Monday, December 11, 2006

My Favorite Shit !

Since Christmas Is Come'n Up Soon , I Thought It would Be Fun To Post My Favorite Dream Gifts.

So If Your Think'n Of A Gift This Year For Da Crawler , I'd Really Would Love Any Of These Great Gift Ideas .

If You Don't See Anything On My List That Makes Ya Drool , Make A Comment And I'll Post Your Dream List For Your Loved Ones And Santa To Read .
Just Remember No Jap Cars
Or Shit Ya Can Buy In Walmart , K ?

The Cadillac CTS-V
Noth'n out runs a "Cat" ! Especially this one !!!
Standard 400hp or The Hot 505hp or better still have it Turbo'd for a cool 750hp . All on the best handle'n package in the world .

The Corvette Z06 .

I Don't care who buys me this "Beast" I'll be friends with ya forever , promise !

Easily my favorite car ever !

OK anyone of these hot bikes would be fine .

The "New" VROD .

Or The Harley Davidson Softail Line

With Their "New" 1584cc Engine .

Now This Is The Cheapest Gift On My List , But It Seems To Be The Hardest To Get .

Anal Sex !

I Haven't Had This Since I Was Married And It Was From My Future Wife .
"Wa Hap'nd" ?

Have A Great Week .

Ho Ho Ho

Da Wallycrawler .

17 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Anonymous said...

anal sex ? to receive or give ?

Satan said...

i will begin working on her

she is going to beg you to tap that ass

wallycrawler said...

Fran...I mean anonymous , ya dats da ticket . Annnnoonnnyyymous , You know I never "catch" , I'm da frig'n "pitcher" . I think you got me confused with "Mr. Sulu" or sumbody .


Satan , thanx , but I've been there before and it wasn't that great back then . I'd love ya to work on somebody else though . She's in her mid 20's , tall , hawt...well you know who I'm talk'n about , your in her ear daily .

That would be greatly appreciated .

L>T said...

Gosh wally! Jesus, you could of warned me THAT was coming.
Personally I've only done it once & it was an accident.
Anyone that wants to do that should first agree to have it done on themselves.

Leslie said...

Wally, I don't think you are going to get many takers on that anal thing. Good luck though.

wallycrawler said...

I>t & Les , you girls really stick together don'tcha ?!

I>t , I gotta admit that was a lott'a work for just one joke , but I think it was worth it , don't you ?

I really think that was my funniest post yet . I giggle every time I log on .LOL.

So Les your say'n your not into that either ? Shit!

Anonymous said...

gawwwwwwwd! Keshi faints.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Wally, it's just not right! I'll give you one thing though, you are such a freakin' guy!

Wally, it's Les, for some reason this stupid thing won't let me post with my password. It blows. That, I do.

L>T said...

It's funny alright. Only you could get away with it. ;]

wallycrawler said...

I'm so glad I have some women who read this shit and get the jokes .

Keshi that was a funny and honest response . LOL !

The_phosgene_kid said...

Well, if you get one of those cars you'll take it up the ass on the taxes, does that count?

Gyrobo said...

Your gift from me shall be a cubic meter of air.

I've already taken the liberty of delivering it.

play date said...

All great gift ideas for you, but the last one really caught my many girls do u know that would want to recieve anal. hmmm not that many that i know..hey wallycrawler let me ask ya a question. how many times have u had anal?

wallycrawler said...

Ya got that rite Kid !


Thank You Robbo it was received and enjoyed by my whole family .
We sent you out some "Down Home" chili so you can make your own methane . It's the gift that keeps on give'n !

Play Date . Hmm I love that name . You must be some fine hawt thing , eh ? You also seem very interested in Da Wallycrawler's sex life . What ya do'n later 2nite ? Ya wanna hook up or sumthin ? Anyways here my cell (547)769-2771 . You figure it out . Love ya later babe .

Cezi said...

Rubbing eyes a little *pucker ass real tight* …walks away fast :)


The_phosgene_kid said...

Thought for sure you'd have Britany's latest nipple slip posted!!

wallycrawler said...

Cezi nice to see you again . You were missed the last 2 or 3 months .
Hope you have a very "Merry Christmas" .
And yes I've seen your blog !
Man I wish I had that under my tree . That's every boy's fantasy on Christmas morn'n !!!


Kid , once you've seen the "cootter" titties just don't cut it anymore and Britney's "pussy" isn't all that it's "crack'd" up to be .

It's kind'a of a mess down there !