Monday, April 23, 2007

Kings Of Rock...cough.ripoff..cough..ripoff... cough

In the late 60's and the early 70's their was 3 huge bands "The Beatles" , "The Rolling Stones" , and a new kid on the block "Led Zeppelin" . I was a fan of all three , and so were all my buds . These three bands controlled the teen world . Who knew where the sounds and music they made really came from ? We kind'a knew the "Stones" borrowed heavily from the early blues legends Howlin' Wolf , Muddy Waters...etc... We never knew how much they "borrowed" ?

I was listening to the "Howard Stern Show" in March and some book written by some guy , Timothy English , was mentioned , "Sounds Like Teen Spirit" . Stern and the gang were talk'n about how surprised they were at who stole what from who . Gary ("Ba Ba Boey") said "Led Zeppelin's" whole catalogue was in question , in fact the new liner notes were being changed on the "Best Of Led Zeppelin" . They were change'n the song writing credits from "Page & Plant" to whoever they ripped-off . The Biggest news was the classic Rock song of all time , the one everyone knows as "the song" of this era , was a compete rip-off ! Ya know what song I'm talk'n about don'tcha ? Do I have'ta write it ? OK . "Stairway To Heaven" . I know what your think'n . "NO WAY DUDE" ! "Ya Way Dude" !

Back in the early 1970's my friends listened to all kinds of Rock music . We really enjoyed a little known band in the U.S. . This Rock band had a record that reached platinum in Canada . It was was recorded in 1970 and produced by legendary producer David Briggs (Neil Young's producer). This classic album wasn't really that well received in the U.S. To be fair it kind'a didn't get air play , until a underground station in Toronto started play'n it heavily around 1971 . The bands name is "Spirit" and the albums title was "The Twelve Dreams Of Doctor Sardonicus" . I know what your think'n what does "Spirit" have'ta do with "Zeppelin" ? Well in the late 60's they toured together . It seems "Page & Plant" kind'a took alike'n to a certain song "Spirit" performed nightly . "Taurus" was the song they coveted . "Stairway To Heaven" is a replica of "Taurus" . In the last 4 weeks , or so , I've been try'n to find a way to put these songs side by side for you to hear . I'm so stupid I can't figure a way to do it . Sorry . So you'll have to look up these two songs yourself . I would love to say this is all a coincidence , but these coincidences happen way to often with those two (Page & Plant) . As a matter of fact I think Jimmy Page had stolen Randy California's (he wrote Taurus) way of playing guitar . I'll say something else I think all royalties from "Stairway To Heaven" should be paid to the family of Randy California . He died along with his son in a swimming accident in Hawaii . Here are the songs "Zeppelin"ripped-off completely or "borrowed from" .

"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" ; Stolen from folk singer Anne Bredon . Through legal action the liner note has been changed to "Bredon/Page/Plant" .
"How Many More Times" ; The 1st. half the song is rip'd from Howlin' Wolf .The 2nd. half rip'd from a Albert King song "The Hunter" .
"The Lemon Song" ; Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" . They should just call the band "Howlin' Wolf" they rip'd' off this dude so much !
"Moby Dick" ; Sleepy John Estes's "The Girl I Love" .
"Whole Lotta Love" Willie Dixon's "You Need Love" .
On & On & On...

To say "Zeppelin" is a bunch'o'bullshit would be a understatement . I think the band should be pulled from the "Rock'nRoll Hall Of Fame" and replaced with the real people who they ripped-off . One namely "Spirit's" Randy California .

SaLater Da Wallycrawler .

Give it a listen . You'll Love It !
P.S. To That Guy.. I know that "Taurus" isn't on the album "12 Dreams Of Doctor Sardonicus" ! Why do you think I never heard it before ? It's on the album "Spirit" recorded in 1968 .
Man Idiots !!!
This is for you "The Phosgene Kid"
I wanted to write something about another apparent rip-off . It's also the funniest . Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" . In all fairness I don't think he did it on purpose or he did it as a "d'honneur" . But Bob did take a portion of the song from a kiddie TV show . As a matter of fact I just played the shows theme . "The Banana Splits" theme . Don't believe me ? Listen . Listen to the part Marley sings, "Y ya ya yaya ya ya , y ya ya yayayaya" . Then listen to the "Splits" sing ,"Tra la la lala la la , tra la la lala la la" . That part of the song really comes out'a nowhere and it's way to close .
Funny shit eh ! Bob Marley did grow up in the Philadelphia area when the "Banana Splits" were on Saturday morn'n . So I think he probably picked it up then . When asked about the similarities Mark Barkan (he wrote the theme with partner Rich Adams) said "hey we all ripped off material..." Whether Bob Marley did it on purpose or with malice isn't certain .
Just repeat'n I don't think he did .

45 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

hannah said...

technically, nothing is really original anymore. but i see your point

wallycrawler said...

