Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"New" Spidey 3 Video .

Spider-Man 3 .

Enjoy !
Da Wallycrawler .

10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looking forward to seeing that one...

The scary thing is they are going to come out with a new Superman movie. I think in this one Superman returns to suck the souls from the audience.

Keshi said...

so is that Spiderman or Wallyman in that pic :)


hannah said...

Hey Wallycrawler! How's it goin'? Your interests seem to have gone from political to porn recently. Not a bad jump, just new.

wallycrawler said...

Kid your right that Superman movie sux shit !


Keshi , neither it's the creation of the symbiot "Venom" ! Now that's a geeky answer eh ?


Hey Hannah ! I really miss ya around here ! Were have ya been anyhoo ? Anyway nice ta have ya back . I just read your post and will comment on it soon . You should do more blog'n cause I loved read'n your shit . The Angst , The Anger , The Poetry , The Sex ... I miss all that stuff .

Hannah to answer your question ya I have changed my blog and I think your the 1st. to really notice . I was try'n to do the 3 different blogs thing . One to goof on shit , one to make tirades against society and one on the ongoing fight against cults and gang mentality . As a mater of fact I was just think'n of a post about Gangs (street, bike ,etc...) and Cults and their similarity . I'm just waiting on the outcome of a high profile case that I wrote about last January . "The Jane Creba" murder in Toronto . If things go the way I think they will , there will be a huge cry for justice and murders will go free , yet again !

So Hannah in the long and short of it is your right . Nice ta here from ya again ! Don't become a stranger , K ?

hannah said...

been doin' some necessary thinking and self-examination. but now i think i'm better. i don't know how much i will be writing, the creativity comes and goes with depression, but what i have will go down here. it's nice to be missed, and thank you.
i didn't know you were a journalist, funny that that's what i'm going to college for...

L>T said...

Hi wally! just wanted you to know i'm still around & lurking. nothing much to say about Spiderman except you are way sexier then he is. Don't know what I think of the toothy grin, though.

Satan said...

i should be considered a superhero

he is like a spider

big deal

i am much more bad ass than that

Bathroom Hippo said...

Been a reader of Spidey comics for years...

my fav character has always been Venom.

I wonder if I should parody the movie when it comes out...we'll have to see I guess.

Les said...

I don't give a rat's ass about Spiderman, I just wanted to say hey!

wallycrawler said...

Hannah hope your have'n the time of your life at school .


I>t so you think da Wallycrawler is hawt eh ?! I'll keep that in mind .

And thanx !!!


Satan , "Ya your da bad guy . Hey everybody take a look at da bad guy" !


Hip waz up ? I love your blog and your cartoons their great , funny as shit !
Venom is my favorite character to . I love how David Micheline & Todd McFarlane created him out'a a couple bad choices made 2 years earlier . Ala , that ugly black suit nobody liked and a pretty weak character Eddie Brock . I've said this before and I'll say it again Todd McFarlane is a genius and a great artist too . The Crawler's avatar is a creation of his , "Spawns" eyes .


Leslie where have you been ? I miss you picture posts . When are we gonna get some more of those "hawt shots" ?