Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet Joe Francis Part Deux

Update: "Joe Francis am free"!
Joe made his court appearance in Panama City. He then agreed to a plea deal. They then in return released him. The charges of filming underage girls was commuted to "Time Served". Joe's plea was "No Contest". There must have been a meet'n of da minds In Florida to commute him to a lighter sentence. The quick release came as a surprise to me fer sure!
The "Girls Gone Wild" creator, will be on a six month probation and his company wont be able to film in Panama City for three years. The Florida city also released all of Joe's belonging they confiscated last year...The Ferrari and $60,000.00. All in all Joe Francis spent over eleven months in jail on bullshit trumped up charges. I'm sure that the reason the District Attorney gave Mr. Francis a light sentence was the City couldn't afford another lawsuit and the bad press the City was getting the past year. It probably wasn't a great idea to have this in da books with "Spring Break" come'n up!? It couldn't be good for the vacation spot. I'm almost sure Joe Francis just wants to go home and live his life again! I don't think he'll entertain another lawsuit!!!

Lock Up Your Daughters Joe Francis Is Free!
Shit, what was I all happy about? Throw 'em back in jail!!!

Two Days Ago: Joe's Out! But not fer long. He's on his way back to Florida. We'll see if Joe Francis will be treated equally? I have my doubts. Joe posted a few words to supporters yesterday. Good Luck Joe!

Today I posted my bond in Reno so that I can immediately return to Florida to face the charges against me. I will be released from jail in Reno in the next few hours.
I want to thank you all for your help and support over the past 11months of hell. I also want you all to know that in the same way you were there for me in my time of need, I will be there for you.
Thank you again,
Joe Francis"

Joe Francis is your average America man.

He's a young man of middle class origins that happened to strike it rich in his early twenties.

He lived the life of every mans fantasy. Parting with the rich and famous. Private jets...Yup Joe Francis was a lucky man..."WAS" is the proper word.

He still happens to be the ruler of a huge empire. The "empire" is also the reason he has been a political prisoner for the last nine months of his life.

Joe's release sure isn't in his near future!

Is Joe in a foreign prison, being held hostage for money? MMMM...No. Joe is in a county jail in Nevada. Can't he afford a bail? Yes he can, he's a multi-millionaire, maybe a billionaire! So why is Joe in jail?... Joe Francis is in jail for a misdemeanor charge of missing a civil court date...He's been in jail for nine months . He can't post a bail. A county judge and prosecutor has seen to it that he'll never post a bail, and these men of the court aren't even in the state of Nevada, they're in Florida! Why have these men of great deeds done that to a multi-millionaire? Maybe I should tell ya a little more about Joe?

Joe is the creator and producer of "Girls Gone Wild".

A few years ago Joe Francis went to a spring break in the Panhandle of Florida. He, his crew and his cameras were there to get young women to expose them selves on his seamy video series. (I should also tell you, I'm not a big Joe Francis fan. I think he's a bit of a scum bag.) But, in America your free to make your living anyway you want. as long as you pay your taxes and don't break the law.

The Florida city that is the curse to Joe Francis is Panama City Florida. He was warned never to bring his cameras to the city 5 years ago. He defied the city founding fathers and went to Panama City anyway. He was put in jail the same day as he hit the beach. He became a victim of a civil rights abuse. He was put in jail and not charged. He also was physically and mentally abused in that jail. Joe filed a civil rights violation suit and won. His real downfall came when two women came forward to file a civil charge that he videoed and sold DVDs of them showing their breasts, with consent and ID. The problem was they lied, they were under the age of consent. Joe refused to settle a suit with them, so a Panama City judge threw him in jail. Joe had some medicine on him when he complied with the arrest order. That mistake in Florida could get you life in prison. In that Florida jail Joe Francis was again denied his civil rights and not given a bail hearing. He stayed in jail for over ninety days until the federal government came in and took Joe Francis to Nevada, on a minor tax charge. So there he stays in a Nevada jail for over seven months. No bail again, but now at his request , because if he does become released in Nevada he will instantly be rearrested and sent back to Florida. Joe Francis knows what will happen to him in that Florida jail. Joe will never make it out'a that place alive. Joe's biggest mistake was call'n the Panama City court "Mickey Mouse" , the lead Judge and it's lead prosecutor "corrupt". Well they are, he's already proved that in his civil case. Now they're striking back.

