Sunday, November 02, 2008

Since I Haven't Had Time To Post Anything In Quite Some Time...

And My Computer Is Go'n Batty...So...?

I give "Wallycrawler" over to a guest blogger. My best Gal Pal...


Howdy Ladies!

don't u just hate women's magazines? i know i do!

that brings me 2 my hawt topic...what woman's rag mags should be about.

MEN, & how 2 satisfy them!
if more women, were more behooved to men the world would be a better place! don't u think?

this is the perfect cover 2 a gals mag.

a good gal can't talk with a dick in her mouth!

oh this is a topic in all good women's mags, anorexia!

meanwhile 75% of american women r severely over weight!

if ur a an young gal, look in the mirror. now what r u see'n? the gal in the mirror or the exact opposite?

my advise 2 u... ur 2 fat, be anorexic!

yes that would be a great advert!

i luv Krispy Kreame!

But that's the aftermath of a successful nite. gals u know what i mean.

u sleep in the wet spot!b

i have, i don't like her as much as u!

that's another thing...women hate women, especially hot babes like myself and Sarah Palin!

u gals take note.
big tits = large notes!
now that would b a great article. little girls would finally get it rite.
mothers stop bull shiting ur daughters. thinking u can be an equal 2 a man is all wrong.
being pretty and overly developed will get u 2 the "White House"!
don't believe me...again Sarah Palin.

oh another good topic.
why do we make such a fuss about some guy showing his dick?
why so much drama?
men should be able to show his penis and we should find it a complement!

ok a controversial subject!
she was looking for it!
we all do, who r we fooling?
i wear panties like these just 2 get a guy 2 give it a spank!
i call them, "tanning floss"!

i luv geeks.
give ur neighbourhood "emo" a blow job!
2 weeks later he'll move out'a his mother's basement and into a good desk job.
now that would be a truthful article!
pussy = success. & success = pussy!

Luv Ya Long Time.

So have ya guessed yet?
Have Ya Put Two & Two Together?
I know at lest 2 Bloogers have and confronted me.
I had ta confess...
Da Wallycrawer is Tasty!
We're one and da same!
Don't get mad, I did it for many reasons.
1) When I tried to do the humour Tasty does on this Blog I got quite bit'o'heat. Mostly from people I worked with and even from some female bloggers.
2) I really wanted to see how far I could go with another character. Believe me I could'a gone a lot further. Nobody even said anything, even when I posted pictures of huge gape'n vagina's with the crudest jokes!
3) I also wanted to see if a female character could get away with "Blue Material" more than a male. The answer is a resounding...Oh Ya! Yes they do!!! I know if I tried half the c
"cracks" here on Wallycrawler I would'a heard about how rude or sexist, or worse, unfunny I am!
If ya want I'll answer any question you have on Tasty.
Eg: How did I come up with her be'n a stripper? Or even where she lived?
I'll answer anything...Almost.
And yes Tasty will live on, just as Wally lives on.

Sa Later Wally

10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

psycho shithead! ;D

wallycrawler said...

No Guff?

You just learn'n that?

You've been here since day !

HeatherLynn said...

Holy shit!! Thats good stuff! I had some naughty thoughts about that chick!! I am originally from Naples, Fl. Close to Ft. Myers....been there?

wallycrawler said...

Hey Heatherlynn. Yup I've been to Naples, been to "Jungle Larry's", ate in one of the best Italian restaurants, I think next to the river? Been over to Marco so many times I can't remember? But the reason I picked Fort Myers is a long story...

When I owned a bar in Muskoka, (I'll try to short'n it!), I would vacation in Florida for the month of January in Fort Myers & Key West. Two weeks each. I'd do this because I was date'n a dancer who went by the name of the "Sunshine Girl". She would work the circuit of clubs from Toronto, Montreal, New York, all the way down to FLA. She'd would book her act every year in the Gulf around January. We really had a good time together back then, but I worked hard and played hard. She was more the penny saver and in the long run it worked out for her. She's still doing good on the money she earned and the investments her agent invested for her. When I closed my business she just gave me the powder. So this is where I used my past to create "Tasty". It's kind'a molded on her? I just placed my sense of humour into her old lifestyle.

She in no way resembles "Tasty" except the fact she's a dancer. "Tasty" is me 20 years ago. She is my attitude, my ego, and my nasty disposition in my late 20's.

handmaiden said...

Hmmm, well I was not fond of that Tasty character. Too crude for me. Funny thing is, my oldest daughter is an exotic dancer, so I have access to that particular insight. It's not quite as romantic as some would like to think.

Ice said...

LOL... I agree, psycho shithead... :)

That's funny... and its totally awesome that you experimented!

Girls sooooooooooooo get away with more than the males, on many levels, I think.

I liked tasty. I wondered where this "friend" of yours came from, it seemed fishy, for sure... I'm so not shocked it was you, maybe in the back of my mind, I knew?!

I like her, long live the Queen!

Sorry, been a bad blogger lately, these 3 boyz keep me busy as hell, lots been going on lately too... not home much, out and about.

Miss ma Walla though!

BTW, did you hear Andy passed away a week ago? Sad, but true.
I miss him.

Ice said...

BTW, dude, I totally stole that black light ripper pic.



wallycrawler said...

Sorry about my responds guys I just bought a Mac and still don't have a grasp of it yet.

Man I'm sorry about Andy, Princess!

And I'm glad both of you, Maiden & Ice, got the joke. Maiden didn't like her, buy I think she was kind'a wonder'n?

Maiden I'm sure, and Ice you too, both know the highs and lows of the sex trade and what kind of shit you bring home when the people you love are in it?! My gal friend had a tough time with Managers, Agents, bouncers, Bikers and the MOB, during her to brief of a career. She was a smart gal that saved every dime she earned!

She was hardly the wild child I pretended to be. That was me! I was the one who spent every cent I earned and partied every night.

wallycrawler said...

Oh Ya!

Ice that's Lindsay Lohan.

Thought you'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

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