Monday, June 16, 2008

This Was A Busy Long...Long...Long...Weekend.

Thursday: My Son Jake Graduated From "Sir Sandford Flemming" College With An Arts And Leisure Degree.

Friday: I Rode My Bike To Port Dover For The Annual Friday The 13th. Motorcycle Rally. We Arrived At 9:00 In Da Morn'n. I Was Motorcycle 10,077, In The World Record Parade, Of Over 100,000 Bikes. More Than 250,000 People Attended This Year's Event! The Rally Is Now North America's 3rd. Largest Motorcycle Event!

It Was Crazy Hot & Humid So We Left At Around 1pm.

There Was A Huge Long Line Of Motorcycles Come'n In At The Time We Left. With Thousands Of More Bikes Still Make'n Their Way There, On The Highways, On The Way Back.

What's Da 13th. Without "Thong-Man"?

Saturday: My Family And I Put Dad Down To Rest In Gravenhurst Ontario. Dad Hated That Cemetery. So I Decide We Should Take A Little Bit Of His Ashes And Sprinkle Him In A Place He Liked...

So We Thought This Was A Good Place. He Swam Here As A Youth, Later With His Children And His Grandchildren. It's Also A Special Place To My Mother And Him During Their Courtship. I Think He'll Like It Here!

On The Way Out'a The Park, My Sister Brenda, Seen A Car That Looked Like The One Dad Bought For Her On Her 16th. Birthday. It Was An Eerily Similar Jaguar, Right Down To The Smell Of The Interior. Funny, I Wrote About That Car A Week Ago. So I Posed Her By It. I Could See Her Breakup A Bit After The Picture Was Taken.

Sunday: It Was Finally "Plant'n Day" Around Da Wally's House. With All That's Been Go'n On Around Here Lately, We Haven't Had Time To Get Anything Done Around The House.

Oh Ya... Sunday I Was Called An "Angry Man", By A Blogger, For Speak'n Da Truth. That Made My Day! hehe

I Still Get'a Kick Out'a Provoking People!!!

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler.

21 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

So a degree in leisure studies, is that like a BS in Keg Tapping? I minored in that in college,but the credits didn't transfer. Just kidding - congrats!!

Sorry to hear about your dad. Touching that you thought to place him somewhere he loved.

Get some rest!!

wisdomstuff said...

I know who called you that :-)

You have one handsome son, Wally. I'm sure you are very proud of him.

And that sounds like the perfect place for Dad. I'm sure he appreciates it. ((HUG))

Ice said...

I had NO idea you had a son that old.

Congrats to him - you proud Daddy, you!

Oh, and BTW - you look HAWT in the red thong/budgie smuggler!

Atta boy.

Show us some cheek!

wallycrawler said...

Kid ya I'm sure he did pass that coarse on keg tap'n! Really he's go'n inta party plan'n.

or...Back to University to become a teacher.

but...First he's take'n off to New Zealand to work for six months.

or...Go to New Zealand to fuck the Kiwi chicks for six months. He can't fool me!


Ya who ol'Wise-One? Say it!

Ya I get that all the time, da gals love Jake! I hope he's careful with that tool of his. It could get him in trouble!

Dad is smile'n more today, I think and thanx!


Princess yup & if ya didn't have two kids , one on the way and weren't married. I'd introduce ya to him. To bad fer him eh?

My package is bigger in a thong! I know the ol'tie da whacker off, semi hard, stripper trick.
And if it wasn't I'd jam it up with a 8" kielbasa!

Tasty said...

I couldn't make 2 dover, next year i will 4 sure.

Die Muräne said...

Sometimes fun and sadness is so close together...
congrats and sorry from my side!

Toby said...

Your kid is on the right track. Hopefully he won't ever visit Rochester.

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, Yes, let's hope your son stays away from the evil side. I hear people that live there are prone to making poor judgment calls, like hooking up with loser from the internet. You might want to warn him of impending danger.

handmaiden said...

Congrats to you & your son, wally!

Gosh, the thought of all those Motorcycles revving their engines. It must of been exciting.

Toby said...

Listen to the wise (wise makes me choke) one. One way or the other (after cheating on every man she's ever been with) she some how speaks the truth. I get to go to Rochester in the Fall. Call me Leslie, you know the number.

wallycrawler said...

Tasty you were missed... You were always the first to take up the reins and expose your breasts. Your always the first to do a moon-shot...Beaver-shot...First ta get naked...First to streak the main drag... First to skinny dip...Well I guess ya know that stuff was missed?


D.M. thanx dude!

Have a great time at that soccer thingy.

I'm kid'n "Euro Cup".


Thanx Maiden, your very nice ta say that.

And you would have wet your pants with all the rumbling. It kind'a grabs ya by the crouch!


Wise-Gal & Toby... "What da fuck"? You guys should get over it!
OK ya had sumthin once. It's over!

Stop da shit and be adults. Fuck if I did this to my ex's I'd be in jail fer...fer ever!

If ya just tried to be friends all this would have been in the past and your lives much free'r.

Get over it!

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, I am over it. Trust me. The constant assaults get a bit old though. I had one weak moment. Back to business. In the past I had extended the olive branch several times only to ultimately get verbally abused again and again. I've never once returned the attacks and finally got to the point of not even acknowledging them. I'm back to not acknowledging, it's just not worth my time.

Toby said...

I'm glad this is almost neutral ground. The not so wise one has a lot to offer. Les-lies again and again and again. Her legs are spread wide open too. Just ask anyone in her office.

wallycrawler said...

OK OK OK...I get it Toby ya think she's easy!

And Wise-Girl you think Toby's a creep!

I get that. So does everybody else!

Now's the time to make amends.

Do it now before it starts to consume your days and nights. Stop it now before you become obsessed in hate and repulsion! Or is it to late to say your sorry?

Do it now before this thing becomes a sickness that you can't stop. I'm sure you both can do this and without me tell'n ya to.

I like you guys, both of ya. You're two are very smart people. So ya know what I'm say'n here is true. There was a time you both had feel'ns for each other. Remember that time and forgive each other for what has happened since...Water under da bridge. OK?

Toby said...

She dumped me to go fuck lots of other men. She told me she would NEVER!!! be with a man who wouldn't go down on her, yet she got a camera and other stuff from some pig she tells me didn't do a thing below the belt. She's a whore! When I have to go to Rochester in the Fall I'm going to make sure she and the PIG pays.

wallycrawler said...

OK dude, I tried to help. That's all.

handmaiden said...

Oh My Wally! I don't think they are over it. I'm not saying i wouldn't ever get obsessed over a relationship but hopefully I'd stop before I compromised my morals anyway.

wallycrawler said...

Ya Maiden that's what I'm try'n to get across to Toby, but I think he's not listen'n?

Tasty said...

ok wallycrawler now u know why ill never post a personal blog again! i told u before, now will u listen? remember what happened 2 me way back? last week u get a couple of creepy emails &
now this shit, u should stop the personal photos at lest.

wallycrawler said...


I was gonna do that anyway!

Hey that was your first serious comment?!

You do care!!!

Tasty said...

cum back on messenger so we can talk. k?