Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Back in the late 70's comic companies were have'n major financial trouble .
To combat the losses , "Marvel Comics", tried to save money by making their
characters easier to draw and color .
"Spider-Man" , "Marvel's" only money maker , was given the biggest make-over .
In their wisdom they re-suited him with a black costume .
The result was the biggest "brand" failure in history , except maybe "New Coke" .
It was pretty much the majority , "Spidey" fans hated the "New Suit" !
Stan Lee , the creator of "Spider-Man" had a problem .
What to do ? Fanatical fans were write'n him daily .
Then he had an idea .
"What if I make the suit , a villain" !
Thus the creation of "Venom" , the most despised and also the most loved "Spidey" nemesis .

I just thought some of ya would like that back story .
It's funny how out'a failure , comes great success .

Thus The Say'n .
"Ya Don't Tug On Superman's Cape And Ya Don't Fuck With Spider-Man's Suit" !
So Say'th Da Wallycrawler .
Sa There .

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sort of a Ying/Yang kind of thing going on there. I don't like how Hollywood turned Superman into such a pussy. Lois must be using kryptonite douche or something.

BV said...

ha ha

I went out and bought black Spidey for my boyfriend. That little fucker was hard to find. I found lots of Venom and lots of regular Spidey. But, I eventually found it. I'm not gonna pay 19.99 on ebay when I can get it for $8.50 at the toy store, damnit!

jillie said...

LMAO at pk....I agree though...the super heros just aren't what they use to be. I'm really looking forward to the 3rd one!!



L>T said...

thanks for the info Wally I had no idea.
You know what wally??????

say what?

wallycrawler said...


Keshi said...

Spidey is sexier than superman for some reason :)


wallycrawler said...

The whole "use a known gay actor" thing for Superman really kind'a blew up in their face . Me I don't care what sex you prefer , just do a good job portraying their character . That last movie the "Man Of Steel" was mince'n , prance'n , lisp'n and I thought Lex Luther was gonna grasp a feel of his cod piece . It was . Way over the top !

Not that there is anything wrong with that !!!

Former Blonde hey gal !
Your the woman of my dreams . To bad we're both taken .

HHHMMM...My wife's away on business...
Naw just kid'n...Unless...naw .It is my birthday ! me


Jillie hey !
Spidey is the best of the pack . The one movie that will always come through . It will be fantastic , guaranteed !


Keshi that's because he reminds you , of me , right ?

~d said...

So wait! there really is a black spidey!? I love the BK commercial when the dude wins a car and spidey wont give it to him!