposes. Penn Juliette is a voice of reason in a nation of false "Messiahs"., such as David Suzuki and the "Anointed One", Al Gore. Both proselytize lies to further their aspirations.

My sources are much more honest in their writings than Gore or Suzuki.

All of my info came from actual experts! Not charlatans try'n to sell a book or themselves as "Earth Friendly"!

Their are hundreds of real experts that are being ignored. Such as Peter Gallagher a true expert in the study of the history of weather...
"Even if global temperature has risen, it has risen in a straight line at a natural 0.5C/century for 300 years since the Sun recovered from the Maunder Minimum, long before we could have had any influence (Akasofu, 2008)" People like him are being ignored, because of the money being made perpatrating these lies about "Global Warming".

The truth is...Look, I'll write the actual truth here in a future post. Just let'n you know Penn & Teller aren't my sources on "Global Warming" just a tool to entertain ya, get'n ya up to speed, before I lay the "Bomb"!

And one more thing I'm about the truth. If an oil spill happens, it is an environmental catastrophe. I'm not pro "big business" or "big oil". If you read any of the posts I've written in the past you'd know that, Right?

wallycrawler said...

Sorry Ann-O that quote was from Christopher (Viscount) Monckton, not Peter Gallagher. Shit there is so many real experts in this field I'm get'n confused?!

See even the Wallycrawler fucks up sometimes!

The Phosgene Kid said...

getting harder to find ice for my martini

wallycrawler said...

Kid your in da desert.

Ice is the last thing you'll find.

I think there's a big patch of ice not be'n used very well in Phoenix. Da "Coyotes" will never miss it!

Keshi said...

We all depend on Amercia right! :)


wallycrawler said...

Ya Do?

The Phosgene Kid said...

I think we do contribute to the warming trend, but even if you discount that the brown smudge that hangs over the Valley here ain't healthy. That being said I have to go fire up my charcoal grill.

Keshi, be thankful for America - it gives the rest of the world something to piss and moan about. Personally I am happy to live here.

wallycrawler said...

Kid I never stated that there isn't a pollution problem "World Wide". I just can't stand untruths... I'll get into it later. Be prepared to be surprised!

Die Muräne said...

I just read about that these days. It's getting harder and harder to find propper information about anything (politics, economie, whatever...). Everything bought for own interest.

Anonymous said...

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