Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Guess What I'm Get'n Today???

A New Harley?


A Brand New Cadillac?


A Massage From A Hawt Gal?

Nope, But Close.

I'm Get'n...

A Fuck'n Colonoscopy!!!

Oh Da Joys Of Get'n Older!

Wally Out...

22 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

have em' video it and post it... as a public service announcement..


wallycrawler said...

I asked have it put on a DVD disk, but they said my processor was way to hawt to let out in da public. They could be charged with make'n porn.

You see, my ass is the hawtest male butt on da planet. Cripes two of the nurses during the insertion fainted like they were see'n da Beatles for da first time!

When I got home and was less groggy, I found four different phone numbers stuffed in my bikini briefs. I think one of the numbers is from the doctor himself. I do attract my number of gays and have made the most hetero man think faggy thoughts.

Ahh the bless'ns and the turmoil have'n a smoke'n hawt ass!

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk wally, bikini briefs, really? all that comes to mind when men's bikini briefs enter my head is Will Ferrell. Stop the madness, torch the 'kinis'.

And let me see... stop being greedy.. come on show the goods wally..

handmaiden said...

& I bet they gave you a standing ovation at the nurses station. ;]

Well, at least you have a sense of humor about it & even after it's over.

I hear those exams are a REAL pain in the ass.

wallycrawler said...

Gals, Gals, Gals...I've already shown my goodz!

If ya what a repeat, it'll cost ya. In retribution I get private shots.

No full frontal from my end, just da butt and upper bod. You gals can do anything you want.

And Anais I never wear underwear, commando all da way. Except when I go to da doctor anyways.

Anonymous said...

oh so tempting .. meow...

Tasty said...

ive seen ur ass, it aint that hot! better than most fer sure, but dude ur 50, get over ur self. if i was still there i would give u a swift boot in the rectum. thanx 4 all the rides this summer. moustache & bike. luv ya long time wally.

Anonymous said...

tasty... i kinda like the old asses... don't have to train em' and dont have to kick em' out of your bed... but i chuckled when i read this comment..

dont mind her wally, she likes busting your balls and secretly hopes to peg you one day.*wink*

*smiles to ya both* i needed that laugh.

Die Muräne said...

well ehm, I'm sitting here eating my scambled egg for breakfast... :)

But anyways, good luck and have fun

wallycrawler said...

Tasty you know my ass is "King'O Da World"!


Anais you like ol'asses eh? I kind'a like'em hot tight and good to go.


Sorry about your breakfast come'n back on ya D.M. Eggs never stay down when your stomachs turn'n do they?

I recommend the next time ya check it see Wally, drink a milkshake. I think it's funny when milk comes out'a the nose.

The Phosgene Kid said...

It's actually a good thing. They usually whack you up with some good stuff so you won't even notice the invasion.

wallycrawler said...

Ya Kid they did that....But... I was awake for the whole procedure!

They couldn't believe I was awake. Now I'm not say'n I was totally aware of what was go'n on. More like a dream state.

"Now Mr. Wally are you uncomfortable"? "Ahh, no I'm good thanx"... "Wally we have to go back up because we found a small polyp". "Oh ya OK"! " Are you watching this Wally"? "Umm ya". As the lasso grabs my growth...

Funny eh?

~c said...

Well i do hope you are feeling much better after the "anal invasion"..

Have a Good Weekend!


wallycrawler said...

Yup ~c I'm A-OK! 100% clean as a whistle.
My doctor told me my anal walls look as beautiful as the Sistine Chapel. (He is a doctor so the lower intestine is his work o'art.) And my walls house a beautiful landscape, a kaleidoscope of color.
He also said the odour come'n from my back-side didn't smell of fecal matter, but of strawberries, freshly picked from the vine!

It should be too, that stuff they gave me, made me shit like crazy. I bet I shat a 100 times! My intestines were gleam'n clean.

Man I'm bored. Can ya tell?

Anonymous said...

Hory fuck, well lets all just spread the Wally and dig for strawberries. YumYum Good.

~d said...

aww Hell!!!
(Jeez, that sucks ass!)

~d heart Wally

Ice said...

LOL~~~ !!!


Yeah, so? You dudes ask us to bend over and take it up the ass all tha time!

YOUR Turn!!!

just kidding... hope it went well... ya poor bugger.

What? Are ya 50?

crallspace said...

I had one recently... I was cleaner than I thought and despite the initial discomfort, I am very glad I did it.


Was it "the shit?" Bad pun, sorry.

Toby said...

I've never dated a doctor. I have however dated a few nurses, currently a surgical nurse. I don't know how things are done up your way, but when they stick the camera up are butts down here, we are under some type of anesthesia. I'm turning 40 soon and I'll be under the same gun on the 26th. Polyps beware!

~Jobthingy~ said...

damn. not so much of a happy monday for you.

Doo Dah said...


thnx for visiting, havent seen ya crawlin'round lately :-) good to see you again since my return to blogville.

wallycrawler said...

Anais your name sez it all! Fingers are OK, but not crackers!!! Ow baby.


I heart ya too ~d. Love your tats!
I'm finally get'n inked ~d. Maybe I'll show ya later?

Ice...Do dudes ask ya to take it up da ass? Hmmmm.... Me thinks you should hang with me? I guess it kind'a like Newfie birth control!?

I'm not say'n I've never did da deed with my gal friends, cause that would be a huge lie, but da lady's not inta it, neither am I!


Crall yup mine was OK experience, all waz good. Can't say I'll want another for another ten years though!

You go'n for Omaha this year dude?

Toby they knock ya out here too, but I didn't go all the way out fer some reason? Who knows?

I have a strange reaction to some meds. Either that they were try'n to see if I was uncomfortable.


Naw Thingy I've been so busy I couldn't be bothered updating my blog. I did this like two weeks ago. Hey it's summer! I've got better things to do.

Come winter I'll pick-up again!


Nice ta see ya too Doo-Gal!