Wednesday, November 15, 2006

12 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Bostick said...


Les said...

I wonder if that was intentional?

wallycrawler said...

Yeah she's way hawt !


Les , naw that happens all the time .
"Hard Rock'n Titties" always pop out'a your halter when ya start wave'n your hands around . At lest that's my experience dem things anyway .

Do you see where she's look'n ? Oh ya that was an accident !

She has the best set of boobs I've seen in quite some time . Brazil is the "First Nation of Breast Augmentation" and were all better for it .

Les said...

She is looking at you, of course.

Keshi said...

mmmmm :):)


wallycrawler said...

Keshi I think your the only one that read the last post ?

It was me tell'n someone I knew what she was do'n .

OK ?

wallycrawler said...

Les all women look my way...then puke .

Keshi said...

and I wa sthinkign wuteva happened to it!

Get the divorce...I'll say ok then ;-)


saby said...

tanks for the pic Wally
u can have Keshi

just give me an intro to dis babe

The Phosgene Kid said...

Never can have too many titty pictures I always say. Even if they are manmade hooters.

is that so.... said...

well that chick seems to think shes got nice ones and according to u wallycrawler you say "she has the best set of boobs you have seen in quite some time". hmmmm is that so.....breast augmentation well who knows maybe, but large ones are not better real or B's perky and firm now those are better. now those are a treat. besides im willing to bet money u have seen better than that girls lately :)

wallycrawler said...

Is That So , You Are Right Again !
I love Da "B" Cups .
Especially dipped in vanilla !