Ya Hannah I get that too . But all this came at really the dawn of what is now called "Rock" music . We all knew that the bands borrowed beats and the odd rif from the "legends" but who knew "Zeppelin" were rip'n off whole songs including the lyrics ?

Ice said...

...but the Stones put on a damn fucking good show... saw them at Skydome in '03(or was it '02)
That kid can move still.

Ice said...

I hear ya on the youtube thing for the summer months, quick cheap and easy... just the way they like 'em.

I however, still am having a hard time uploading it to my blogger...hubby uploaded to his site just fine, but he has his blog attached to his hotmail account... whereas mine is attached to our rogers account... apparently that may be part of the problem... oh well... when I give a shit enough, I'll try and fix that up.

wallycrawler said...

The Stones I don't think were ever called frauds or were successfully sued . I could be wrong , but I don't think so ?

I was date'n a gal who worked as the head accountant for "Concert Productions Incorporated" . Ya know CPI , right ? Anyway she would take me to free concerts all the time and we'd get back stage passes ta'boot . Anyhoo she took me to the "Steel Wheels Tour" in Toronto , both times . The ol'Ex and the "Skydome" . It was way cool eat'n and drink'n with the semi-famous . I wish I could say I met any of the "Stones" , but I didn't . I did see Jerry Hall get'n food for the kids once . Oh ya and Jerry Garcia before he died . Mostly people who think they're all that , but aren't !

We once partied with the "Georgia Satellites" at Kingswood .

wallycrawler said...

"International" not incorporated !

jillie said...

WOW...did I get a music lesson there.

I have a cd called The Early Blues Roots of Led Zeppelin.

They list all the credits to the appropriate artists.
When The Levee Breaks by Memphis Minnie, Gallis Pole by Leadbelly, Nobody's Fault But Mine by Blind Willie Johnson.

I think that it's wrong to take other peoples work and put your name onto it...MOST DEFINITELY!

Look at what Vanilla Ice did with Under Pressure...Made Ice Ice Baby (pooey!) out of it.

Either way...I grew up with them as well and will always love them.

Thanks for the eye opener ;o)

See...this is WHY we should listen to The Banana Splits and H.R. Pufnstuf...LMAO

wallycrawler said...

Hey Jillie I have heard that record before and liked it loads . Ya can't get away from say'n Jimmy Page is a great guitarist , cause he is . Robert Plant eh..he's a good singer , but a compete bore on stage , I think .

It all comes down to this though . The other day I heard a neighbour's stereo play'n in the backyard and a faint "...You need coolin', baby I'm not foolin'..." was in the background . I was think'n if ya only knew...? Then and there , I knew , I had to write this post . I was think'n about it for over a month . That was the topper !

That reference on "Ice Ice Baby" is right it was sampled without permission and was successfully sued over . Vanilla Ice always said it was a different song , it wasn't and lost .

OK if were gonna listen to old TV songs I'll go with an ol' Boyce and Hart song , or a Neil Diamond diddy, or a Carol King love song , who all wrote for the Monkees . hehe .

jillie said...

No kidding?? They wrote for the Monkees? You know when I was a tyke I thought I would marry him some day! LOL....yes, dorkster here thank you very much.

Jimmy Page...awesome guitar player...Robert Plant...they brought him on board for his charisma not singing talents. Yes, he can sing but they weren't too sure about it at the time.

Love Carole King and Neil Diamond. Have you ever watched Saving Silverman? They're Neil Diamond! Besides, Jack Black is in that I am love him!!!

jillie said... I've got the wallygator song in my head from that cartoon.

See ya later wallygator!

wallycrawler said...

Ya don't feel bad , I was way hawt for Penny on "Lost In Space" . I thought she was cute On the "Danny Thomas Show" too !

Anyhoo Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart were ghost writers for allot of teenie bopper bands in the 60's . They wrote "Monkee's Theme (Hey Hey We're The Monkees", also "Last Train To Clarksville" , and thier best Monkee song "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" .
Neil Diamond penned "I'm A Believer" & "A Little Bit Me , A Little Bit You" .
Carol King was the hired gun for "Pleasant Valley Sunday" .
My favorite Monkee song was "Daydream Believer" in was ghost writen by Jonh Stewart from the "Kingston Trio" . It still holds up .

jillie said...

No! I'm almost startin to feel kind of smart!

Oh wait...that's a smart ass...LMAO

Toby said it's early so I'm having another beer ;o)

tkkerouac said...

I'm still trying to recover from the H.R. PUFF n Stuff Video

Lexcen said...

Very interesting indeed. Do you think you could post the original song? We all know Stairway to Heaven so it wouldn't require much imagination to make a comparison.

wallycrawler said...

Ya Minx I'm all intellectual like eh ?

