Saturday, November 22, 2008

South Park, Ginger Kids episode, Canadian Controversy

Only In Canada!
And Only In Calgary Alberta Precisely, Would This Happen!!!
As You All Know Calgaryons Are Social Retards?!

"Join The Revolution"!
"Boot'a Calgaryon Today!"
Preferably In Da Nads.
F'n Tards!!!

5 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Tasty said...

i hates me sum red heads! but i hates me sum calgaryons mores!

Anonymous said...

I think social retardation is more of an age issue than a location issue.

wallycrawler said...

And you live where Jaguar?


Anonymous said...

And your point is what, Wally? :-) I quite like where I live, thanks. It's not nearly as crazy as other parts of the country. You know?

wallycrawler said...


That was a total jab! And I still think it was funny.

But I apologize. hehe

I've been to your city before, and I quite liked it too!

Except for the fact of the great deal of S.R.'s. hehe ;) kid'n.

They're everywhere dear. Even sit'n in this chair.