Friday, April 13, 2007

Should Don Imus Have Been Fired ?

Well not for the "Nappy Headed Hoe" statement no .

Don Imus shouldn't have been fired for that !
Imus has always been a non-funny rip-off artist .
He's never had his finger on the pulse of the nation , but he has had his lips pressed firmly on the cock of the nation , namely "The Bush's" , "Eliot Spitzer" , "George Pataki" , "Tom DeLay" , "Newt Gingrich"...etc...etc . The names go on and on .

Hands up all the people who work with ass kissers on your job . Ya know , no noth'n , do noth'n , kiss asses who make their way up the corporate ladder just because they can massage the egos of their and your bosses . I can really relate to the statement and I know all you can too . Anyway Imus was and is an ass kisser . That's why he stayed on the air 25 years longer than he should have . Don't get me wrong he's also a racist fuck , but so is half of the U.S.A. As a mater of fact that's the only beef I've ever had with America . Most Americans have race problems . That aside we'll never change that . Imus should have been fired because he had no audience , not because he was an idiot . Don Imus had poor ratings he was off the scale in New York with sometimes with a 0.5 rating . He was unlistenable , unfunny , with a very poor sense of humour . He was/is very good at doing what Larry King does . That's suck'n his guests and bosses asses . Don Imus should be fired , not for his statement last week , but for his lack off talent . And ya know what that's why I think he was really was fired , he was expendable .

25 years ago Don Imus called a black cleaning lady at W.N.B.C. a nigger . He called Robin Quivers a nigger and another producer at the station a nigger . Ya know what happened ? Noth'n ! He did this off the air , not as a joke . Howard Stern , Chris Rock , Richard Pryor... All used and use race/racism in their act . All with great success , candor and humour . When a comedian uses race as a "bit" he/she better be sure he has no malice in his or her heart . If you do you'll be skewered !

Imus is a member of the "Ol'Boz Club" , a cowboy racist . That is the reason I always hated that fuck . But he shouldn't have been fired for the "joke" last week , he should have been fired for not be'n funny ever , for be'n untalented , for be'n bore'n , for be'n a rip-off , for be'n an ass kiss and for most of all...For NOT Have'n Any Listeners !

As for Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson jumping on the bandwagon . They're both jackals . They should fuck'n talk . Sharpton ruined three men's lives and was successfully sued over the Tawana Brawley case , he never said sorry . Jesse Jackson rubbed the blood of Martin Luther King all over himself for the press .How can you ever take that guy seriously ? Don't forget about the "Hymie Town" comment he made and he never said sorry for . Fuck'n Jackals the pair of em !

9 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

tkkerouac said...

Not sure if you recall, I did a piece on the book called the Secret on Oprah, under won of the pics posted, I wrote, Lisa, sorry, but thats some nappy hair.
I took some flack for writing that,particularly, from Raymi.
I don't consider myself a racist, I poke fun at my own hair styles but its just the fact I said that about someone of colour, then it became an issue.

josh williams said...

Imus = not funny I think thats the formula.

Toby said...

I hate everyone!

L>T said...

I couldn't understand what he said 1/2 the time anyway. Imus talks like he has a mouth full of marbles. I never did see the appeal of that guy...

Die Muräne said...

Never heard about this guy. But I think I didn't miss a thing ;)

wallycrawler said...

Minx , no I don't remember that post ?

Look humour is just that , we all here to entertain each other . At least that's the blogs I read try to do , entertain . We all are write'n shit with our tongues stuck permitly to our cheeks . Your daughter blogs too ! She does it very well also . So to take flack for a (maybe) slightly out'a taste quote , don't sweat it girl . It doesn't make you a racist and it doesn't make you a bad person . People should be judged for their actions , not their quips . That's why I wrote this post . I hated the fucker , but he has a right to say what he wants to . And I love yours posts .


wallycrawler said...

Josh = Right !


Toby hmmmm...everybody ?

I don't think so !

I know a least one person that you don't .


Ya I>t "mumble mouth" eh . That's fer sure . I could never listen to him , mainly because he wasn't funny or interesting . I find him stiff and stupid . Hardly an entertain radio host .

A great ass kisser though !


Die Murane , love the bag . "The Unknown European" . That's a great avatar !

F.J. Delgado said...

I'm torn, I think he deserved it because he was stupid enough to be racially insensitive, but the comments themselves didn't merit getting the boot.

I'm not surprised, can't say I'm going to miss him at all.

wallycrawler said...

F.J. I hate that unfunny prick .

Ass-kisser extraordinaire !