H.R.Puff n Stuff , is that your era too ? Or is that a little too old in the tooth fer ya ?

If it is...Good on ya , cause your look'n good !

Toby said...

I think you're digging way too deep. You fail to mention all the bands that members of the bands you do mention had been involved with. You also fail to mention where the individuals came from. Most, if not all a genuine musical back ground. As Hannah said, and I'll say it a little differently, you can't, or anyone shouldn't be able to trademark a chord. Why not look at it as a tribute? Why not look at it as what you call forgery, as a contribution? Some people with limited resource, limited hearing, limited optimisim are so quick to judge. I've imitated before, haven't you? Emulated too, havent you? It's too bad the Spirit guy died ina tragic accident, but to go back 30 or 40 years is pathetic.

You mention a rip off of lyrics, post them. Post a comparison. Post whatever to back up your claim. I don't doubt some are similar, there are only so many words that rhyme in the English language, do they get the same point across? Do they tell the same story?

Thanks Wally, a very provocative post.

wallycrawler said...

Lexcen I'll work on that . I kind'a wanted to do that originally .

wallycrawler said...

Toby what I wanted you guys to do was look for yourself , See the evidence and come to your own conclusions . I was gonna try to download "Taurus" but couldn't find a way to do it . I will as soon as I can . But if your a Zeppelin Fan be prepared for a shock . I was !

Try google'n "Led Zeppelin vs Willie Dixon" . There you'll find the lyrics they stole .

Toby said...

I will, thanks for the info.

L>T said...

oh my gosh wally! you are right. I listened to Spirits "Taurus".

Jeez, I'm totally disillusioned now.


Die Muräne said...

Well investigated, Watson!

wallycrawler said...

I>t it's kind'a freaky hear'n that opening of "Stairway..." and knowing it was recorded years earlier and by another band .


Thanx Die Murane . It wasn't my investigation though . It comes from a book "Sounds Like Teen Spirit" and a number of Internet sites . Even "Wikipedia" has a write-up on it and their lawsuits .

jillie said...

You know, I just looked up in my Hammer of The Gods book and the references they make to all of these great artist are minimal. They don't even mention Willie Dixon.

Well...isn't that a shame.

Keshi said...

love Bob Marley.

alot of the artists these days r not original.

btw Wally wanna name my HNT? ;-)


Lexcen said...

wallycrawler, I've managed to listen to Taurus. Yes the melody on the guitar is practically the same as Stairway To Heaven. I'd put it in the same category as Whiter Shade of Pale that borrows its theme from Bach's Overture #3.

wallycrawler said...

Your sooooo right Keshi .

OK doll be right over to see ya half nude !


Lexicon ya gotta ask your self honestly . What if Spirit was a new band and if that song came on the air right now , what would you say ??? I'd know what I'd say "Fuck'n Ripoff" , "That band ripped off Led Zeppelin" ! Well that's what I'm say'n now . Rip Off .
Look if this was a isolated incident , I'd say maybe it was accidental ? With this band it's a pattern . They have done it through most of their catalogue . At least the "Best" part of their catalogue and the courts agree . Led Zeppelin has lost or come to settlement on most of their writing credits and settled monetarily . Very Quietly Though ! I'm just exposing them to some people as the fraud they truly are .

Nirvana's cord progression on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" And Boston's "More Than A Feeling" is more than an accident . Kurt Cobain said it was a influence . Still it wasn't the same .
Also all the sampling that goes on in Hip Hop . But the Rappers have to pay royalist . Led Zeppelin was try'n to steal and not give credit to the rightful artists . That's it that's all .

Now's the time to pay up , dude !

Wanna hear something really incriminating ? Listen to Willie Dixion's "You Need Love" Then listen to "Whole Lotta Love" . It would be funny if it wasn't so criminal . The courts agreed , Zeppelin settled outta court for big bucks .

wallycrawler said...

Jillie would you mention the guy who successfully sued you for million on dollars ?

wallycrawler said...

Hey Jillie I was at work and a good friend said "You know you love to stir the pot" ! I do too .

I love ta stir da pot !

I have got'n 2 emails that weren't very nice . I find if you hit a man's "Idol" . They get so pissed off . If you expose them as frauds & charlatans they seem to get defensive .? Like it's a personal insult to them . It's weird , like I stole the fuck'n songs !
If this was a new band like the "Killers" steal'n from Da "ZEP" man they would be all over it . They would burn those guys alive . I also found if ya insult a man's car or their sport , like golf , (man did I get some assholes on that one) , they take it personally . Like they built the fuck'n car or invented that abysmal , fuck'n waste'o'time , earth destroying game golf !!!

"But Man Do I Love Ta Stir Da Pot"

L>T said...

You have to think of the concept of art, though. Is it really stealing to take something & jack it around to your own flavor, so to speak?