The freedom of expression is gone in North America. The right wing bible thumpers of the world are pissn' me off to no end! They're stepping on every civil right that was given to us. Joe Francis isn't the nicest guy in the world or even a very sympathetic person, by any means. He's a pornographer. A kind'a creepy pornographer who leads young women to believe they could be noticed in the entertainment business if they just expose themselves. He pries on the meek, innocent, drunk, young women, in a party mood. Hey I've done that, so has every young man, but not for profit, and greed. I don't like Joe Francis, but I believe he has a right to a fair and unbiased trial. Not to be sent to a jail, to rot and not charged. Isn't that is why we went to war in the past? To fight dictatorships with unfair laws and zero civil rights.

Sa Later Wally.

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The Phosgene Kid said...

The judge is holding a grudge 'cause Joe sent him a defective CD and the judge couldn't have any quality time with his right hand. It is a shyster's world and they want their cut.

wallycrawler said...

That was flip'n funny Kid!

Thanx my day was hell!!!

BV said...

Oh, come on...your wang is greedy. Just admit it already.

wallycrawler said...

B.V. OK I admit it. "My wang am greedy"! He' s like a hog.

Ice said...

Walla Walla!

Haven't been out into blog land in quite some time.

Think about ya, though!

I haven't reopened the new blog yet, haven't taken the time to "create" it.

I'll let ya know when I'm back in business!

Hope you're well!

Courtney :)

Toby said...

A while back you posted the two girls one cup thing. Here's a lighter side - Two Girls One Cup... Cake

wallycrawler said...

Ice Girl I Miss Ya!

Everything here's good. Hope ya had a great vacation. And I also hope everything is good at home, kids and all!

wallycrawler said...

Toby hope everything's good at home...On ya?! Wrong person.
Two Girls I will visit that when I get home ta nite . Thanx Bud.

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, what took 12 mins? 12 minutes? :-)

Ice said...

Doors are open... but give me some time to get back at 'er regularily.

Come on in Wally... new address then the one you have linked up here :


Missed ya too!

Things are good, trying and tough, but okay.

Trip was awesome!

wallycrawler said...

Wise Gal ?????



Ice Princess I got'cha back!

I like Cuba too! Or was it the D.R?
Both are fun.

Ice said...

D'uh... miss... it was Cancun, Mexico... lol.

Whatever, a sunny destination, nevertheless!

wallycrawler said...

Shit I was sapos'ta go there last year!!!
Did ya go to Cozumel?

The trip was canceled cause of that last storm. Went to the D.R. again instead.
We're go'n to Spain and Argentina this May to celebrate my half century on Earth. Should be fun!!!

wallycrawler said...

Hate 13!

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, sorry to hear about your aversion to 13. It's just a number, similar to age and the number of partners you've had :-)

wallycrawler said...

Hey! What are ya try'n ta say here?

I'm a slut or somethin?

wisdomstuff said...

Takes one to know one, dear :-)

wallycrawler said...

Please...I can count as many parters that you've had, with a good weekend on my end!


wisdomstuff said...

Wally, somehow I highly doubt that but if it makes you feel better about yourself :-) Like I said, it's just a number.... and perhaps some fond memories.

crallspace said...


A hog for certain.

Ice said...

No Cozumel... hubby went there on his last trip to Mejico.

We pretty much stayed at the resort and lounged and nursed the Cervecas.

I can't believe you're going to Spain... LUCKY BUGGER!!!

Is it no pricey goin' there?

Good for you, enjoy yourselves...

wallycrawler said...

Ice I was so tired when I wrote that... Argentina? I dunno where that came from? We're go'n ta Portugal!!! & Spain,

Ice said...

I stand by my statement.