Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's Best To Just Forget They're On!

Hope ya didn't sell your soul to Coke?!

Just Loved Da Olypics!
What A Class Event All Around.

NBC Made A Huge Mistake! They Spent Billions On These Games.
...And They Got Beat By CBS And A "Big Brother" Cast-Off!
Nobody Is Watch'n!
The Worst Ratings In Olympic History!
I'm Sure That The NBC "Spin" Will Start Very Soon.
"Keep On Not Watch'n America"!

OK Told Ya! Here's Da 1st. "Spin" From NBC.
Quote..."...Yes it did post just a 15's was the most watched online...streaming".
Ya Sure It Was!
How Da Hell Do They Know That?
There Is No Way Of Tell'n Who's Watch'n Online.

With Ego-Driven Athletes... As I was say'n!

BEIJING, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian threw down his Olympic bronze medal in protest on Thursday after his bid for greco-roman gold was ended by a decision denounced by the Swedish coach as "politics".
Abrahamian took the bronze from around his neck during the medal ceremony, stepped from the podium and dropped it in the middle of the wrestling mat then walked off.
"I don't care about this medal. I wanted gold," he said.
A bitter Abrahamian, silver medallist at Athens 2004 who had high hopes of top honours in the 84kg competition in Beijing, announced he was quitting the sport.
"This will be my last match. I wanted to take gold, so I consider this Olympics a failure," the 33-year-old said.
The Swedish wrestler had to be restrained by team mates earlier when a row erupted with judges over the decision in a semi-final bout at the Chinese Agricultural University Gym with Andrea Minguzzi of Italy, who went on the take gold.
Abrahamian shouted at the referee and judges then went over to their seats to speak to them up close. He angrily threw off the restraining arm of a team official then turned and left.
Swedish fans booed loudly as the judges filed out of the arena. Abrahamian said nothing to waiting reporters but whacked an aluminium barricade with his fist as he left the hall.
The gold medallist, who kissed the Chinese medal bearer after receiving his gold, said Abrahamian's walkout "did in a way spoil the victory ceremony for me".
"Certainly one can always question decisions made in the course of refereeing, but in sports it is appropriate to show sportsmanship and accept the results," Minguzzi said.
Hungary's Zoltan Fodor, an outsider who said he "never dreamed of reaching the final" won the silver.
The International Olympic Committee said it was investigating the dispute with the wrestling federation FILA, which Abrahamian said "does not play fair".
"We are in contact with the wrestling federation to establish the exact facts," IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said.
Abrahamian later said he believed his loss to the eventual gold medallist Minguzzi was "totally unjustified". The wrestler said his friends "called me just 20 minutes before the (bronze) competition, begging me to compete".
"I decided that I had come this far and didn't want to let them down, so I wrestled," he said.
Swedish coach Leo Myllari said: "It's all politics."
Myllari did not say if he intended to lodge a formal protest over the decision by referee Jean-Marc Petoud of Switzerland, judge Lee Ronald Mackay of Canada, and mat chairman Guillermo Orestes Molina of Cuba. (Additional reporting by Simon Denyer; editing by Keith Weir)

With Coca-Cola, General Motors, Exxon/Mobil... Backing These Games...

And China's Human Rights Atrocities...

It's Best To Just Say...

Show The Corrupt Corporate World That You Wont Take This Anymore!

Do The World A Favor!

Please Boycott The Beijing Games.

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

15 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Come on Wally, where'd the human growth hormone industry be without the olympics!!

wallycrawler said...

Ya know what Kid? That industry is now be'n off-shored as we speak. The drug and pharmaceuticals industry is now in da hands of our far east trading partners!

Feel safe now?

We aint got da "Clear" no more!

Barbara Doduk said...

I hate the Olympics. I am not watching, never will. Oooooo look a driver... oooo look a swimmer... ooo look a high jumper.... GAG. So fucking boring. Now if they made it more like Gladiators... then I'd watch. Ooooo he just got impaled. Ooooo he just lost an eye. HAHA Now that would be entertainment and give a country bragging rights.

handmaiden said...

I am boycotting the olympics. I Haven't watched one tiny bit of it.
You know what? I don't miss it either.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Barbara. I love your blogs! Thanx for coming by.

