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Yucko The Clown At The Masters

Enjoy Da, F'n Funny As Shit, Dirt Bag Clown:


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fear And Loathing Of Science.

Soothsayers and extremists are controlling medical advancements and from feeding staving people.

Extremists Are Taking Over From The Right And The Left. Never mind that science has given us the life that we have now. Now we must turn our back on it because of false claims on genetic science.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jury finds two guilty in Jane Creba Boxing Day death; four now convicted

By Allison Jones, The Canadian Press

Jane Creba. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Toronto Police ...

TORONTO - The family of teenage girl killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout on Boxing Day 2005 found closure Thursday as the last of the men to stand trial for the crime were found guilty of manslaughter. Jane Creba's killing sent waves of outrage rippling through Toronto and beyond over the random shooting on the city's busiest street - Yonge Street - on the busiest shopping day of the year. A jury found Louis Woodcock, 23, and Tyshaun Barnett, 22, guilty of manslaughter in the 15-year-old's death, but not guilty of the more serious offence of second-degree murder. They were also found guilty of four counts each of aggravated assault, relating to other people who were wounded by stray bullets that day. Creba and her sister were among the throngs of bargain hunters on the street the day after Christmas. Creba left her sister to find a washroom and forensic evidence suggests Creba may have heard the shots, crouched and was hit in the back with a bullet. Two other men have already been sentenced to life for second-degree murder in Creba's death.

Woodcock and Barnett's trial was the last of three trials, and for Creba's family that brings a sense of relief, said a police officer who has served as a spokesman for the family. "They are happy with the outcome and it is also an end to a chapter in this," Sgt. Savas Kyriacou, the lead investigator, said outside the courthouse. "Obviously they want to have this behind them as well. It does bring closure to them."

Barnett's lawyer, Christopher Hicks, said his client didn't want anyone to get hurt.

"He's always been remorseful," Hicks said outside court. "He obviously didn't want anybody to be harmed and certainly didn't want an innocent person like Jane Creba to die."

The manslaughter convictions suggest the jury believed Woodcock and Barnett fired guns into the crowd of shoppers, said Hicks, who added he's contemplating an appeal. A sentencing hearing has been set for April 22. A manslaughter conviction carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. Creba was fatally shot while shopping with her mother and sister on Yonge Street, which was teeming with Boxing Day crowds. The Grade 10 student was caught in the crossfire that also wounded six bystanders. It has been more than four years since the random killing that shocked the city, and Kyriacou said he hopes the outcomes of the cases helped people in Toronto feel safe.

"We all have the right to go shopping on Boxing Day without running into the danger of people firing guns on our street," he said. "On any given day on any given street . . . we should all have the right to feel comfortable and confident to walk our streets - and I think we do."

The verdict came after jurors asked the judge Wednesday for clarification on the timeline of events. In late December, 27-year-old Jeremiah Valentine pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Creba's death and was given a life sentence with no chance of parole for 12 years.

In 2008, a jury found Jorrell Simpson-Rowe guilty of second-degree murder. Simpson-Rowe, who was 17 at the time of the killing, was sentenced as an adult rather than a youth. The decision meant he received an automatic life sentence, with no chance of parole for seven years.

15 year old Jane Creba , a grade 10 student , was gunned down in a hail of bullets nearly six years ago. Six others were injured.

Nine young men were charged in the murder, all have gang ties.

Jane was a good student and a sports star in her high school . Mr. and Mrs. Creba have been brave and patient during this whole ordeal. Jane was their only child .

Crime is associated with evil ! I think that's so , but I also think crime is commerce. Here in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) shootings have become commonplace. On Boxing Day, Dec. 26th., Canada's retail stores have large sales and people line up outside sometimes all day for bargains. Very much like the U.S's "Black Friday". On a Boxing Day in late 2005, something tragic happened in Toronto. A little girl was shot to death lining up outside a retail chain to buy some clothes for school. Many others were also injured . The killers or killer have not been charged. What was the reason for this senseless act ...?

Of Course: Drugs , Money , Power!

These acts don't only happen in Toronto. I know these events are happening where you live as well . I bet we all have thousands of stories, all with the same results, innocent people, mostly children, dead! What was the response from the police? Well the cops want more money. Like that's gonna help?! "We need more police on the street to combat crime"! Bullshit !!!!!

Da government's response? "We need more laws to outlaw hand guns"! Fuck'n Bullshit !!!!!!

What we need are is JOBS! What we need is EDUCATION! What we need is a HIGHER WORK ETHIC! What we need is TEACHERS WHO GIVE A FUCK! What we need is MORE SOCIAL ASSISTANCE! What we need is Mothers and Fathers to take responsibility for THEIR CHILDREN! What we need is MORE MONEY for the working poor! What we need is THE PUNISHMENT TO FIT THE CRIME! What we need is to LEGALIZE DRUGS ! What we need is... honesty. What we need is "A FUTURE".

