Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Suckers!

Ain't Dat da Truth?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When Is Da IRS And FBI Gonna Look Into da NFL & New York Based Teams?

In December, When da New York Giants Were 7&7. A 
Amount Of Money Was Bet On da New York Giants To Not Only Make da Playoffs... But To Win da Super Bowl!

Ya Gotta Ask?...

In 2007 da Giants were major underdogs in da Super Bowl. Da New Englad Patiorts were favored  to win by +12. A HUGE Amount Of Last Minute Money From New York Was Bet On da Giants To Cover. Tom Brady had da worst game of his life? Da Giants not only covered... but won! New England At da Time Was Undefeated All Season!

This is a theme that happens over & over with New York teams.

In fact Super Bowl III Between da New York Jets And da Baltimore Colts Was Fixed! Eg: ... "Bubba Smith, a defensive lineman for the Baltimore Colts, had told Playboy that the 1969 Super Bowl, featuring the heroics of New York Jets' quarterback Joe Namath, had been fixed; that Carroll Rosenbloom, then the owner of the Colts, had bet against his own team."
If You Wanna See Colts Players Fall All Over da Field, Run'n Around, Missing Tackles, Flop'n. Watch Video Of That Stupid Game.

Who Can Forget "Wide Right"? In da 1990 Super Bowl With da Buffalo Bills And da New York Giants? That Game Was Long Thought Of Be'n Fixed! Scott Norwood da Kicker That Flubbed That Last Minute Kick Never Played Again... Nobody Would Give Him A Break After That Game. Not A Single Other Team In da NFL. Even da CFL. Funny For He Was A All Pro/Pro Bowl  Player And da Bills All Time Leader In Points At da Time? Coach Of da Bills Marv Levy Thought That Game Was Fucked With.

Da 1946 NFL Championship Game Between da New York Giants and da Chicago Bears. Was Fixed, But da Gangsters Involved Were Exposed... Da Players Involved Were Not! 

Watching Green Bay's Arron Rodgers throw'n balls in da dirt two weeks ago and da 49er's kick and fumble away a sure win last week is reminiscent of years gone bye...

 If da Giants Cover da Point Spread On Next Week's Super Bowl Against New England?

Da NFL Needs To Be Investigated Immediately!

Wally Is OOT There... again.

Sunday, January 01, 2012