Saturday, March 31, 2007

Out 'an About Again !

Hey Ice if ya see this bike it's me ! There isn't another one like it around . Come up and say "Hey" !

16 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

~d said...

Hey yo yo!
Whatta nice bike!

NOT my ass! I had the proper chick pimped, but she took ALL HER FOTOS down...
O well.

F.J. Delgado said...

That's a badass bike Wally, how long have you had it?

wallycrawler said...

Hey ~d . I figured it wasn't you when I didn't see any tats . I suppose your hawt'r than that anyhoo !

Thanx about the bike but I didn't build it Harley Davidson did . LOL .

Hope ya had a great day and a fabulous nite on your B-Day .


F.J. thanx dude !

I bought it (really da wife bought it for me) last year about this time . It's been fun that's fer sure .

Ice said...

Lordy, you're quick uploading the posts... (while I was scrolling looking for the last 2 minutes, you've uploaded the next) :)

Anyways I've studied the bike so if I see it, I'll chase you around the streets in my civic... so note that to yourself, civic chasing you, must be ICE :)

My dad used to drive a Harley... his life was on that bike...(he passed 2 yrs ago from Leukemia and my mom sold the bike) It was a touring bike, he did trips to the States mostly....Arizona, the Dakota's...
It was an ElectraGlide Classic, I believe.

Hey, maybe you've seen his bike around town though... it was purple then he painted it White and Yellow-extremely customized from ass to front... infact, there is a pic of him lying on it in my post archive... in January, titled "MISS YOU DADDY"... have a peek, you have probably seen him :)

Ice said...

oh, BTW

Nice bike ;)

wallycrawler said...

Sorry dear I don't recognize him or the bike , but he looks like the salt of the earth . A guy "Live'n The Dream" ! I lost a great friend and brother in law about the same time to cancer so I grieve with'ya sweetie . God Bless him and you Ice Princess .

On a lighter note , the Electra Glide is the ride of choice of most "Hog" riders . My cousin especially ! Me I love the sport bikes , mine , the "1200S" or the "V-Rod" .
But I am get'n older so it wont be long before you'll see me on a "Dyna" or a "Softail" .

Ice said...

We joked with my dad about when he got older, when he was too old to hold his bike up... he'd need a sidecar!!! 'cause he'd never give up the ride.

Was just a shot in the dark to see if maybe just maybe you had seen him around... he got around...ON HIS BIKE, I mean :)

Ty for your nice words, my friend :)

~d said...

good catch on the tats.
*wonder whose boob, though.
(did not realize I was linked over here...(sm♥♥ch!)
returning the (favor?)

Ice said...

Hey, I just noticed the plate on the car to the left of the bike's plate.


I want mine to say, UB6 IB9... think they'd catch on down at the Licensing office?

wallycrawler said...

Ya Ice I think so . My original plate would'a been 3m ta3 . Now picture it in the mirror .


~d I linked ya up like last summer dude !

K thanx beautiful !

hannah said...

nice plate on the car

wallycrawler said...

Ya it is !

I'm so brilliant .

Ice said...

Eat me... haha.

Took me a second, but I got it.

wallycrawler said...

Ya and fr's at the O.M.of T. wouldn't let me have it . FUCK'N BASTARDS !!!

Ice said...

Thats when you're like....

but that sequence means something to me, this is why...

...bla bla bla bla!

and if they still dont do it... give 'em the finger and walk out.

Ice said...

or being a guy... grab your bag and make a face and walk out.