Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sam Kinison - HBO special

Enjoy Sam !

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

The Back from the grave tour!!

wallycrawler said...

That would be so cool !

Greg Gass would be smart to go on tour as Sam . He could bill himself as "The Tour Sam Kinison Didn't Finish" .

tkkerouac said...

Didn't he die in a car accident? I always thought he might have a stroke with the way he screamed.

hannah said...

that was great!

Ice said...

Am I imagining leaving a comment this morning?


Keshi said...


Wally Wally Wally!


wallycrawler said...

Minx , ya Sam died in a car accident , at the hands of a drunk driver , on his way to a Vegas gig .

His act was loud that's fer sure !


You like Sam Kinison eh Hannah ?


No You left one Ice .


Keshi Sam was my favorite stand-up comedian . He was way crazy on and off stage !