If the only way for young black kids. (ya I said it "BLACK KIDS"!) to make a living is to sell drugs? Guess what? If the only way out of poverty is killing? Guess what ? If the only way a kid from the streets can drive a new 300 is Ho'n out a little girl? Guess fuck'n what? A

Child grows up think'n, "What am i gonna be"? All kids think that way, I did & so did you. All children imitate what they see, it's a part of learning. They also learn from figures: A father, A mother , A brother , A teacher ...etc... If their mentor is a drug dealer or a prostitute what's their future?

Dealing drugs and pussy is regimented by an area. Question?: If Johnny's area has 20 crack dealers and Johnny needs to buy his mother some smoke, and Johnny has 15 bucks left in his house-hold, how many crack dealers does Johnny need to kill to keep da landlord from evicting him and his sister?

That's a tough question, but not for a kid in the hood! The answer is ... All-of'em !

You see Johnny doesn't care! He doesn't care about them, or about you, maybe even his mother? But most of all. Johnny doesn't care about Johnny! He has no self worth and no integrity. It hasn't been taught these things because nobody around him has self worth or integrity. Plus Johnny thinks he has no future. He will never say it but Johnny's thinks he's worthless. And ya know what? He may be right.

He could be lucky? Like his dad. Johnny's dad killed enough drug and pussy dealers that he took over the neighbourhood. "I could be king like dad man"! At least for a while anyway. Until some other young, strong, dude steps up and kills him. Just like old pops.

When that little girl Jane Creba was shot that "thug" who pulled da trigger was trained. Like a Doctor or Lawyer, a "thug' is trained. He is taught a "Thugs Life". He is taught not to care. To watch out for the other guy. To kill first or you'll be killed. The survival of the fittest. Or is it da craziest? That "thug' was trained for that moment when he pulled the trigger and ended that innocent life. You know what? He didn't care! He wasn't taught to care and he will probably never care? Even when he says he cares after he's caught. He's lost!

This "thugs" life should end. That's the harsh reality. We must make the punishment fit the crime. "Sorry Johnny Your Dead"!

The only way to change all of this bullshit, is to change our way of thinking about society. Crime isn't faceless or random there is always a reason. MONEY, SEX, Drugs. "If I got none , how do i get some"? The easy solution? Sell! Sell your body. Sell drugs. Sell your soul . If you think you don't have a soul then that's a very easy trade.

Sex & Drugs are fun! Let's face it, they're f'n fun to do! That's why we do them. That being said what is the easiest sell besides yourself? "Drugs baby drugs"! They're all around us and they are the easiest commodity. They're the answer to all of our questions. Even when you don't have a question. "Remember when you got all fucked up and George fucked you up the ass"? " No"?..." Neither does George"!

That was fun though! I know that didn't hap'n to you but we all know people that it did hap'n to. Always a good time, everybody has a story or two or three . Sometimes the stories get old, sometimes they come to often? That happens. Most of us get out of the drug scene or never get a habit. Some don't. When they don't the cycle of crime is about to commence. The "addict" will soon steal from friends and family. Steal from work. Steal from stores. And steal from other dealers. If they don't get help, They die. Die ugly! A very grisly death! We all know a few former compatriots that didn't make it. I love when so-called "social scientists" or therapists give advise of TV ... "These young people have nothing to live for." "That's why they do drugs". Bullshit! If that were a fact, da dam rich and the famous wouldn't do them. Drugs would be a 'class' problem. It's not. It effects every walk of life no matter how much money, fame, or success they have. We as a society have to face the fact that drugs are fun! That they will always be fun.... On a short term bases... Almost every young kid will try drugs & every adult. What we all must do after they try drugs is to teach them moderation.

We moderate alcohol don't we? Some don't. Almost everyone does though. We must legalize all drugs. We must make them tax worthy. Making drugs a commodity is a pretty bold statement and a lot of you will disagree, but hear me out. To make drugs legal would create jobs when we need them. Increase our services tax to spend on infrastructure and education. Eliminate drug crime. Ala prohibition. Without a gang war over an area our streets will become safe again. Giving drugs to the consumer and the corporate world will make drugs safer to do. Making a less chance of sickness of overdosing. And so on... And so on...

"This all sounds so rosy Wally" ! It's not it's commerce! That is why that little girl Jane died in a hail of gun fire. Commerce. "Vice" it's victims, but not like that little girl. That crime and crimes of there vain will fade away.

Here's a scenario: If JANE didn't get shot and she grew up? There would be a 90% chance she would have tried illegal drugs of some form. The very thing she was killed over she might have done? That's a sick way of looking at this issue, but it's the truth.

We have to see our future and if our future is living in fear because of a social issue? Then lets change our society. Let's kill all forms of racism. Let's clean up our neighbourhoods. Let's educate every man, woman and child. Let's police ourselves... LET'S LEGALIZE DRUGS !

Sa Later