Friday, March 10, 2006

Tagged by PDD "A List Of Music I'm Listening To" ?

I listen to mostly to Sirius Satillite Radio now ! I love ch21 Alt Nation . So I compiled the Albums "DA WALLYCRAWER" played at his last party . They been laying beside the stereo for a couple of weeks . I was so drunk I forget if I played the whole albums ? Not Very Likely! But this is a good synopsis of what I like .

Pixies : "Wave Of Mutilation"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club : "Stop"
Clash : "London Calling"
Weezer : "Make Believe"
Flaming Lips : "Waiting For Superman"-"The Soft Bulletin"
Liz Phair : "Liz Phair : Am I the only person that get's wood listening to her ?
Nine Inch Nails : "Downward Spiral"
Metric : "Live It Out"
Oasis : " Definitely Maybe"-"What's The Story Morning Glory" This is what rock 'n roll was meant to be . Attitude , angst & ire !
Concrete Blonde : "Mexican Moon" I love this band !
Dave Mathews : "Everyday"
Joy Division : "Unknown Pleasures"
White Stripes: "Elephant"
Sex Pistols : "Never Mind The Bollocks"
Kid Rock : "Devil Without A Cause"
White Zombie : "Astro Creep:2000"
Aimee Mann : "Magnolia"
Beatles : "Revolver"
Green Day : "American Idiot"-"Dookie" My daugter's first rock concert .
The Cranberries : "No Need To Argue"
The Who : "Quadrophenia" My Favorite Band !
Foo Fighters : "Foo Fighters"
Nirvana : " Never Mind"
John Lennon : "Imagine"
Metallica ; "S&M"
Pearl Jam : "Ten"
Hole : "Celebrity Skin" She's under rated !
Garbage : "Version 2.0"
Headstones : "Smile & Wave"-"Teeth & Tissue"-"Picture Of Health" Canada's best punk band !
Sugar : "Cooper Blue"
Red Hot Chili Peepers : "Californication"
Thanx For Help'n Me Clean Up !

Mrs. Crawler has been bug'n me for a week to do it ! Da Bitch !
Sa Later Wallycrawler .

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Captain "Beck's Body" Carl said...

Arrr....ya got good taste matey.....have ya heard the U.K. Surf version of Pixie's wave of mutilation, it be on the Pump up the Volume soundtrack......also Iron and Wine do a cover of Waiting for Superman that is awesome......nice pics!

wallycrawler said...

Thanx . I'm pretty good at music when I'm all f'd up eh ?

Ya I've got "Pump Up The Volume" great sound track . I bought it for the Concrete Blonde rendition of the Lenard Cohen song "Everybody Knows" .

I don't think I've heard Iron & Wine so I'll try to download it now . Thanx !

Keshi said...

Nirvana n the Chilli peppers my favs too...u got some great taste in music Wally!

if u realised I have Californication as my current blog music...


Keshi said...

btw I forgot to thank u for listing em so I can go find the ones I dunno THANKS :)

D u like Queen at all? I love em...


PDD said...

Sex Pistols! Did you know that I share the same birthday as Sid Vicious. Yup. But to be quite honest, I didn't think he was all that bright. I like the sex pistols, but sid wasn't the sharpest knives in the drawer. That is why I always follow it by Bono from U2 and Fred Astair. Yup, we all share the same birthday.

Does this make me a philanthropist on the brink of acquiring a heroine addiction while tapping my feet all around town? (In Whitby?)

wallycrawler said...

Keshi Ya I was on your site last night and seen the video . When I was younger I would listen to Queen and Queen II until the groves fell off . Strange thing about the Chillies I wasn't into them right away it took "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" . Then I got them ! I went back into their catalogue "Oh now I see what they're about" ! I've been a big fan ever since . Nirvana if ya don't get Nirvana , Ya don't like Rock'n Roll .

PDD "WHERE"S THE FARWELL DRUGS" ! "Young Sidney Snot" was a retard . As dim as night , as dumb as a doorknob , as stupid G W Bush . He was picked because he looked the part . He didn't play on any of the albums . He didn't play hardly ever ! He couldn't play ! A poor social retard bless his soul . A lost cause , to bad he took someone with him .
So I think your OK I don't think your as challenged as Sid , or have the bloated ego of Bono , or the feet and talent of Fred . But if ya ever want ta dance there's a great on club Dunlop St. , Ruanne's
In the summer you and hubby should go there . Afterwards ya can go skinny dipping on the beach . I try to do this regularly .

hannah said...

lovin' the huge diversity factor, good for the soul. and yes, that was technically a complement, so thank you

jungle jane said...

fuck Wally you have the same music tastes as me! damn i want to raid your ipod!

wallycrawler said...

JJ I think it's because we grew up in the same "Great" generation . "The Generation Of Swine" ! The best drugs , the best music , best food , the best sex . A generation of total excess . God I love living in that time , but unfortunately it's over . But the music has survived , Thank God ! I've got a Rio , a car MP3 & a satellite radio , no IPod , yet !

Hannah Thank You Very Much . I know it took a lot to say that , and it's appreciated .
How Ya Do'n Anyway ? What do you listen to ?

wallycrawler said...

Oh Ya JJ I wanna raid your pantie drawers !

Gyrobo said...

Music is not for the faint of heart. If you lose yourself in it, it will never let you go. You must embrace the tunes as they are... in their purest form.

Only then can you attain enlightenment.

Cezi said...

I love this list!There's a few that I don't have--going shopping for music tomorrow.I wish I had a salillite radio:P

wallycrawler said...

Well thanx Gyrobo that was kind'a profound !

Cezi that radio was the best purchase I've made in years . I take it everywhere . Home , car , I can listen to it on my computer , in the back yard . 160 stations and growing . Great stuff !

Anonymous said...

Lotsa good choices in music, some questionable, but each to his own taste. That's diversity, and I'll drink to that!

workin' for da man too said...

oops that was me as 'anonymous'.

wallycrawler said...

Wa questionable ones? Wa ya talk'n about da Wallycrawler has impeccable taste in music ! I'm very offended ! Wait til I see ya at work I'm gonna give ya a piece of my mind .

Die Muräne said...


wallycrawler said...

Funny Guy ! LOL

Keshi said...

**Nirvana if ya don't get Nirvana

hehehehe :)


The Taker of Gist said...

That's one small step for Gist, one giant leap for sentoids.

Gyrobo said...

I can sense you have excellent taste in the musical arts. Although I would never actively participate. Tone deaf, you know. Can't carry a tune that wasn't in Star Wars.

F.J. Delgado said...

awesome list, my good man!

props on the Who... your list honestly kicks some major ass, I own probably 90% of those albums... your taste is impeccable...

wallycrawler said...

Thanx FJ I really a appreciated that .
Hey good luck with the Orioles job . Way ta go !

workin' for da man too said...

Okay you asked for it! Kid Rock? Get real, he's like a cartoon character not a musician. Oasis just puts me to sleep and Dave Mathews comes a close second. But, I'm sure you'd find some 'questionable' music in my collection too. As for giving me a piece of your mind, I don't feel the least bit threatened as I know how little mental shrapnel will hit me. (tee hee hee)