The internet is a good illustration of this. it's so easy to take a picture(for example) & manipulate it until yours & theirs are almost indistinguishable. Where does theirs end & yours begain??

wallycrawler said...

It starts and ends at the conception , the building and then the presentation . After that it's theft . There is always a influence and also homage to the artists before you .
I've been the steal'n shit all the time on this blog . Even the "Stairway To Heaven" picture at the top of the blog . The difference is I don't take claim to the painting and I don't make any money on it either . That would be just plan wrong . That's what "Zeppelin" has been do'n for over 30 years .

Paul F. said...

I know Led Zeppelin were huge rip-offs. I figured they did it on purpose. Everybody rips off everybody. I see some clever song title or band name and then a few years later I'll see the name came from a book or a movie that was made earlier in the 20th century. They do it all the time.

I mean for instance, listen to "Baby I'm Gonna Leave You", then listen to that Chicago song "25 or 6 to 4", and then listen to Green Day's "Brain Stew". Yep, it's all the same riff. They each do it just a little differently, that's all. The magic of Led Zeppelin wasn't that they were so original, but they way they put the songs together and performed them. You can't deny that they were the greatest band to come out of England.

hannah said...

indeed. just trying to have something edgy and agrumentative to say...
yeah, i got nothing.
i truly don't know enough about the industry to hold my own in this conversation.

hannah said...

wait, jimmy paige?
have you ever heard the mindless self indulgence song "i hate jimmy paige"?
i think it's pretty funny.

L>T said...

The magic of Led Zeppelin wasn't that they were so original, but they way they put the songs together and performed them. You can't deny that they were the greatest band to come out of England. This is the whole point! This is what the 21st is all about.

wallycrawler said...

Paul Ya I deny it . I listen to them , now a little less than before , which is rarely . I listen to mostly new music .

Best band out'a England ? No I can think of many more I think are better than the "New Yardbirds" ...hack...

Beatles , Stones , The Who (maybe the best) , Pink Floyd , The Clash ...just off the top of my head . All beater bands in my humble opinion .
I'll listen to "...Zeppelin II" . most of the other stuff bores me . Always has . Shit I just thought of 10 more English bands I like better . Is Mott The Hoople English ? Sure they are . Their better . Ya And Bowie now he's way better . Ive seen him 3 times . He fuck'n rox !

Hey I'm play'n now , but really fuck'em who cares .


Hannah I when I write I try to write the truth "dam the torpedoes' (notice I put that in quotations ?) .
Any way ya don't need to be edgy with me . I just love have'n ya around . Say what ya wanna say .

No I haven't but I'm gonna download it now .

wallycrawler said...

I>t it all goes down to this ...Who is pay'n who , now , for the past .

I don't see to many other bands pay'n off . Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon and Anne Bredon and Randy California... on and on . That was the point really I wanted people to know what go'n on . I still think their talented . Fuck Page can play guitar better than almost anybody . They just didn't need to go about the way they did business . If they just GAVE HOMAGE AND ROYALTIES in the 1st place , all would have been good .

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, you stir the pot? That is hard to believe. I'm not a Stones, Zepplin or Beatles fan. I'm not really into the older rock stuff. Quite frankly, I don't care if something is original or not, if I like how it sounds it's good enough for me.

Ice said...

Have a good weekend, you ;)

wallycrawler said...

Me too Chicky Pea , Me Too !

How ya do'n ?


See ya at the Hooters on Sunday ?

Or da beach ?

Or downtown ?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Reggae and Ska were all about the ripoffs. They got their start by covering American 45s. Marley is a god, he will rise again!!

What is funny is the music industry is so concerned some acne ridden teen is pirating their music when the companies thieve from each other all the time. It is a sad and twisted world in which we live.

L>T said...

That's true. Some of us music consumers tend to forget it's a business & original artists deserve to be paid for their contributions.

Toby said...

You too? You wouldn't have brought it up if "yoo too"

Mr. Shoemaker will hopefully chime in soon. I dug deep on this one Wally.

If it weren't for copying, Rochester would be a ghost town.

Chicky Pea said...

Pin alert! You've been warned.

Chicky Pea said...

Toby - I suppose you are right, aside from that whole photography thing.

wallycrawler said...

Kid your so right about the music industry . The way they're kill'n music now is criminal . I was look'n at the top forty it's putrid . I'm I older guy . In your age bracket , but always been into the "new" music , alternative rock , punk , Reggie , ol'school rap , This crap that's masquerade'n as music is crap , mind numb'n , balless , soulless...
When Justin Timberlake and Beyonce is the music of this generation we're in trouble . They are all so corporate minded it makes me sick !


I love ya I>t . Exactly !!!


OK Toby .


Chicky waz up . You have fun this weekend ?


OK I'm officially bored of this topic . Thanx everyone for make'n it a great conversation piece !

Fun stuff .