Monday, April 16, 2007

A Sad , Sad Day !

"Stay Tuned For More Death...
Right Here On CNN" .

"Welcome Our World News Division" .
"We're Still Watching Some Students Being Massacred" .
"So Stay Tuned For More , On FOX ".

"We Don't Know Much , But We Do Know Some Kids Aren't Coming Home Tonight" . "So Watch It Here On MSNBC" .

"So Jane You Just Got Outta Class , What Do You Know About The Slaughter Of Innocent Students" ? "We'll Get That Answer And More Right After These Messages" "You Are Watching CNN".

CNN & FOX makes me sick !

21 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Ice said...

Horrible... I just caught it at 4 today... GD crazy ass pshycho's.

I firmly believe had more people been breastfed... meh... whatever.

Sad, indeed.

wallycrawler said...

It's bad enough that young people have lost life , limb , and maybe mobility . The fuck'n cable news networks are make'n bucks on it . Mark my words this is a week long tirade , from "Dateline" to "20/20" , do'n expose` on this advent . It's a sick world we live in when MNNBC is our conscience .

"Mr.Handjob , we just caught you try'n to fuck this 12 year girl , what were you think'n" ?... "Hold those thoughts til we hear from our new sponsor Downy fabric softener" .

L>T said...

yeah, wally I agree.
One of the reasons I hate televison.
It's hard to watch that stuff over & over & put it into any kind of logical or reasonable perspective.

For one thing all this so called news feeds off of negative emotions. You can't trust that. Another thing is no matter how bad the particular incident was, it only happened once, for christs sake! When you see the same incident over & over, Ad Nauseum, it has to give a person a skewed perspective.
You ever read those ticker tape blurbs that run across the bottom of the screen on the News channels?
It's all bad news that loops over & over. What is the point of that?

The way I see it, there are plenty of other ways to occupy my mind then watching that negative shit.

Ice said...
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L>T said...

oh BTW, if i haven't mentioned it, The new diabetes research finding is fucking awesome!

Ice said...



It's so true... you've hit the nail on the head there.

It's a sick world when death on any level, certainly to that degree of severity is turned ratings. Plain and simple. CNN is all propoganda anyways... Hitlers long lost relatives must be sitting on the board somwhere.

You're good at tell'n it like it is, my friend ;) Keep up the good work.

Ice said...

turned **INTO*** ratings... whoooops

Keshi said...

I read it early in the morning and I cried. I really did. Such zilch respect for human life? I cant believe that!


wallycrawler said...

I>t it's stared already . "Dateline" has done a special 1hr show tonight @ 10pm on this tragedy . I'm sure it will be brought to you by "Toyota and the all new Hybrid bullshit , that's gonna kill your lifestyle and jobs car " "Stay tuned" !

"Dateline" started the show by say'n , "We don't know who the killer is , but"... This is the kind'a "Journalism" that is kill'n the real news and information we all need . It's also our right to have .

PS. Yes the news (real news) is good on the diabetes front and thanx for caring dear !

It's a crying shame a American doctor , from Chicago had to go to Brazil to probably find the cure for Type 1 diabetes . The U.S. Federal Government stopped all funding on stem cell research . Now Thar's fuck'n news ! Did you know that I>t ?_________________________________

Ice the "whoops" is happen'n allot lately isn't it ?

wallycrawler said...

Keshi I was off work today and I cried too . My feel'ns soon became rage when CNN and FOX start to line up experts and eye wittness , who weren't there , for their expert comments .

L>T said...

Nope, I didn't know that. It figures, though!
My neice that has type 1, (diagnosed at 7) is now in her early thirties, she has had 2 organ transplants, already & her eyesight has really suffered beyound repair. The research is a little late for her, but hopefully it'll save alot of people from having to suffer from that terrible disease, including your daughter.

Die Muräne said...


Ice said...

Yes, it is...


Sometimes the fingers are typin' faster than the brain is workin'.

I type so goddamn fast people ask me if I got smoke comin' off my keyboard ;)

hannah said...

my personal distaste goes to the politicians that are trying to bolster their cause without even thinking of the people whose lives were lost. honor the dead, then fix the problem.

tkkerouac said...

This is pricely why I don't watch the news, or even much TV

jillie said...

Personally...they shouldn't give all the attention they do to the networks. These weirdos thrive on this.

Sad day indeed! I wanted to cry last night...very heart broken for the families.

josh williams said...

I Love my DVR I can skp the commercials and the news.

Keshi said...

it's news netowrks' job mate. We have a choice not to watch em.

Very sad for the victims n the families.


Die Muräne said...

Yesterday night I heard a guy from the weapons industries in radio. He said: "When EVERYONE would be allowed to have a gun with him at school, this wouldn't happen. They would be able to stop this guy!"

What a psycho!

wallycrawler said...

I'm so sick about the medias take on this catastrophe . It's now an event !

The worst was a interview with the mother of one of the victims . Who would lose a child and do an interveiw the next day ???

It's a sick society !!!

wallycrawler said...

Die Murane

GUNS GUNS GUNS...One Third of the gross national profit of the United States of America , two thirds of the gross national profit of Russia , almost one quarter of the gross national profit of China , fuck who knows what of Germany and Israel ?...on & on & on... Our economies would be destroyed if we stopped making guns .
That's the long and short of it , money . It seems those kids were expendable eh ?

Wanna see a good movie about the sell'n of arms ? See "Lord Of War" a Nicolas Cage film .

Sa man .