Ya the "Olympic Gladiators" is a great idea gal! And they all could be "roided up", full of "HGH", "The Clear" up to their eyeballs! Then we could get hit'em up with "meth" just before they make their entrance onto da field!

Fuck that would sumthin to see!

Fuck ya..."We Want Gladiators"!

The only thing, no country's, fuck that! They have'ta represent what the athletes really represent...Corporations.

"Now coming into the ring'o'death da Coca-Cola-Ciller"..."His opponent Da Toyota-Grim Reaper"!

Yup I don't think we're that far off now. Harley Davidson just started to sponsor the "UFC". Enuff said eh?

Handmaiden good luck with your run at politics! Remember it get ugly!

I haven't seen a thing either gal-friend. I refuse to even care. I pick-up news that comes up on the Internet at night. Every night something negative comes up. I think, great!

concerned citizen said...
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Mack said...

I watched the Olympics last night until 1 a.m. Mostly because I couldn't sleep and I don't have cable.

You really want to stick it to the man....get rid of your cable and pick up a fucking book. Reading is soooo much better than tv.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Too bad Bush didn't get to catch a souvenir javelin - through the heart.

Wrestling is kind of a gay sport anyway - two sweaty dudes all over each other one amt - come on, who're they trying to kid.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Mack? OK Mack it is now. Boy you change names like I change underwear...Once a year! ta da... I never wear em truthfully...Only on da face! whoop bang...

Hey blonde waz up gal? I miss ya!

You don't have cable? Wa you get fired or sumthin? How da hell do you use the Internet? If I didn't have cable, satellite or some form of ultra hi-speed, I'd never use my CPU or watch TV! I guess that's what your say'n? I sould do that right? (((Never)))!!! If I wanted to go that way I'd just go caveman and start bang'n hawt gals with a club and drag'n home for entertainment! Fuck I've read everything I want to have read. If ya ask me read'n is over rated! It takes to much time. I could be out ride'n my bike...Or use'n my new club... Dadadadad dada...


Kid there is only one "Gay'r" sport than wrestling and that's the "UFC"! Man just watch'n it makes my manhood shrink up inta my navel!


I just wanna say sorry that I haven't posted anything new in awhile. I've been to busy this summer. It's not like everyone's on pins a needles anyway. hehe

Ice said...

Induced tomorrow!!!

Ahh!!!... what's gotta come outta WHERE???

Wish me Luck!



wallycrawler said...

Princess you know I'll be think'n about ya.

Good luck to you and your new one.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch the Olympics. I am far too busy with buying yellow post-its and protesting.... meow..purr..

concerned citizen said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence, Wally.

Maybe I'm a little naive but, I don't worry much about politics getting ugly. I figure if a persons honest, nobody can really hurt you.

wallycrawler said...

Hey Anais! Your a funny gal!

I hope your protest goes better than mine. I'm a guy with a million ideas and a purveyor of none. Now, that's not really true. I do finish stuff, just at my own pace. I need guidance otherwise other shit comes up.

Love your blog.

Hey how da fuck do You get those funky dots over your s's?___________________________________

C.C. I love you. Your so much the believer in human spirit,(funny you be'n an atheist and all). I'm much more cynical of people.

"The Truth Shall Set You Free"! There never was a bigger bunch'o'bullshit ever spoken.
I tell the truth here all the time. People hate the truth. Gives'em a bad taste in their mouths.

My advise to you, if you wanna win, lie! Then when you get in office, start your good work. Now that will fuck'em up!

C.C. how many houses do you own?

Anonymous said...

wally wally...

i wish i had words of wisdom but those lil dots are a copy and paste.. with a qwerty keyboard there are several shortcut options for typing an umlaut (a letter with the dots, as in Anaïs or Mötley Crüe). but the shortcut options involve a whole lotta bullshit like typing in Word first and yada fucking yada...

umlauts are most common in german words and i am a fan of the german language although i cant speak it for shit..

thank you on the blog, i have worked hard on that and the appreciation is appreciated. :) come around often... dont be shy...

my add ass will get kicked half way through my protest activities... my mind is too busy running havoc on others.. *wink*